It isn’t possible to perform at a time that fits every zone. That means performing at different times.

I do not want to record performances because I want the live aspect of the performance to be maintained. I always assumed that I would perform in the evenings, but that is clearly a norm that doesn’t need to be adhered to. What do you think? Would you be more likely to watch a live-stream performance in the evening or during the day? Maybe the question will answer itself… I can do a performance at 1100 one day and then play at 2000 (8PM) another day and look at the results.

I am looking to start a live-stream this Thursday, 28. May, @ 2000 (8PM MDT). I will share the URL tomorrow. The performance will be announced here only. If it goes well, I will make announcements via my mailing list and social media for another performance next week.

A few thoughts about the medium:

  • a live performance should live in that moment and not be recorded
  • a performance should contain elements that are specific to the format that is used
  • the format of live-streaming might allow more time for improvisation
  • every performance should perhaps include a piece of music that was created in that moment… something that is unique to that performance only
  • if it turns out that streaming is appreciated, and supported, I would expand the experience… I would add a couple of cameras to the simple setup I am currently playing with. For example, I could mount a small camera at the end of the neck of the guitar, looking down the fretboard, perhaps mount another camera on a tripod near my right hand
  • another possibility is projecting images onto a white wall in front of which I play…
  • playing in the late morning, next to a sunlit window will elicit a different performance than playing at night, with lights or candles

Because this is a new medium there really are many ways to be creative with it.