This email was sent to all subscribers this Morning:

Dear Ottmar-Friends subscriber,

Thank you for being part of the experiment we started in February of last year, to offer original content in the form of text, photography, and of course music, for a low annual subscription fee.

Unfortunately, the work to reward ratio has made it difficult to sustain the experiment. Though you yourself expressed a commendable interest in the Ottmar-Friends business model, it seems that the pervading expectation on the Internet is that this type of content should be free.

As such, I decided that our pay-for-content blog experiment will come to an end. We will wind it down as follows:

1) You may have already received an automated notice from PayPal stating that your subscription has been cancelled. No worries, this just means we’ve told PayPal not to charge your card again.

2) Regardless of when your subscription was scheduled to run out — next week, next month or next Spring — you will continue to have access to the backstage area until May 31st of 2011. On that day Ottmar-Friends will close its doors. Until the end of May I will continue to add content, including photographs and music.

Thank you again for your subscription to this project. Between now and when the site closes, I hope you continue to enjoy the music, photography and conversations found on Ottmar-Friends.

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