Tuesday Night

Tonight I played a couple of songs at a dinner in a restaurant in Santa Fe – unamplified. A different restaurant in the same building that I played guitar in about 18 years ago. What a trip to play there 18 years later… I played Snakecharmer and then a medley of Santa Fe and Heart Still/Beating. I remember playing a couple of hours, three nights a week there…

The reason I did not mention this little gig before is that it was a private party which rented the entire restaurant.

ICEkey – USB slim extended keyboard

Low profile Scissor keys reduces key stroke travel distances and eases pressure on your finger tips.

For the laptop generation. I prefer typing on my laptop to using a desktop keyboard. In fact i hate typing on a regular keyboard. OK, I should not use words like hate… but how about dislike strongly? This ICEkey keyboard is what I use in my studio. It feels good because it feels like my laptop.

Coming up on 1 1/2 hours

Music: hah!
Mood: left ear starting to hurt

It seems that the female journos ask the more fluffy questions so far. The first woman asked me to tell her about the meaning of each song, about the missing lyrics she says. That probably means she has not heard the album and probably knows nothing about me. I told her that the reason I make instrumental music is because I do not like lyrics…..

Now I am doing a style interview, to cover the more humane, eh, he means human side. What are you passionate about? Do you like to cook? Do you have a second home, like a beach house? This must be what it’s like to talk to People or US.

Coming up on two hours…

This last interview is the hardest. I have to leave some questions un-answered: What are your finest qualities, and your worst? I don’t know. Here comes the last question: What is your deepest desire? Well, that one is easy….

One hour and fifty minutes.

still: BMF – Beats Moving Furniture.

The end.


Music: none
Mood: hanging in there

I have been on the phone for over an hour, doing phone intereviews with Mexican newspapers and magazines. By now the translator can answer most questions himself. He wrote down the names of the guys in the band, he knows the instrumentation and more…

Now I am going to talk to a “very important and influential left-wing newspaper”, whatever that means. The first question is about traditional Flamenco and the concept of fusion.

I have done some press conferences in Mexico with simultaneous translation and that is very interesting. Like hearing a freaky echo of your voice… but worse. Hard to think while somebody else is talking. At first I kept stopping, but then everyone looks at you like you have lost your voice – or your mind… In any case it takes some getting used to.

Not one political question. The journo says he’ll come to the concert and is looking forward to it. I have probably met him before. Why have I still not learned Spanish? Damn! Jon was getting pretty good at it in 1996 and then he forgot everything again…

Henk Suitcase

henk_suitcase.jpg image
Forbes profiles the Henk suitcase—$20,000 of the finest luggage money can buy. Each unit is more than a simple bag, instead comprised of 500 different parts, fashioned from materials such as horse hair, magnesium, and carbon fiber. Twin wheels recess into the bag when not in use, and various levels on the top cause hidden compartments to open.

Since its unveiling in September, a total of zero have been sold.

The $20,000 Suitcase. Really. No kidding. [Forbes]
(Via Gizmodo.)

They built it and no one came!