In 1978, somewhere in India, I was introduced to the delightful combination of papaya and yoghurt. The papaya is sliced in half, the seeds are removed, and then the fruit is filled with yoghurt. A slightly sour yoghurt is best, because it creates a wonderful contrast to the sweet flesh of the papaya. I use a sheep’s yoghurt called Black Sheep. I eat this with a grapefruit spoon, but any spoon will do.

Party Line

From an article about analog vs digital recordings, where I found this bit about telephone band practice

Here’s one bit of historical trivia: Even the earliest connections in the 1920s were so continuously lifelike that musicians who had access to shared “party” lines would often practice music over the phone, rather than travel to each other’s houses.

Santa Barbara

Tonight we performed at the Lobero theater in Santa Barbara.


Today we are at the Harris Center in Folsom. We have CDs and the flash drive cards for sale.