The Skull Mantra (Inspector Shan Tao Yun)
Don’t remember how I found the above-linked book, but it’s a good one. Been hooked on it for days. Tibet, Kham, the landscape I wandered a little over a year ago. A Chinese member of a Tibetan prison gang building roads is also a former police inspector and is asked to solve a murder. Great book.

Link to the author’s web site.

From an interview with the author:

…my major irritation in life is the way the entertainment and media industries have dumbed down entertainment, reading, and even intellectual debate in this country. They seem committed to shortening our attention spans, lowering the education level of programming, and eliminating literary content from all they do. It’s troublesome for writers, of course, but also very discouraging for the future of our children. There are only about eight million people in this country who regularly buy books (a far lower percentage than, for example, in England), and the number is declining. We need to ask ourselves why, and what it says about our society.