Go here to watch the video. You might have to give it a moment to load.

The sound was recorded with a Rode NT4 microphone into a Sound Devices 722 recorder. No processing except for raising gain.

The winner will receive the album of their choice from my Bandcamp page.


Yesterday I worked on a new version of “Dance 4 Me” that has upright acoustic bass and some rumba guitar strumming. Jon played Salsa bass lines on the upright. Salsa bass lines usually avoid the first beat of the bar. The album “vision 2020” was inspired by listening to a lot of Afrobeat music in the past couple of years. The clave is what connects Afrobeat and Afro-Cuban music.

I worked on the arrangement and mix of the song for quite a while and nothing seemed to light up. It was rather dispiriting.

Today I, of course, had another go at it and suddenly I watched it come together. I could feel it happening. One or two levels were changed and the mixture suddenly worked. It’s alchemy. It’s like cooking or baking. I rise from the chair and start dancing.

The new version is called “Dance 4 Me – Salsa Verde Version” and will be available a week from Friday, on Bandcamp day.


All will be revealed tomorrow. Hint: it’s not a vegetable.


Nobody has guessed the sound yet. Perhaps you will recognize it if you listen at low volume. Tomorrow evening I will show you a video of the sound.