In the Arms of Love:
Lullabies 4 Children + Adults


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Omega Directory Magazine – June 2002

Musical Soundscapes by Rev Robert Walmsley

The full title of this release is In the Arms of Love: Lullabies 4 Children + Adults and, besides being a clever play on words and arithmetic, this is probably the most relaxing and consistent of any release Ottmar has recorded to date. Gentle, acoustic guitar compositions are accented with soft studio effects and nature sounds to create calm atmospheres that are perfect for dropping an over-tired child or anxious parent quickly into dreamtime. Actually, I found delightful similarities between this release and a 1992 Will Ackerman (founder of Windham Hill) release entitled The Opening of Doors, however the similarities are more in the style and the relaxing moods the music evokes, rather than in the instrumentation or the music itself. Besides being perfect for dreamtime, this gorgeous release is well suited for body massage, meditation and many of the healing arts. I also find that In the Arms of Love shines bright in its ability to help the listener unwind after a busy or stressful day and makes the rush hour drive less frantic and less offensive. The perfect prescription to a wide variety of ailments, In the Arms of Love easily receives my highest recommendation to all.

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