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From $12.5 Billion to $95 million in four years…

02004-07-31 @ 22:07

Early reports indicate Terra has sold Lycos
to an unnamed South Korean company for $95 million. Terra bought the company for $12.5 billion in 2000. Holy sh*t. Reminds me of AltaVista….
[John Battelle’s Searchblog]

Thank you! That makes me feel better about buying an analog mixing console in 1994 for 160k and selling it last year for only 20k…

Morello Guitar

02004-07-31 @ 21:07

This guitar was built by Matthew Morello. His girlfriend gave me a mini-CD with photos of this guitar when we performed at the SOhO Club in Santa Barbara last month. I would love to hear what something like this sounds like… I always ask my luthiers to make my guitar look as plain as possible… but isn’t that prejudice also – to assume that something this beautiful and intricate can’t also sound great?

When in Rome

02004-07-31 @ 15:07

ROME, Italy (AP) — A 10-day manhunt for the suspected killer of a policeman ended Saturday in bloodshed before horrified tourists in central Rome, where the fugitive grabbed a Frenchwoman at gunpoint before he was killed in a shootout with police, officers and witnesses said.

“What does it matter, I’m already dead, I’ll kill her,”‘ Luciano Liboni yelled as police demanded he surrender outside a subway entrance, according to Carabinieri paramilitary police. The woman was unharmed.

Liboni, suspected of killing a policeman July 22, had been spotted Saturday morning and surrounded by police near the Circus Maximus, an ancient Roman field that is a major Rome tourist attraction.

“Our man fired at Liboni, the lady instinctively dropped to the ground,” Maj. Attilio Auricchio was quoted as saying by the Italian news agency Apcom. “Her husband feared for his wife’s life, but she got up right away, running toward her children.”

When you are in Rome and you hear a shot, drop to the ground – without spilling the espresso of course!

New Cellphones

02004-07-31 @ 13:07

Alert! Geeky entry!
For me, these are the choices for this Fall:

Treo 610
Sidekick/Hiptop 2
Sony Ericsson P910
Sony Ericsson K700i

I want a decent phone-cam, around one mega-pixel resolution, I want Bluetooth, and I prefer a Qwerty keyboard – got used to that with my Tungsten C. I am leaning towards the Treo 610 at the moment, because I could load some of my favorite Palm apps, although the Sidekick 2 looks like a great alternative – 1.3 MP camera with flash. The K700i is nice and small. I also like that Palm sells un-locked Treos, which will work with any GSM provider in the world…

Water Catcher

02004-07-31 @ 12:07

Never mind. I swear, yesterday all four extra attachments showed up on Flickr and consequently on Blogger. Now they did not.

I guess I am staying with T-Mobil. I like their unlimted GPRS web access for twenty bux per month and the unlimited Hot Spot access for another $20 for mobile phone customers.

Phone Cam Pics

02004-07-31 @ 12:07

Music: John McLaughlin – Thieves and Poets
Mood: better – almost over a flu

I noticed yesterday that T-Mobile this week changed the way my cellcam sends photos. Now it actually sends the photo jpeg plus another three or four jpegs that contain stupid stuff, like a T-Mobile logo, a line, and a period. This means, of course, that after I send the photo I have to go to Blogger and Flickr and delete those three or four extra jpegs.

Can anybody tell me whether AT+T, or any other GSM service for that matter, sends just one photo jpeg – because I could switch phone companies before the tour to make mobile photo blogging easier.

Barkbeetle + Creativity

02004-07-30 @ 11:07

The bark beetle has taken these trees in Eldorado, but whoever lives at this address has turned the dead stumps into beautiful expression rather than cutting them down. Sculpture that affirms life after the bark beetle…

My Bunk is my World

02004-07-29 @ 11:07

My Bunk is my World

OL on Wikipedia

02004-07-29 @ 10:07

Wikipedia is a community encyclopedia.

Welcome to Wikipedia! We are building an open-content encyclopedia in many languages. In the English version, started in January 2001, we are now working on 315268 articles. Learn how to edit pages, experiment in the sandbox, and visit our Community Portal to find out how you can participate in the development of Wikipedia.

Brazilian Scientists Control Crab With Computer

02004-07-29 @ 09:07

040721siri.jpg image
Researchers in the Säo Paulo University’s Physics Department have successfully connected a group of 11 neurons from a blue crab’s mouth parts to a computer, allowing them to control the movements of the crabs mouth parts via electrical signals. By learning more about how to replicate the function of the crustaceans’ neurons, the researchers hope to be able to someday build a giant, samba-dancing, capoira-kicking robotic crab walker with which to impose a Brazilian dominance over the entirety of mankind. Or they want to build prosthetic arms for humans; I forget which.


I wonder whether there will be musical groups in the future who will be able to plug each member into some kind of matrix that will enable them to do “un-human” unison stuff…but a capoira dancing crab would be cool, too.

More Big Mind

02004-07-29 @ 09:07

I watched the Big Mind DVD last night, and while the experience is of course not as powerful as being there, it adequately brings the experience into your home. You can follow the words of Genpo Roshi, and the group of people assembled, quite easily. The quality of video and audio is excellent, good job I-I crew! The DVD will become a powerful tool for anybody who watches it. I will let you know if and when it becomes available or you can check at the Integral Naked site. Genpo rocks!

New, and hopefully improved, diary/Blog

02004-07-29 @ 09:07

I am working with Canton on moving my Diary/Blog to a better place. We will archive this whole Diary from 1993 to present and keep it accessible. We will unfortunately loose all of your comments because we will move it to a different server, but that cannot be helped. As it is Comments are turned off anyway, because they are so slow.

So, sometime in August will be the first day of the new blog, which will be powered by Blogger. We will keep the look of the diary, but will incorporate some of the new technology. With the help of Flickr I will be able to send you more photos like this, which I uploaded while Robby and Ron were still performing.

Happening right now

02004-07-10 @ 20:07

Robby Rothschild during his drum duet with Ron.

Drum Duet

02004-07-10 @ 20:07

This is Ron Wagner. I took this photo with my phone cam and uploaded it while they were still playing.

Thunder and dark clouds

02004-07-10 @ 18:07

The wonderful smell of rain in the desert! There is nothing like it and no way I can describe it to you. It rains for about 30 minutes and stops a little while before we are to start our performance. Now the temperature is perfect for us, as the rain has cooled the air after a very hot and dusty afternoon. I remember that in the late Eighties and early Nineties one could set one’s watch to the Santa Fe monsoon. It would rain from 4:30pm until 5:30 or 6pm and then clear up in time for the opera… Not so since the mid-Nineties

The Monsoon starts

02004-07-10 @ 17:07

About half past five the wind comes and with it the dark clouds. The Santa Fe monsoon is starting today, reports in Santa Fe announced. The wind is blowing at the giant tarp that covers the stage.

Paolo Soleri Amphitheater

02004-07-10 @ 15:07

Backstage Sign

02004-07-10 @ 14:07

Boulder Theater

02004-07-09 @ 16:07


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