Music: Transit – Jon Gagan

Good News: the complete La Semana album, including the Limited Edition Bonus Track Market Day, four songs from nouveaumatic, and Jon’s album Transit are now available on iTunes. Yeah!

Bad News: La Semana is credited to Luna Negra & Ottmar Liebert and Transit is credited to Jon Gagan & Ottmar Liebert

I have requested corrections, but I have the feeling that will take a while. Concerning digital distribution Epic Records, Higher Octave/EMI and AWAL have all been asked to list all of my music just under my name. I think that will simplify the process and make my music easier to find. I mean, who would think to search for Luna Negra when they are looking for Euphoria, when the name Luna Negra is nowhere on that album cover.

In the future I will retain the three different color bands at the top of the SSRI releases, but with the following changes:

Instead of using different monikers, like Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra (with the red band at the top), Ottmar Liebert’s Euphoria (gray band), and Ottmar Liebert (blue band) – every album will simply be credited to Ottmar Liebert.

The back of future SSRI releases will still carry the color-coding explanation.