I received a lot of requests for online performances and am trying to get an understanding of what would be involved on the technical side to make this happen. It is interesting to figure out what could make virtual concert a unique new format. There is the possibility of reaching an international audience in locations where we are not likely to tour anytime soon. There is a chance to make the concert more personal by answering questions after a concert. Perhaps I can add visual elements, too, like a slideshow of my images for example. Throw out any ideas you might have in the comment section. Have you experienced streamed concerts recently? What works, what doesn’t? What would you like to see. Here are the main points I came up with:

  1. Which streaming service should I use? This is what I am looking for:
    • possibility of creating a background for the performance, e.g. a slideshow of my photos… or perhaps a separate window I can fill with images
    • ability to chat, so that members of the audience can leave questions for me to answer at the end of a concert – to differentiate the streamed performance from a regular concert
    • ability of musicians to perform together from different locations
    • seamless audience payment processing
  2. What kind of internet upload speed would I need for decent quality? I currently have 300 MBPS download, but only 11 MBPS upload
  3. Camera & microphone recommendations – I imagine an iPhone would make a fine camera, but I should use an external microphone for the guitar