Fixing a Nail

Playing in New York is always a quick commando style operation. Our buses met in New Jersey. Everybody piled onto one bus with their luggage and we drove into the city. Later that day the other bus, which pulls the trailer came to B.B.King’s only to unload the gear and then moved back to NJ. Monday night we left Manhattan at 11PM and met the other bus. I broke the nail of my right hand ring finger moving my guitar back to the band bus. The nail was unprotected because the acrylic came off right after we ended the last song at Sirius…

Above photo shows the repair job I started right away, while the bus was moving. The arrows point to where the nail broke and a new tissue and acrylic nail was fashioned with Crazy Glue. The new ring-finger nail works fine as last night’s show in Atlanta showed.

etown update

I found out last night that there is a second act on the bill of the etown show at the Boulder Theater on October 17th. Eliza Gilkyson will also be performing. I think it is an unfortunate choice to pair an instrumental group with a singer/songwriter, but I wasn’t asked. As a result we will only be performing 4 or 5 songs.

Jon + Robby @ Sirius

Yesterday we recorded three songs and interviews at Sirius, on the 36th floor of Rockefeller Center. I appreciate that we were able to do Live versions of the songs, La Luna, Caroussel, and Cave in my Heart, rather than abreviated radio versions. Hey, check out bubble boy Robby!

NPR: All Things Considered

I am hearing that our segment will air on Saturday, October 9th. I will confirm or deny as we get closer to that date.

It’s also been confirmed that we will record a live set for the syndicated etown radio show at Boulder Theater on October 17th.