Rant #9

There are three times as many nerve connections between the ear and the brain as there are between the eye and the brain. In other words our ears may be FAR MORE accurate than our eyes....

i propose that there might be a direct relationship between TV and the
increase of violence, NOT because of the violent content but because of the MEDIUM itself, which invites absolute passivity...What about a relationship between TV and ADD (Attention Deficiency Disorder) in children...

Listening brings the world into us whereas seeing places us in the world...SEE
and go outside/outward or LISTEN and go inside/inward...the great mystics heard
voices, they didn't read cue cards or teleprompters......

eyes ears
scanning receiving
pole bowl
thinking feeling
male female
intellect emotion
in4mation sensation
comparing absorbing

we are living in the visual age...in4mation is transmitted visually, through newspapers, magazines, books and 1st + 4most through television...via TV we can absorb a tremendous amount of in4mation in a very short time...we supress ear-people, by 4going soundproofing, by allowing loud machinery, which could usually be made 2 be much more quiet, loudspeakers r blaring everywhere...in our culture noise equates power: the sound of a sportscar or a harley-davidson motorcycle, the sound of a boom-box cassette recorder in the subway, the sound of drums through a sub-woofer in a passing jeep...i believe that 2day, more than ever, we need the reflection that comes w listening, really listening, listening 2 a piece of music, listening 2 another person talking, listening 2 the rain drumming on a metal roof, listening 2 the birds singing ...computer manuals often ask people 2 move their eyes from staring @ the screen 2 looking off in2 the distance in order 2 relax the eye muscels + we similarly should close our eyes from time 2 time 2 listen 2 the sounds surrounding us, any
sounds...receiving, reflecting, absorbing, like meditation....