That’s what the light was like yesterday afternoon. Today is different, at least in the early Morning. Soft light. Impossible to see where the snow ends and the sky starts. Like living inside a big lightbox, the fabric reflector that attaches to studio lighting to create soft lighting by diffusing the strobe flash. A black and white world. Or, like living inside a diorama. One could expect a giant hand to reach into the diorama to gently adjust a tree or house, or move some snow away from a window.

Holiday cards. What do I wish for? Peace? Like the idea of a permanent paradise, the wish for peace seems silly, static, unnatural, impossible. Arguments are the spice of life. Maybe one should wish for non-bloody confrontations that solve differences and create new meaning and possibilities!!! Maybe that’s too long for a Christmas card? Maybe live in harmony with the World? When it’s raining, put on a raincoat, when it’s cold, wear a sweater. When crazies run through the street waving banners and weapons, stay inside. When the wheel squeeks, put a few drops of oil on the bearings. Maybe just Live in Harmony. Yes, that says it all. To me that implies acceptance of what is coming down my path. Fight what can be fought and accept what cannot. Living in harmony with whatever it is that is happening. Doing what is appropriate. Reacting appropriately. And it also means, I think, taking only what is necessary, not taking all that is on display. Please Live in Harmony – yes that’s even better.

Now the sun has broken through! Snow is evaporating, and it looks like steam rising from the ground. The sky is blue, the snow-covered ground a brilliant white. The days are becoming longer again. Happy solstice, happy holidays!

For’s selection of snowy seasonal photos click here.

Here are some Digital Dharma movie previews. These will only be available for viewing until January 9th. (((in some cases I had to hit reload a couple of times to see the movie)))

1. Opening Review
2. Gene’s Beginning
3. Shechen
4. Sherab Ling
5. Kathmandu University