Regarding THIS post from last week: Eric H. suggests Trackmap, which looks interesting, but requires downloading or creating a track, i.e. series of waypoints. I want to be able to add GPS waypoints as I find them – e.g. a new venue every day.


New York Daily News – Entertainment – 5 Live
He’s your basic German-born Fabio doppelganger with a Chinese-German father and a Hungarian mother who has introduced the world to an entirely new way of thinking about flamenco guitar. You know the type, right?

Hm, no I don’t…

Monday: Shiny vs better

Reflection of my Camper/Wabi shoes in the dirty Chrome of the bus.

While our bus drivers were washing the salt off the busses this morning we talked about chrome and shiny… My suggestion is that this culture/society needs to change it’s visual preferences from shiny chrome to something that is easier to clean – or does not show dirt as much. The reason for that is that to keep chrome shiny you either need to expend a lot of energy or you need to use harsh chemicals that find their way into air or water. More Wabi-Sabi – less shiny!
HERE is another post regarding Wabi-Sabi.

Sunday Morning

Sellersville, Pennsylvania – sounds like a name from a movie!

Boris and Adam came to last night’s show at the Westhampton PAC. They got to see and hear the difference between playing short sets at B.B.King’s in a noisy environment (kitchen staff and waiters yelling, bad sounding P.A. etc.) where the musician’s can barely hear themselves – and performing in a nice theater with good sound and without time constrains. I am glad Boris didn’t come all the way to the USA from Bavaria to go home with only the B.B.King’s shows in his memories…

I don’t particularly enjoy performing at B.B.King’s, but the New York audience is always fantastic and makes it worthwhile. So if you are from New York and you were at the show on Friday – thank you!

So, today Sellersville. Two shows – a matinee and an evening show.