The instore in Orlando on Thursday, the last one for this tour, was fun. The man, who won the guitar, said he already had a bunch of guitars and passed it on to a wide-eyed kid who could not believe his luck!

Later I felt a bit like a hostage at Universal. I didn’t want to walk around outside, because they had music blaring everywhere. It’s a problem I have with theme-parks in general – loud music everywhere… drives me crazy… Luckily, Jon + Robby went out and brought back some food for me.

Now for the positive side – the club sounded very good and Jon really enjoyed the sound of his bass. The place was packed, and people were waiting outside in case someone might give up their seat and leave.

I was touched by the story of a couple who had driven to Orlando from their destroyed home in Southern Florida to catch our performance. It feels so good to be able to share the power of music with people.