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Nestor Torres 2

01994-05-29 @ 14:05

Spend a long evening w the Cuban arranger, Eddie Mantillo @ his loft. Came up w some cool licks for the Nestor Torres songs I am 2 play on.

Later we went 2 Miami Beach + took a walk on Ocean Boulevard. Eddie showed me a guitarist from Argentinia. He is dressed all in black w long dark hair, + plays guitar on the strip. He does a cover of Barcelona Nights, which he has apparently recorded + sells on his CD. Highly irregular + illegal. The ladies seem 2 love him. His persona seems so calculated 2 me. Another reason to shave my head… People have no idea that I basically live under a rock and don’t go out much. When I created Nouveau Flamenco there was nothing calculated about it – not in the music and not in the look. Maybe that somehow shines through, methinks… maybe that honesty is what makes it attractive.

Nestor Torres

01994-05-28 @ 14:05

In the air on my way 2 Atlanta from where I’ll fly 2 Miami 2 record w Nestor Torres on Monday evening. I will meet his arranger 2day + will have 2morrow off. I am looking forward to spending a couple of days in Miami!

Virginia Beach

01994-05-27 @ 14:05

We arrive in Virginia Beach. Walked 5 blocks 2 the beach. Lots o’ Budweiser signs, college stuff @ every street corner.

Bought a new pair of wrap-around Ray-Bans, because the old pair I bought w Rolf in Minneapolis during the Natalie Cole tour (1992) is falling apart. Had a cup of coffee + returned 2 the Quality Inn. Praticed guitar, read, had dinner w Stefan, Jon + Calvin during which we drank a bottle of Perrier Champagne 2 celebrate Stefan buying a house in SFe, + practiced some more guitar.

On stopping a .357 Magnum bullet

01994-05-26 @ 14:05

It’s raining here. I’m sitting in the bus right in front of the venue. The drops R drumming on the roof, a combination of rhythm + white noise. A woman in whose shop I bought some incense this afternoon came 2 the venue + brought me some sand from a Tibetan Mandala the monks had constructed in this area this year – “This will stop a .357 magnum bullet if used right”.

I’m listening 2 the German band named ‘Jam + Spoon’.

We have been using candles on stage 4 almost a week now. It looks gr8 w the moving lights. Yesterday I found a big stainless bowl which we filled w a few pounds of rice 2day. We’ll burn a couple of dozen stick of incense in that bowl on stage 2night. The LD needs a little fog so people can C the light beams better, + we might as well have nice smelling fog.

Jacksonville, Florida

01994-05-22 @ 14:05

We arrived in Jacksonville. I slept until 10am + don’t feel refreshed @ all. The trick is 2 sleep just a little: 5-6 hours a night makes me feel better on these tours. Jon + I found an Espresso place in a mall called “The Landing”.

Pompano Beach, Florida

01994-05-21 @ 14:05

I wake up in Pompano Beach. The sun is shining, but it is not 2 hot + humid. I take a walk while everybody else still sleeps. Can’t find any coffee place + Buddie decides we should cruise the town w the bus. He unhitches the trailer + we leave in search of coffee. We finally find a place called Gourmet Bagel + Coffee + get some coffee there.

On the way back 2 the theater I get dropped off @ a Sound Warehouse where I buy 5 CDs: Billy Cobham’s “Spectrum”, One Dove, U.F.O.rb, some ambient collection by Wax Trax (!) + a CD by a group called Orbital.

I take a walk down 2 the beach, along the beach + back that takes about 2 hours while the crew is loading in + setting up. No magazine shops, no real coffee houses. Some beautiful women on the beach + some of those old lizards. 60-70 year old women baking in the sun w little white cups on their eyes, their skin looking like ancient cracked leather.

I shave my head + try the #1 setting which turns out 2 B a little extreme. It might surprise the Epic honchos on Monday + illustrate our point of needing a little time off. I haven’t even had time 2 go 2 the dentist!

The show turns out good, once we get used 2 people walking around, getting beers, talking a little etc… @ the end we get a standing ovation. After the encore I get a note from Calvin, that says a Bob Gross from Darkworld is in the audience. It’s Bob from The Dark. He says they even got 2gether 4 a 10 year reunion gig a few months back + the Young Snakes w Aimee Mann opened up 4 them. Bob Familiar married the Persian girl Mandy I went out with for a while + has 2 kids w her. She graduated as an engineer from Northeatern University. Memories, memories… I told Bob 2 stay in touch via the address on the back of the last 2 albums.

On the way 2 the bus the Pompano Beach City Commissioner said Hello + invited us 2 go Deep Sea fishing w him the nex time we R in town… as if…

Tampa, Florida

01994-05-20 @ 14:05

Last night Jon + I took a cab 2 Hyde Park + had dinner @ the Cactus Grill. Kinda Southwestern food + 2 1/2 margaritas each. Back @ the Residence Inn I watched some of the Vietnam film “Casualties of War”.

Houston – Tampa

01994-05-19 @ 14:05

Houston @ 12:30am: the show is getting better. The lights seemed way cool 2night + the music gels more every night. Duende Del Amor still is my best performance I think. Another few shows + we should B smoking.

I have lots o’ ideas 4 the -opium

Caravan of Dreams 2

01994-05-18 @ 14:05

The 3rd gig @ the Caravan of Dreams was the best. Many people jammed in the standing room zone. The 1st piece w it’s added sounds from the CD “one” + the police radio sample in the section w the industrial drum sounds left the audience quiet + wondering what would happen next.

