On the Way to Reno

The new CD will be in stores one month from now.

We have to leave Agoura Hills right after the show to drive ourselves all the way to Reno, Nevada. After a few hours I have a hard time staying awake, but Jon takes over and gets our van to its destination. I might be coming down with a cold or something. I don’t feel very good.

Silver Legacy Casino Soundcheck at 3pm and show at 9 or 9:30 this evening.

Canyon Theater

The Canyon Theater in Agoura Hills. Our first show with the new quartet….I am nervous and hope we won’t have any computer glitches. It is also exciting to be nervous again and it will be great to experience the audience’s reaction to our music.

Van Tour 2002

This time we are touring like we used to in the early nineties. We are driving ourselves in rented vans from Sante Fe, New Mexico to Agoura Hills in California, then Reno, Nevada and lastly Redwood City, California. Tonight we will stop in Barstow and tomorrow we will drive the rest of the way. We discover that the cargo van’s window seal is broken and our crew has to tape the window with lots of duct tape. Then one of the mini-vans develops door trouble and looking at the Chevy one can see that the doors barely fit the frame….ah, the adventure of rented vehicles…..

Rehearsals were a lot of fun and I like the sound of the new quartet. We are only scratching the surface of the new possibilities and that is exciting.