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Alison asked: “Old house?” Does it feel weird saying that?

No, it doesn’t feel weird. I am reminded of the house quite often, either because of memories that stir, or because I wonder how the house or landscape might have changed since August. Maybe this seems strange, but while I love that place I don’t feel the desire to be back there. Thirty years is a long time to experience something… would forty or fifty years make the experience better? Packing up and moving was hard work and I would not want to do that when I am ten or fifteen years older. On the other hand, moving should be easier now that I got rid of a lot of stuff and have some practice. :-)

Doc mentioned having dinner with James Bobchak and talking about me.

James is a great guy and I have many fond memories of him. Did he mention the “solo” he played in Pittsburgh in 1997? We were touring with the XL band and I had told everyone that they each would get a solo in the show and could do anything they wanted to. In Pittsburgh James decided to do this:
When the time for his solo came, he put down his guitar, stood up, walked to the middle of the stage, and flexed his muscles in body builder poses. We had no advance warning of this “solo” and it was quite difficult to keep playing while everyone cracked up.

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Eh Fi Amal is the 99th album by the wonderful Lebanese singer Fairuz. Ninety-nine albums? They must be counting each compilation and also live recordings but still that’s a whole lot! Her singing and the arrangements and production are beautiful.

PS: the object is a loudspeaker by Round Sound. Below is a photo of the pair in my old house.


After some tinkering with the recipe, because every oven is different and I am no longer baking at altitude, I arrived at the kind of bread I like.

It’s Okay

I heard this song for the first time in a cab in Lisbon last month. I shazammed it right away and discovered that it was called Fica Tudo Bem (Apple Music link, YouTube link) and was by a Brazilian artist named Silva. The title means it’s okay or it’s alright. The verse and chorus are very sparse, but each chorus is followed by a super-lush bridge with flugelhorn and strings.

The whole album, called Brasileiro, is very good. Enjoy!

PS: traffic is very different in Lisbon… I only heard two or three horns honking in three weeks. People don’t drive like they are competing with each other or like they are getting paid for every minute they gain in traffic. Returning stateside it only took a couple of minutes to hear the honking, yelling and squealing tires of angry drivers. Perhaps listening to Fica Tudo Bem can help us mellow out in traffic. :-)

Not very Peopley

I really should strive to populate my photos, to make an effort to allow people to happen. Something to try in the new year, perhaps.