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02003-03-30 @ 07:03

Amid fierce debate, Russia displays art looted from Germany.

If everyone was to return looted art, England would have to return a lot of the stuff in its museums, ditto France…I believe I learned in school that the diamond encrusted gold shrine in the Cologne cathedral was stolen from a church in Milan hundreds of years ago…

Santa Fe Beeswax Candle Company

02003-03-30 @ 07:03

Bought some beeswax candles at the candle store on Paseo de Peralta (DeVargas Mall) this afternoon. Found they have a web site and this is what they say:
Candle manufacturing was further enhanced during the first half of the 20th century through the growth of U.S. oil and meatpacking industries. With the increase of crude oil and meat production, also came an increase in the by-products that are the basic ingredients of contemporary candles — paraffin and stearic acid.

That doesn’t sound very nice….here is another quote:
Pure beeswax candles burn brighter, hotter, cleaner, and longer than any other.  As they burn, they produce negative ions that actually clean your air of odors, pollens, smoke, dust, dust mites, and other allergens and hazards.

The Museum of Unworkable Devices

02003-03-30 @ 07:03

My favorite section of this web site is: this
– via slashdot

people r people

02003-03-30 @ 07:03

This is something I have wondered about since I was a teenager. How come Jack is such a nice man, as long as he doesn’t mention politics? Jill helps all people in need, but when she opens her mouth nothing but the vilest opinions come out….I have met all kinds of humans during my four decades on earth: nice fascists, kind communists, gentle racists, sweet anarchists etc.
I learned this: don’t talk politics with a person you are not willing to disagree with. It has to be OK that you don’t see events in the same light. Don’t expect to change the other person’s mind. Chances are their political views were ingrained in childhood. Maybe it was something a father/mother/uncle/friend said, or something they experienced in school….Chances are, even if one of you pleads your case with the utmost logic and patience, the other cannot change their mind. The mind is like that. It can hold on to what it deems dear and right even if it senses that it is wrong….make that – even if it knows it is wrong…
Can we change anybody’s mind? Can *we* change? I believe we can, but at a glacial pace. Sometimes the only hope is that the change from one generation to the next will also lead to a change of consciousness…


02003-03-30 @ 07:03

Beautiful web site of Dutch design collective Droog.

Art + Artist

02003-03-30 @ 07:03

Picasso was a member of the communist party for a while – does that devalue his art? John Lennon proclaimed that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus – does that mean we should destroy all Beatles albums? Leni Riefenstahl may have been a friend of Hitler’s – does that mean all of her photographs are worthless? Miles Davis was a pimp for a while – get rid of his records, too? Moby is a vegan – does that mean meat-eaters should not buy his music? (Moby wisely notes in the booklet of Play: These essays are not really related to the music, so if you hate the essays you might still like the music, and if you like the essays you may hate the music). Michael Jackson made some wonderful music regardless of some of the rumors we hear. Some Dixie Chick said something or other – does that mean people shouldn’t listen to them anymore? Bertolucci is or was a commie – burn his movies? Galileo declared that the earth may be round – get rid of the heretic?
Why are people so *outraged* when an artist expresses a view unlike their own, even though they liked the artist’s work previous to that? Is it disappointment in the artist who it turns out was not like them after all? Are they disappointed in themselves for liking an artist who thinks so differently from them? A person’s inability to separate the artist from his/her work/art seems to indicate some kind of arrested development IMO. Just because you l-o-v-e group XYZ’s song does not mean you like them as people. They may in fact not be likable – but their song still is!!

Last smoke in New York

02003-03-30 @ 07:03

In Germany a person is allowed to go to bars and drink at age 16. I remember going out Friday evenings with my friends and hanging out in pubs. The smoke was thick and we felt soooo cool. I wasn’t a smoker then and I am not a smoker now, but I’ll miss the atmosphere. I think what I tend to dislike is *former* anything…as in former smoker Mayor Bloomberg….former smokers and former alcoholics are usually the people who push most for some kind of prohibition. Hey, just ’cause you couldn’t handle it doesn’t mean you should make everyone else stop. My opinion? I think every restaurant or bar owner should be allowed to choose whether his/her place of business allows smoking or not and then people can either choose to go there or not.

Of men and mice

02003-03-30 @ 07:03

Mr. Gordon, the optical mouse is indeed great, but what I really want is a gestural controller. I can’t sit still when I am working in the studio and always pace (or dance) around the control room….and it would be so sweet if I could adjust mixing parameters with gestures rather than having to stand still to grab that mouse. Please?

Giger Museum

02003-03-30 @ 07:03

This is one artist whose work attracts and repels me at the same time. Like driving by a car wreck and wanting to look…amazing stuff…his work *made* the movie Alien worth watching.
via BoingBoing

Smoke Pt2.

