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America’s Bad-Ass Bodhisattva

02002-05-27 @ 14:05

This morning I awoke to a light rain, the first moisture in months. It was just enough to wet the top layer of dirt, and to trigger that wonderful fragrance that permeates the high desert after the first rain. It also triggered something in the piñon trees, some of which grew about 2-3 inches in the span of a few hours.

Current reading:
The book “Boomeritis: A Novel That Will Set You Free” by Ken Wilber is fantastic. One person calls him America’s Bad-Ass Bodhisattva. The man is not afraid of anything and calls it the way he sees it. I have never laughed this much while reading philosophy. This book is as entertaining as it is deep.

New Sound

02002-05-23 @ 14:05

I haven’t done much in the past couple of days because I am sick. I am coughing a lot and feel achy.

Well, I did set up a wireless connection to the internet for my laptop and enjoy sitting outside – or anywhere in the house – to check my email….

I also signed 250 “IN THE ARMS OF LOVE” CD booklets which will be available with the CD package from the Higher Octave web site sometime next month.

And I had a chance to reflect on last week’s mini-tour.
1. Write little intros for a lot of the songs to cover up the loading time of the computer.
2. More colors, i.e. bring the electric guitar and the unique Luitar in addition to the Flamenco guitar for intros and interludes.
3. Add the V-drums to Michael’s arsenal. With them he could trigger drum sounds or even other synth textures.
I am very pleased with the new sound and look forward to developing it.


02002-05-21 @ 14:05

Kingman, Arizona to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sandstorms accompany us everywhere today. But still there is no rain in sight. When we arrive at home in Santa Fe we find that it has not rained at all here. Too much rain on the East coast and none here.

Main Street Coffee Roasting Co.

02002-05-20 @ 14:05

In the morning we find breakfast at a great little cafe in Redwood, the Main Street Coffee Roasting Company @ 150 Elm Street. We have a developed a great internal radar for coffee over the last 12 years of touring. Then we drive home. Today we hope to make it all the way from Redwood City to Kingman, Arizona.

The windshield of the cargo van is freshly taped down with duct tape and we don’t use the door of the mini-van that has trouble closing. Now the sliding door on the other side can only be opened from the outside…..

Redwood City

02002-05-19 @ 14:05

Tonight is last show of this mini tour in Redwood City. I like the Fox Theater and we enjoy the best sound of this tour. The quartet sounds great and the audience seems to have a great time. They give us a standing ovation.

Well, I was later told that one person didn’t like it , but you cannot please everyone all of the time. This is a very unique and amazing band and I think it is the first nouveau flamenco band anywhere that stands firmly in the 21st Century.

Tomorrow we will head back towards Santa Fe. The driving is grueling and I am sure we are all looking forward to using buses next year. It will be great to use our own P.A. and mixing consoles as they sound so much better.

On the Way to Reno

02002-05-18 @ 14:05

The new CD will be in stores one month from now.

We have to leave Agoura Hills right after the show to drive ourselves all the way to Reno, Nevada. After a few hours I have a hard time staying awake, but Jon takes over and gets our van to its destination. I might be coming down with a cold or something. I don’t feel very good.

Silver Legacy Casino Soundcheck at 3pm and show at 9 or 9:30 this evening.

Canyon Theater

02002-05-17 @ 14:05

The Canyon Theater in Agoura Hills. Our first show with the new quartet….I am nervous and hope we won’t have any computer glitches. It is also exciting to be nervous again and it will be great to experience the audience’s reaction to our music.

Van Tour 2002

02002-05-15 @ 14:05

This time we are touring like we used to in the early nineties. We are driving ourselves in rented vans from Sante Fe, New Mexico to Agoura Hills in California, then Reno, Nevada and lastly Redwood City, California. Tonight we will stop in Barstow and tomorrow we will drive the rest of the way. We discover that the cargo van’s window seal is broken and our crew has to tape the window with lots of duct tape. Then one of the mini-vans develops door trouble and looking at the Chevy one can see that the doors barely fit the frame….ah, the adventure of rented vehicles…..

Rehearsals were a lot of fun and I like the sound of the new quartet. We are only scratching the surface of the new possibilities and that is exciting.


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