I am reading several books at the moment, among them A General Theory of Love, a book by three psychiatrists that is surprisingly poetic and which I am enjoying a great deal. It dovetails nicely with the book by Robert Wright I mentioned recently. I am also reading The Reality Bubble, by Ziya Tong, but I have to read that one in small doses, because there is only so much reality I can process each day. Learning about mites mating on our faces takes a while to absorb. It’s the same with Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. I feel that it’s important to learn about our bloody past, but, again, there is only so much I can read without turning into a puddle of tears. So I take small bites and give myself time to process.

Ice retreating:

Blueberry traces in a white bowl:PS: also started reading The Art of Solitude, by Stephen Batchelor, a book of new essays. You might say I am enjoying a variety of small plates, instead of eating one big dish.