Starbucks – That video camera thing…

That video camera thing at Starbucks so got under my skin that I wrote them an email expressing my dismay. A few days later I get a reply asking me to call customer service at 1-800-23-LATTE. Soon I’m talking to a very nice woman in Seattle explaining how aggravating it is to be recorded buying a $4 dollar cup of coffee.

Ah, and then it gets good… check this out:

Ok Starbucks says the cameras are only for security. I smell bullshit. Here’s why:

1. The video system was installed by a company called C Video. That’s the company that supplied surveillance cameras at Superbowl XXXVII in Tampa. We all remember the reports on the news how they used facial recognition software to look for terrorists. Well are they doing the same thing at Starbucks? I don’t know. It is a possibility.
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You can click on the title to read the rest of this Waiter Rant… Is our waiter dipping into the Sambuca too much, or might he be onto something? To be continued, I’m sure…

Commuter Cars

OK. Stop laughing. This is serious stuff. Come on, stop it. Wipe that smile off your face. No, we didn’t manipulate the photo and no, it didn’t shrink in the laundry. It may look kinda cute but the stats are outright amazing. Are you sitting down? Right. This little wonder accelerates from 0 to 60 mph (97 kph) in just 4 seconds. Oh yeah, and it maxes out at 150 mph (241 kph). These are not typos. Should you ever need to test this claim, you’ll be protected by a racing-certified roll cage and ballast for sticky cornering.

All from an emission free battery that takes only 3 hours to charge, while letting you have a range of 80 miles (129 km) per charge. If you thought the Honda Insight was economical, you’re in for a shock, ‘coz the Tango has a total cost per mile, that is approximately 30% lower. Parking? Simply nose or rear into the kerb and you’re done. Impressive huh? But bet you are still smirking. This could well be the future of commuting you’re grinning at. (oh yeh thats one of those weeny little SMART cars looking like a big ole Buick beside the Tango.)
::Tango [by WM]
(Via Treehugger.)

Wouldn’t it be fun to see ten of these racing through a city! I want one….

DVD Player Hack List

Searchable database of hacks that can make your DVD player region or code-free.
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Off to Mexico in the Morning

Tomorrow morning we will take off for Mexico. I will not take my laptop, but will bring my camera which contains a large 512MB memory card. We will return Monday evening.


The reason I have not mentioned the iPod2Car connector again is that it is still not installed in my car. Discovered that I need a Toyota adaptor to hook up the connector. The part is ordered and I have a new appointment next Tuesday to hook everything up… that is if I don’t decide to stay in Aguascalientes for the winter….