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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Audio Slideshow: Photos compete for the Prix Pictet
A major new global prize celebrating the work of both professional and amateur photographers has been awarded in Paris.

The Prix Pictet is the first competition of its type to focus on the global issue of ‘sustainability’ – and, this year in particular, on water.

The winner of 100,000 Swiss francs (£53,000) is the Canadian photographer Benoit Aquim.

Here – the head of the Prix Pictet jury, Francis Hodgson, shows off Aquim’s work and images from some of the 17 other photographers who made the shortlist.

Watch the slideshow here.

reCaptcha your wasted time

The Long Now Blog » reCaptcha your wasted time
One of the inventors of Captcha’s, those funny squiggly words used to prove your a human when you sign up for something, has now put this wasted time and human brain power to work.

ReCaptcha is now getting its difficult to decipher words from scanning projects like the Internet Archive’s and is using the human effort to digitize the words the computer cant recognize. Over a half million man hours a year can now go to digitizing books instead of just wasting your time.

Turning waste into fertiliser. Excellent.


Recorded last Summer (2007):
[flv:snakecharmer-binaural.flv 450 337]

We will put our own video page together and unlike on YouTube the sound will be in stereo. Here is the first vid that was prepared. It’s “Snakecharmer-Binaural”, recorded last Summer during the recording sessions of Up Close. If you haven’t seen this performance, grab your headphones and check it out. Closed headphones like these are best – (Stevo and I always carry a pair with us, and I believe he actually mixed his first album on them!). iPod-type earbuds are not as good, but they improve if you cover them with your hands.