This Thursday at 2000 – 8PM in New Mexico, 7PM in California, 10PM on the East Coast – you will find me at It turns out that Twitch, which started as a platform to broadcast gaming events, sounds good. DJs have moved onto Twitch and perform there. I checked it out and was impressed with the sound quality. I also like what Twitch is not: YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Zoom is a great medium, but it is aimed at video conferencing and therefore the algorithms support clarity of speech, which is not necessarily good for musical performances. Eventbrite partners with Zoom to sell tickets for webinars. Only people who buy a ticket through Eventbrite are ushered into the Zoom call. That’s nice. But the sound…

The one drawback of Twitch is that one cannot sell tickets for a performance. The service is free for anyone and one does not need to create an account to watch, although one has to endure one ad at the beginning. No interruptions later though. At first I thought this would be a problem. A performance should have a value attached. This is what the performance will entail and that is what that experience will cost you.

On second thought, however, I realized that it would be worth experimenting with donations on Twitch. These are extraordinary times and call for extraordinary ways to move forward. Next week I will set up a donation box for Twitch but tomorrow’s performance is just a test and will be shorter… so come check it out and let me know what you think.