Treo 650 GSM

Anybody else have nothing but trouble since upgrading a GSM Treo 650 to 1.13? I upgraded in June and since then the bluetooth connection to my car no longer works, often I can call out but nobody can call me, and this week I cannot receive or send SMS text messages. I had none of these problems before I upgraded! I am about to lovingly throw this thing against a large rock.

I performed a Hard Reset and it appears I can send text messages again… since updating I have had to resort to Hard Resets twice, whereas I never had to before…

New in the ListeningLounge

Stereo-mix AIFF file of the three rhythm guitars in Cocteau. Click on title-link to go directly to the La Semana Parts album.


Do you feel like your getting bounced around by life’s little obstacles? Maybe watching this will make you feel better?
(Via stuart davis)

Million Dollar Baby

Saw this movie last night and was very impressed. What an amazing story Clint Eastwood is – from Spaghetti Western Star to Director/Producer/Actor, and he even wrote some of the music for this film. My favorite Hollywood movie in a long while. Highly recommended!


We finalized a little week-long run in September.

Sept 14 Paradise CA – Paradise PAC
Sept 15 Santa Cruz CA – The Catalyst
Sept 16 Sacramento CA – Radisson
Sept 17 Anaheim CA – The Grove of Anaheim
Sept 18 San Diego CA – Humphrey’s

I have been working on the new Tangos for Up Close and it has gone through quite some changes during the last weeks. We’ll perform the new version in September. I am thinking of making this tranformation a theme for the next podcast by contrasting a live recording from this last tour with what I have recorded now. The guitar part has changed considerably – and once the guitar part changes, the other instruments might have to adjust to that etc…..