Beautiful Morning. Finished re-reading Pattern Recognition last night, which was perhaps even better the second time, and started reading Going, Going, Gone by Jack Womack, who William Gibson mentioned many times, and who is thanked in Pattern Recognition. I like what I read so far!

Today we have a three hour rehearsal, followed by a three hour recording session with the percussionist, who will play on the new version of The Santa Fe Sessions. Tomorrow, we will keep the same schedule.

A few quick words on my statement yesterday that culture leads politics and not the other way around. What created the changes in the Sixties and Seventies? Politicians or the cultural ground swell. What do you suppose has done more for the acceptance of gays and lesbians and their rights, politicians, or TV shows that showed them to be like all other people, with similar dreams, similar hopes, and so on. And again, what do you suppose will do more to change our rotten educational system, a few politicians, or the new movie Waiting for Superman – assuming that it will receive a wide release and people get to see it and discuss it. The conclusion, for me, is that money would be better spent supporting cultural causes, rather then individual politicians or their parties. Something to think about. Please add examples that come to your mind, either agreeing with or contradicting this idea that culture drives change, not politicians.