The photo shows the back of my Vizcarra Negra, which I sold today. This guitar has a very interesting story:

Remember the Pimentel Guitar that turned up on Ebay a few months ago? Well, this Negra is related to that guitar. In 1990 I had two Pimentel guitars. The first one played better and was used on Borrasca and some of NF. The second one had a most gorgeous body made from old, old Brazilian Rosewood. Senor Pimentel told me he found the wood in his attic when he moved to a new home sometime in 1989 or thereabout. He said he had aquired the wood in the mid-Sixties and had simply forgotten about it.

When my first Pimentel was broken to pieces by an Airline around 1994 or 1995, I approached Keith Vizcarra and we worked out this plan: he was to attach the neck of the second Pimentel to the body of the first Pimentel – because that neck was completely broken – and then rebuild the body of the second Pimentel completely, adding a new Vizcarra neck and his V-pegs.

I played this new Negra on every track of Leaning into the Night, except for The Winding Road/La Primavera. I also played the guitar on some of the pieces for christmas + santa fe.

I haven’t played the guitar in over a year and had promised myself that if I did not play a guitar for a year I would sell it. Maybe the next guitarist will put it to some use. I am not a collector, it seems. There is one more guitar I might sell next year. The one-year mark is approaching for a Blanca by Eric Sahlin, which he made for me in 1995 and which was used on every single recording since then – up until La Semana that is…

If you are interested in the Sahlin, look to these pages in January or February. I will put up a notice and a photo of the guitar at that time. Eric has a six year waiting list, I might add, and this guitar is in great condition.