This afternoon I listened to the finished Winter Rose CD, which I was going to send to 33rd Street tomorrow… of course I found a little detail I did not want to live with and ended up making some minor changes to a song, compiling the CD again and burning new copies for production.

Interesting new sounds on this album:
shaking a WMF ball-end whisk, breaking a dried aspen leaf to use as a shaker, kicking one of my metal 90 gallon water catchers for an amazing low sound… Jon got into the spirit of making new sounds by letting out a long breath during one piece… – speaking about breath, digital recording is so quiet that one can hear me breathing… I can stop tapping my foot, but controlling my breathing is a whole different story… in any case, I feel that hearing my breath adds to the intimacy.

Other notes about the recording:
– The third track, called Westcoast is dedicated to the A+R man who signed me to Epic in 1990. Everybody called him Snake. I dedicate the song to him, because when he tried to get me to record a Christmas album for Epic in 1992 or 1993 he said something like this: You can record anything you like, man. Just add some jingly bells and everyone will think it sounds like christmas. Well, we did add some jingly bells to a section of that song, which is one of my favorites on the album. Great percussion from Ron and Robby, great stream of consciousness bass from Jon and some of my funkiest playing.
– Robby plays Kora on one piece, a new tangos.
– The two pieces by Faure turned out beautiful