Woke up a little later than usual and, after reading news for a little while (((I wish the fab iPhone app Reeder would be made into an iPad app, but I didn’t want to wait any longer and am fairly happy with NewsRack for iPad))), I rode my bike to Downtown Subscription for a coffee and the best pain au chocolat in Santa Fe. I had not ridden my fixie up to my house this year (((the Mariachi Bullitt has 8 gears))) and it was funny to observe two voices in my head while I was straining up the hill… Don’t be stupid, get off and walk the bike! and variations thereof, and You can do this, stay on the damn bike! All the while it felt like I was neither of the voices, I was just energy propelling myself up the hill. The chatter didn’t bother me, I was busy.
Here are some merchandise designs that we looked at today. First the black hoodie. It comes with a cheat sheet of the most popular gang signs in the pocket… no, I am just kidding. I actually like this a lot. Great for biking. I’ll be wearing this a lot this year.

This is the t-shirt design for women. Magenta on gray. Understated. Logo on the side and name very small on the back.

This is the design for a shopping bag. The actual bag will probably be different, this is just to look at design and placement. I like this new version of the OL logo (((I should… I came up with it yesterday))). Reminiscent of Pac Man!!!

And then the t-shirt for men. I think it should show just the logo and not the name. More mysterious and interesting that way.

Here are the brands to avoid, a list of the brands owned by BP. I shall avoid these brands like the plague. I am also very disappointed that apparently a number of senators are willing to let BP get away with paying for only a small amount of the cost of cleaning up the mess, leaving American tax payers to pay for the rest. If that is true, shouldn’t those senators be investigated immediately? I mean, unless you are taking money from BP, why would you do that? BP made 20 billion in 2008 and over 16 billion last year. I think they can afford to spend a couple of billion on restauration.