Auckland Organ

Townhall Auckland - 13
I am the Chairman of the Auckland Town Hall Organ Trust. I noticed your excellent photos recently. At present we are raising money to rebuild the organ. The contract has been awarded to Klais Orgelbau of Bonn in Germany. We are preparing some fund-raising collateral including some pictures of the organ from various sources and were wondering whether you would agree to us using some of your photos.

But of course. It’s nice to know that the wonderful instrument is well taken care of! The website address for the renovation will be It is not up yet – check in a few weeks.

Trains and Film

from LR:
What an idea: a documentary movie based on OL & Luna riding the train from Boston, stopping here and there, playing impromptu gigs at stops along the way… down into Mexico… Central America… Panama… all the way down to Chile… into Argentine. Written by LR, shot by Stevo. Cinema verite.

Great idea! First thing we’ll do after Oprah becomes a fan of the ListeningLounge and we sell a million downloads…