02003-03-30 @ 07:03

I don’t get it. Why can’t bars and pubs display simple sign at their entrance that declares the establishment smoking or non-smoking? If the sign says non-smoking and somebody lights up, go ahead and fine patron and pub. If the sign says smoking, then let people smoke. I mean, bars can keep you out for not wearing the right clothes (and that’s happened to me plenty of times!) – they should be able to decide whether they want smoking or non-smoking customers.

Van Gogh turns 150 on Sunday

02003-03-29 @ 07:03

Thousands of fans are expected to flood the Dutch museum dedicated to the now-priceless work by the artist who sold only one painting in his lifetime.
– from Canadian Press

Copyproof CDs moving to market?

02003-03-28 @ 23:03

Copy-protection technology on music CDs may be headed for the U.S. market in bulk this year for the first time, according to one Wall Street analyst. In a research note published Friday, J.P. Morgan analyst Sterling Auty said that Arista Records, a subsidiary of BMG Music, appeared to be moving to market with CD copy-protection technology produced by SunnComm Technologies.
– from CNET via Slashdot

Crazy Weather

02003-03-28 @ 23:03

Crazy March weather in Northern New Mexico. We are used to it, but it still surprises us.
A little while ago we had 65F and sunshine, then snow came back, two days ago it was in the mid-sixties again and this morning I awoke to a couple of inches of snow and fog with sub 20F temperatures….not unusual but unsettling nonetheless…


02003-03-28 @ 23:03

I came to this country in 1979. The Sixties and the division in this country between people against and for the Vietnam war I have only experienced through books and movies. I certainly have never witnessed anything like what is happening in this nation at present. No, it is not democratic to physically attack a person because of his or her opinion of the war or US politics. No, it is not right to kick in the window of a car that bears a bumper sticker you disagree with. I find it sad that United Way of Tampa Bay had to cancel an appearance of Susan Sarandon at a fundraiser because too many people objected to her “anti war stance”. United Way doesn’t question a person about their political stance before they help. Should helping people in need depend on whether they share a certain opinion? When your fellow human stumbles should you ask about his God or political opinion before you help him up? Debate and discussion may not change a lot of opinions, but violence or politicizing groups like United Way certainly does not.
If we politicize the helping and aiding of people in need are we really better than the group described as paramilitary Iraqis who fired upon civilians who were receiving fresh water and food from US or UK soldiers yesterday?

Picasso lot on Christies

02003-03-28 @ 23:03

Picasso Lithographs: Themes and Variations

Unhappy with your ear buds?

02003-03-28 @ 23:03

That’s understandable. When I bought my first iPod I threw away the ear buds within moments of unpacking them..
Shure makes very nice ear phones for your mp3/CD player. We have been using them for several years as monitors on stage.

Cellphone and music player

02003-03-28 @ 23:03

Do you want to take a walk and listen to music, but you are expecting a phone call? Here is a new solution for you. You can listen to music and your call at the same time….I myself will prefer to listen to music and ignore the phone – OK, maybe I’ll switch my phone to vibrate…..

Want a Picasso?

02003-03-28 @ 23:03

A trove of 620 Picasso Lithographs goes on the block Apr. 28 at Christie’s in New York with no reserve (minimum) prices. That means that if you bid low on a piece and nobody tops you, it’s yours. – from Forbes Magazine

I am turning 45 next year and one of these would make a really really good present for myself!!! : )

Michelangelo’s secret drawings

02003-03-28 @ 23:03

Experts in Florence are restoring drawings Michelangelo doodled on the walls of a cell-like room in which the artist hid for six weeks while the Medici family wanted him dead.

Another newspaper covering Michelangelo’s graffiti in Florence

more earphones

02003-03-28 @ 23:03

I started using these in-ear-monitors in 1994 when we tried to cut down on stage noise for the recording of the live album Viva! Using in-ear-monitors meant that we could get rid of all wedges (monitor speakers) on stage which made for better sound and a better look. Future Sonics invented in-ear monitors for the Grateful Dead I believe and in 1994 they were still fairly new technology. Then we had to carry incredibly heavy racks filled with headphone amps and limiters (the limiters make sure that no sudden blast of sound destroys the musicians ear) and flying with these racks was awful. Nowadays we use Shure headphone amps with built-in limiters that are no larger than a Walkman and run on batteries. Some of us use the wireless version, but I generally prefer the wired ones because they sound better. For great-fitting ear-monitors you ask an audiologist to make molds from your ears. These molds are then sent to Future Sonics who make personal earphones that will not fit anybody else and sound fantastic. They are also very low key and people often don’t notice that I am listening to music…they think I am ignoring their question when I simply cannot hear them…


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