Snakecharmer was next + pulled them in. Gr8 audience, nice + lively w screamers + movers.

R called me from Hawaii yesterday afternoon. I don’t know how she got my number @ the Worthington. She said she would have some Vietnamese food send 2 us @ Rice University in Houston where we R playing 2night.

We arrived in Houston @ Rice @ 9:30am. No coffeehouses around campus. I walked 2 hours + didn’t find a book or magazine shop or cool espresso place. Lights were supposed 2 B here by noon. They didn’t arrive until 2:30pm. Deposit wasn’t fully paid until Stefan told the promoter we wouldn’t play w/o full payment of deposit.

New developements: Epic wants us 2 open up 4 Julio @ Radio City Music Hall in NYC. 5 or 6 nights. We won’t get any money really, but the pay-off would B 2 B able 2 tour in Europe + other markets some time next year. That’s a big maybe….. in the meantime we would have 2 cancel shows in NYC, Philly, D.C. etc…. loyal fans would B pissed off that have already bought tickets 2 our own shows…

The preasure builds. 1st Bolt-on then Julio….Stefan will talk 2 the president of Epic directly + settle the matter… hopefully.

I talked 2 ND about the live CD cover. She will come w a photographer 2 San Francisco. Shoot a couple of the nights @ the Gr8 American Music Hall. Told her about the remix CD as well. Something crazy, like making insects come out of my mouth…. butterflies… making my eyes even bluer or purple, or yellow… I should send her the info I have already 4 both records… tell her that the next record will B called “opium” etc…

3:30pm – time 2 practise some guitar.


01994-05-17 @ 14:05

Last night T took Stefan, Jon + me 2 a “gr8 Italian restaurant” in Dallas that really wasn’t that gr8.

Then he took us 2 Cabaret Royale were T took us 2 the VIP room pretending 2 B an EPIC rep. Silly cone tits everywhere. A Portuguese girl w a vampire shtick danced 2 Nine Inch Nails. We had one drink + drove back 2 the hotel. I channel surfed the TV 4 a little while, but nothing looked interesting. I fell asleep around 2am.

Caravan of Dreams

01994-05-16 @ 14:05

Caravan of Dreams in Ft.Worth yesterday + Tuesday.

Well, I was in a funk yesterday. In 2 ways! I hadn’t taken a shower since Wednesday + I was feeling lousy.

2nd show was interesting. Lampi told us story between shows about tripping 4 2 weeks in ABQ. Lotsa hallus. Made me trip during show somehow. Was feeling very fluid, languid + in a cloud. Was kinda cool. Made some trippey music in the 2nd show.

Funny review of the 1st show in the Ft.Worth Telegram. Called me the Fabio of New Age. ‘Liebert’s tangled music flows in the same acoustic/New Agey vein as Acoustic Alchemy, but he has something those guys don’t: sex appeal. He’s beefy like the guys in Nordic Track infomercials yet agile enough 2 pass 4 a stuffed Koala. The 1st of his 2 shows last night revealed that now that his hair is gone, so is some of his appeal. The women didn’t scream. The men didn’t say, ‘Aw, that ain’t nothin’. I can do that’ and no one was making jokes about how he is really Michael Bolton’s evil twin from Vermont………’ Pretty funny huh?

Austin Rain

01994-05-15 @ 14:05

Bus is stopped @ Loves, 1 hour away from Ft. Worth.

The rains did come again yesterday in Austin. Right after Bill said “5 min. to show” it started 2 rain real hard. Lightning was iluminating the venue. The thunder was dangerously close. We held the show 4 an hour until 9pm. After the weather service told us the lightning had left the area we began. I played my solo + lights came on mysteriously + went off again.

@ 1 point the stage was pitchblack after stagehands, trying 2 disconnect a colourchanger that was going crazy, had pulled a masterswitch. Mark’s drums were very, very faint in the monitor + I could hear Jon only through the mains. Calvin came on 4 the 3rd piece+ we found that his guitar was not in the monitors. We futzed around a short while + then played on w/o his sound.

After another 3 songs I called an impromptu intermission + we tried 2 fix the monitors. Apparently the rain had gotten in2 direct boxes + mike connections + was shorting everything out. We did finish the show in front of an amazing audience that was very positive + cheerful in the rain. Actually the rain kinda stopped while we played + came back hard right after the show when the crew was loading the trailer.

The big Texan promoter hugged me after we came off stage, happy that we had finished the show under adversity. None of us had wanted 2 cancel 2 shows in a row in Austin.

Several thousand $ of equipment demage in lights + mikes, esp. the intelli-lights, computer driven moving lights. A co-owner of Intelli-lights who had seen the show, gave our LD Chris his phone number + promised his suppport.

The promoter gave us an uncontractual bonus + promised a show in a theater next time. (Stefan said he is a good man, the biggest rarity among promoters.)

Onward we go. The bus is back up 2 speed. We will B in Dallas/Ft.Worth soon, where we will have Monday off. They will B fixin’ equipment then. Everybody came through under pressure. What a gr8 group of people.

Austin, Texas

01994-05-14 @ 14:05

Did morning TV in Austin 2day.
1 of the fastest rising stars of 2day will B w us in just a few minutes…
nobody can possibly enjoy that banter…. Well, ticket sales went up after the TV appearance anyway.

Almost didn’t remember the ending of the solo version of Snakecharmer….. Got it 2gether just in time.

They R still cleaning up the Backyard. Yesterday’s rains brought flooding. What a difference from last October! I realized that there was no daylight last year. The storm had darkened the sky so much.


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