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NativeEnergy is a privately held Native American energy company. In August 2005, the Intertribal Council On Utility Policy (COUP) acquired a majority ownership interest in NativeEnergy on behalf of its member tribes, marking another significant step in the Great Plains tribes’ historic effort to power America with Native wind. Learn more about COUP’s investment in NativeEnergy …

NativeEnergy helps you help build Native American, farmer-owned, and charitable purpose renewable energy projects that create social, economic, and environmental benefits. Native Americans and farmers traditionally care for and care about the environment because they are also very dependent on the gifts of the Earth for their survival. They are seeking a way to build their economies and their communities. This is one of the reasons we developed our novel approach to renewable energy; we want our business – our work – and so also our customers’ purchases, to make a real difference.

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Thank You

In this MTV-age many concert-goers think nothing of talking to each other or talking on their cell-phone during a performance. They don’t seem to realize the difference between watching a performance on TV and experiencing one first-hand, which is that one cannot change the outcome of one, but has a great influence on the other… While that does of course happen at our shows as well, I have to say that by and large our audience gets it and I am thankful for that. In performance we like to get very quiet at times and then real loud and that range of dynamic is very important, I find.


Immaturity Level Rising in Adults
New research is showing that grown-ups are more immature than ever. From the article: ‘Specifically, it seems a growing number of people are retaining the behaviors and attitudes associated with youth. As a consequence, many older people simply never achieve mental adulthood, according to a leading expert on evolutionary psychiatry.’
(Via Slashdot)

Here are a couple of little quotes from that article:

“People such as academics, teachers, scientists and many other professionals are often strikingly immature outside of their strictly specialist competence in the sense of being unpredictable, unbalanced in priorities, and tending to overreact.”

The faults of youth are retained along with the virtues, he believes. These include short attention span, sensation and novelty-seeking, short cycles of arbitrary fashion and a sense of cultural shallowness.


Rain, lightning, and a power outage that lasted an hour. Dinner by candle light. Then guitar practice by candle light.

Hail Storm

June Hail Storm-3
Yes, that is hail on the ground… a nice summer storm. Trees happily reached toward the sky