This morning I read Gender Pronouns Are Changing. It’s Exhilarating. and enjoyed learning a few things about English.

I have been in Santa Fe for almost a week. My guitar needed a little bit of work and I left it in the hands of the luthier before I rode out of town on August third. It was only the second time in four decades that I was without a guitar for six weeks. I think the break was good for my hands. Last week I picked up the guitar and started to reacquaint myself with it. Yesterday and today we rehearsed. We all missed making music a lot and look froward to this little tour. We will perform some of the favorites, but also new pieces from vision 2020 and from Bare Wood 2.

On this day in 1975 I saw Earth, Wind & Fire and Santana in Köln. It was a life altering experience.