Recorded a second improv yesterday afternoon, but didn’t like the way the second half developed. I decided I did not want to edit the music of this album and abandoned the piece. Recorded a third improv this morning and liked it, but will have to listen a few more times.

Tears in the Rain is a very personal album and I don’t see it having commercial potential – of course people said that about NF as well – therefore I will only release it in the ListeningLounge. I also want/need the freedom to do everything by myself and most of all I want the album to be as much about the creative moment as possible. No logos, no names, just unedited music played on a guitar and some pencil drawings.

The next scheduled Ottmar Liebert CD releases are Winter Rose on October 11th of this year and Up Close sometime in the Fall of 2006 or the Spring of 2007.