Friday in Austin

I have a crash of photos to upload and have music ready for download and streaming, but I am going to wait until I get home on Sunday. No need to pay this hotel – we all agree that this hotel may have the worst beds on the planet – money for Internet. I mean, we would be more comfortable sleeping on the bus…

My computer is competing for my attention with the iPad and losing. I seem to only bring it out to download photos from the camera’s memory card, to work on the images, or, if a place has free Wi-Fi, to upload images. Other than that I am doing most everything on the iPad. To a child growing up with an iPad, a regular computer will feel like… a giant IBM typewriter feels to me, or an old fashioned letterpress (((although I do have a real love for old printing presses – worked with them in art school in the Seventies))).

My head is buzzing with ideas. More when I get home.

Saturday Repeat

Two version of Alegría Arabe. This is a repeat from last year:

The original version of Alegria Arabe can be found on the album Opium. This is a live recording, straight stereo from the board to a CD recorder, from August 2007. The band was:
Jon Gagan
Stephen Duros
Davo Bryant

You can download the 320kbps file here.

This is the unreleased version of Alegria Arabe from 1995/96. I recorded two versions of this piece and then decided that they weren’t different enough to both be on the Opium album.

The 320kbps mp3 can be downloaded here.

The FLAC version can be downloaded here.