Late Tuesday morning I accompanied our tour manager to WheelHouse on Cota Street, who deal in Dutch bikes. She had tried out my Brompton and wanted to buy a comfortable bicycle for Santa Fe. After test-riding a few different bikes she settled on a beautiful black Oma-Fiet – Oma means Grandmother in Dutch and German – which she rode to the gig.

A full house at the SOhO. Lively crowd. We played the whole set for the first time, which I think was more than two hours long – nineteen songs!!! World-debut of a new song I first mentioned here, but which has, of course, mutated into something else with the band. A couple of photos from the SOhO:

After the gig, after loading out, and before the bike was safely stowed away, Jon Gagan was seen riding our tour manager’s new bike, a beatific grin on his face that reminded everyone of a boy riding his bike. I didn’t see it – I was having a drink with friends at Roy’s – but I know what went through his head. I might sell my fixie and get me a Opa-fiet when I get home!! So comfortable and fun!