Saturday Morning

For me there is nothing that compares to the feeling of having recorded a nice guitar part. It settles me in my skin, makes me see the beauty around me, urges me to smell the roses, makes everything alright.

Gut Brain

The Psychology Of Yogurt | Wired Science |
This research shows that the immateriality of mind is a deep illusion. Although we feel like a disembodied soul, many feelings and choices are actually shaped by the microbes in our gut and the palpitations of our heart. Nietzsche was right: “There is more reason in your body than in your best wisdom.”

Also see this post regarding gut brain from 2005.

It has long been my position that the brain is not the isolated seat of mind. While it is, perhaps, the main switching station, it works and relies on the entire body (and perhaps even more, if we consider that consciousness may not be strictly localized). This might rain on Kurzweil’s parade, where he desires to analyze the brain with nanobots in order to upload himself- whatever “himself” means – into a computer/robot/new body. Perhaps it simply complicates matters and widens the area of discovery, from the brain to the entire body. Very interesting.

Limited Edition

Would love to find out whether that works out for Robbie Robertson. As you can see here, the Limited Edition (2,500 pieces) version of his new album costs $300. I wonder which artist I would be willing to pay that kind of money to. I have bought some fancy Miles Davis packages, but they included a lot more music. Tarot cards? Really??

PS: I think the reason I would not be interested in this package is that it does not feel artistic to me. Playing cards, a stamp and photos – it feels like somebody tried hard to think of what they could throw at a fancy package. Maybe they should have add chewing gum?


The following photo shows Jon’s Fender Princeton on the left and the Kelemen Champ, a copy of a 1960’s Fender Champ, on the right – I think this is a new amp for Kelemen as it can’t be found on their website.

This photo shows the Princeton on the left and my new Boogie on the right. Height and width are about the same, but the Boogie is deeper.