New Quartet Rehearsals

Today we had the first rehearsal of the new quartet with Jon Gagan, Dave Bryant and Stephen Duros. It sounded wonderful. Stephen adds a great voice to the band and I am looking forward to re-visiting some of the classic material with him.


Santacafe 2
I did a lot of walking last week. A friend was in town from Europe and the evenings were so balmy that we walked everywhere. On Saturday we had dinner at the Santacafe, where I took the above photo. It’s the former well of the building, covered with a sheet of acrylic or glass… we sat right next to the well and enjoyed the patrons’ reactions when they had to walk across or step over the hole…

Neue Leipziger Schule

SITE Santa Fe: Exhibitions
In December 2000, a group of five recent graduates of the prestigious Leipzig Art Academy organized a small exhibition of their works in Leipzig in former East Germany. Unsurprisingly, the exhibition attracted no notice from the international contemporary art community. From that humble beginning, the “New Leipzig School” has expanded to a dozen artists and grown to be an international phenomenon.

Went to see this exhibit on Friday and two painters in particular are amazing. Here is Bretter by David Schnell:

and Container by Tim Eitel:

The paintings look wonderful in the large and tall spaces of the Site Santa Fe building. If you are going to be in Sante Fe sometime soon, I highly recommend a visit.

Touring Schedule

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cocteau on Flickr

cocteau on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
After listening to ‘Cocteau’ on Ottmar Liebert Luna Negra’s ‘La Semana’ I remembered this vase( stored in a closet) I picked up while living in London during the 80’s Treat yourself to the artful limited edition version of ‘La Semana’. It is an original and outstanding work.

Nice Vase!!