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Day of the Dead

02002-10-31 @ 21:10

Today is Halloween in the U.S. and “Dia de los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead” in Mexico and here is something appropriate I found on

‘In the U.S. each year, funeral and cemetery industries bury 1,636,000 tons of reinforced concrete, over 100,000 tons of steel, 2,700 tons of copper and bronze, 30 million board feet of hardwoods, and 837,060 gallons of embalming fluid. And conventional funerals don’t come cheap: the average price of a U.S. funeral, according to the National Funeral Directors Association, is $5,180.

‘The funeral and cemetery industries insist that they are eco-friendly and that their practices are regulated for health and environmental safety. But Pre-Posthumous Vice President Woodsen doesn’t agree: ‘Cemeteries turn beautiful places into a monoculture of gravestones, really, a landfill of embalmed chemicals and cement…Then backhoes, lawnmowers and tree pruners put diesel emissions into the air and pesticides and fertilizers into the water – for what?”

Viagra Side-Effects

02002-10-29 @ 21:10

Here is a little tidbit I caught on Wired News this morning. Who would have imagined these viagra side-effects!!

“Studies suggest that ever-quickening global Viagra sales have contributed to a softer market for traditional Chinese impotence remedies that require body parts from endangered animals.”

More rhinos are alive today because people use viagra….amazing…What is the saying? A butterfly in China flaps his wings and there is a storm in the Caribbean….or something like that….

New Negra Guitar

02002-10-27 @ 21:10

I received my DeVoe Flamenco Negra guitar on Thursday. It’s a beauty. The wood is gorgeous, the craftsmanship is impeccable and the rosette (the ring around the soundhole) perfect…I have since tried three different saddles (low, medium and high) each with normal tension and hard tension D’Addario composite strings…I don’t like changing strings, but I wanted to try every possible combination…I was worried about the Rosewood making the guitar sound a lot darker than the traditional Cypress and harder to play…today I felt that I began to understand the guitar…the combination that works for me is a medium saddle and normal tension strings….It’s too early for a definitive verdict because I have not yet recorded the guitar, but I love playing it and I love the sound of it…

I also realized that I have been playing guitar for 32 years!!! Damn, that’s a long time…

The Santa Fe Sessions

02002-10-26 @ 21:10

Higher Octave will market and distribute the SSRI release “The Santa Sessions” by Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra in February of 2003….pst….pst…it’s a secret…..for a little taste of the new album you can go to

– where you can also download a bonus track which will not be on the CD….a brand-new recording of “2 The Night”. The overall sound of the record is organic, with wonderful upright acoustic bass by Jon Gagan, lots of percussion and many guitars…….I listen to this one more often than to any other album I have made….

Unsafe at any speed

02002-10-24 @ 21:10

The author of “High and Mighty” explains why SUVs are not just gas-guzzling pollution machines, they’re dangerous to drive.


Asco Dishwasher

02002-10-23 @ 21:10

A couple of years ago I bought an Asco dishwasher because it lasts, works well and is energy efficient. I found a button that said Economy and since I am all for conserving and being economical I pressed it and the machine worked well and cleaned the dishes. A while later I had the occasion to read the manual. It said that the Economy button saved electricity and used more water. I realized that for one person conserving means saving electricity (they appear to have plenty of water in Scandinavia where the Asco comes from…) while another person doesn’t mind using a little more electricity if it means saving water (that would be me living in the desert in New Mexico…). Well, of course I switched the Economy setting off. A little more electricity, a little less water. and the dishes are still clean…
And when there isn’t a whole load for the dishwasher I’ll do the dishes by hand……ever noticed that there are two kinds of people – the washers and the dryers?

I cut out the guitar sound itself completely

02002-10-20 @ 21:10

The other day I was working in our studio on some ideas for my next solo album for 2004…On “In the Arms of Love” I reversed guitar chords, I cut off the attack of guitar chords, I faded in guitar chords….now I take it one step further:

I cut out the guitar sound itself completely and amplify only the reverb that results from the guitar sound – without the attack….it sounds magnificent – rich, organic and textured in a way that a sound created with a synthesizer usually doesn’t…


02002-10-19 @ 10:10

Get rid of telemarketing and eat your dinner in peace…..

Le Mateau

02002-10-18 @ 10:10

According to on this day in 1961 Henri Matisse’s painting ‘Le Mateau’ attracted big crowds when it went on show in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It was not until 116,000 people had seen it, 46 days later, that someone noticed that it was hanging upside down.

I say it’s a great painting if it looks as good upside down as right side up! My father told me a similar story when I was a little boy. The company where he worked as an industrial designer had acquired a modern painting and hung it in their entrance hall. Years went by until for one reason or another the famous artist visited the company. He calmly pointed out that the painting was hanging on its side.

Lester DeVoe

02002-10-17 @ 10:10

Either next week or the week after I will get my new Flamenco guitar from Lester DeVoe. I met Lester a couple of years ago when he came to our soundcheck in San Luis Obispo and brought a couple of guitars for me to try. Exquisite guitars, beautifully made guitars with a rich sound….Later I found out that Lester DeVoe is famous among luthiers and has built guitars for Paco De Lucia and Vicente Amigo.

I wanted another Cedar/Cypress guitar, but Lester talked me into a Negra: Cedar top with rosewood body….I am anxious to hear what she sounds like and will count the days…


02002-10-10 @ 10:10

I am starting to order more on the internet than I am buying in stores around Santa Fe. Why you ask? Well, I find that most store clerks don’t seem to know much about the products they are selling these days…so I might as well order it online with the satisfaction of NOT having to listen to terrible store music….

Cardboard boxes accumulate in the garage. Once every two weeks I can cut up the cardboard and drop it off for recycling.
Rethinking packaging:
What if instead of using a cardboard box the store would use more permanent materials? Aluminum? Plastic?
What if we return the packaging to the store we bought from and the store charges for the return trip of the empty box?
What if each shopper can buy a certain assortment of re-useable boxes from each store they are buying from?

Hm, I think none of the above ideas represents a good solution, but there must be a solution out there….

Culture Court: Musical Poet

02002-10-06 @ 10:10

In a recent review of “In the Arms of Love” on – what a great name for a web site – the critic called me a musical poet. What a wonderful compliment. I would always and forever rather be a poet than a novelist, even though the novelist has to have such a great understanding of the language, a grasp of the storytelling techniques that make a novel so great.
The poet just has to get the emotion across…whether he uses one word or a thousand, while the novelist has to worry about plot and characters. Broadcast Radio

02002-10-01 @ 10:10

Have you wondered about what has happened to Broadcast Radio over the last decade? Why less and less music gets repeated more and more often? Why radio just does not surprise you anymore?
Well, this piece should explain a few things to you.


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