02017-12-03 @ 13:12

The original version of this song was recorded at my new studio in Santa Fe in 1995, for the album ‘Opium’, which was released by Epic Records on 12. March 1996.

It’s funny how memory works, because for many years I believed that I wrote this song after a special night we spent in a former Ottoman palace in Istanbul on the 19th of December of 1996. We had performed for a private party, and a couple of good friends had joined us in the bar of the hotel after the concert – guys I had known since I was fifteen years old. One of them had become a journalist, reporting for a German broadcasting station from Ankara, the capital of Turkey. He told us that people in Turkey drink cherry juice the way Americans drink orange juice. I suggested that we drink Screwdrivers, but that we mix vodka with cherry juice instead of orange juice. A ‘Turkish Screwdriver’, we called it, and then we proceeded to drink the entire supply of cherry juice the bar had. The next morning’s hangover was tremendous, but the evening was worth it.

The truth is that the song was written, recorded, and titled about a year BEFORE the event I discribed happened. Prescient, really.

Memory… it’s a funny thing, isn’t it.

The reason I thought of this today is that I am working on an album that will be called ‘The Complete Santa Fe Sessions’. This album, to be released next Spring, will contain a new mix of a Luna Negra XL version of ‘Turkish Night’ – with horns.


02016-10-17 @ 14:10

Today Jon asked me which Diana Ross song I played guitar on in the Nineties. I couldn’t remember, but I looked up her 1995 album – which seemed like the right year and soon found it. The first 18 seconds are my intro, including tremolo and octave playing:

I Never Loved a Man Before by Diana Ross on @AppleMusic.


Popejoy Hall

02015-04-08 @ 10:04

A couple of photos from our April 4th performance with the New Mexico Philharmonic Orchestra at Popejoy Hall in Albuquerque:
OL 20150404 1200
OL 20150404 1199


02015-03-16 @ 09:03


02015-03-16 @ 09:03

Last morning in Riga

02015-03-16 @ 09:03

Travel Bass

02015-03-16 @ 09:03

Jon puts the travel upright back together. The bass stores in a golf club case for transport.


02015-03-16 @ 09:03



02014-08-26 @ 17:08

Music is a kind of alchemy. It involves the musicians and the listeners + together we make it what it becomes. This is especially true for instrumental music.

This is also true for performances. Maybe even more so. The audience performs alongside the band. Sometimes they don’t realize it, but it is so.

Instrumental Music

02014-07-23 @ 08:07

What I love about instrumental music is that, without the words you can find you in it, not just me.


02014-01-01 @ 15:01

I uploaded a few photos I took in my studio this afternoon to my photoblog. This photo shows the Flamenco guitar reflected in the electric guitar. More pics here.


02013-11-21 @ 09:11

A few last photos from our trip to Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

02013-11-18 @ 20:11

A few photos from Kuala Lumpur, where we performed on November 18th.


02013-11-10 @ 23:11


Autumn in Santa Fe

02013-10-21 @ 16:10




The Stage at the Saban Theater tonight.

02013-09-07 @ 19:09


Solo in San Francisco

02013-03-02 @ 07:03

I am getting ready to travel to San Francisco for a few solo performances next week. More information here.

I love playing guitar by myself and San Francisco is one of my favorite cities – so I am pretty excited about next week.


02013-03-02 @ 07:03


A fusion experiment from 1995

02012-06-28 @ 09:06

OL – Guitars
Eric Schermerhorn – Guitars
Jon Gagan – Bass + Keyboards
Carl Coletti – Drums
Mark Clark – Percussion

More here.

DUNE available for purchase

02012-04-10 @ 06:04

Well, DUNE CDs arrived in Santa Fe last week Thursday. The package looks great and I am very happy with it. Now, we could wait until the official release date, two weeks from now… or we could start selling the album today…

DUNE is now available as downloads (up to 320kbps) and in CD form, but only from us.
You can purchase downloads in our ListeningLounge.
You can purchase the CD in our online store.

All other download outlets, iTunes, Amazon and so on, should have the album on April 24th. The CD will be in stores in May.

We will have CDs available on tour this month.


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