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All Music Guide Review

02004-08-31 @ 10:08

Every once in a while I do read a review… and this one baffles me. What is he saying?

Liebert is a fine composer. He understands the intricacies of harmony and melody, but more importantly, he understands dynamics and groove. Cuts like “Caballada,” with its driving rhythmic patterns, short funky bridge, and dovetailing guitars, all barely contained by the bass line, make for an exciting mix. Likewise, “Cocteau,” with its mysterious guitar line as standing into — not apart from, or on top of — the rhythm track, weaves an ethereal, nearly delirious exotica around a relatively simple lyrical frame. The six-against-four beat in “Longing” is heady — shimmering and seductive as it stretches out over its seven minutes. The raw, bluesy flamenco within “Underworld,” with its repetitive melodic frame, is very effective and hypnotic, and the dreamy, nuage jazziness of “Cave in My Heart” and “Echoes of a Caress” are unabashedly romantic.

That all seems very nice to me. I mean, I would buy the album after reading this much. And then I think the reviewer got cold feet about liking this record and ends with this:

Fans are likely to swoon, while the rest of us are still scratching our heads.

You got lice, or what? Ah, well, I should not be reading this stuff in the first place.

Reaching Out 2 U

02004-08-30 @ 13:08

Quicktime file of the Epic Video Reaching Out 2 U from the album Solo Para Ti. The video was made in the beginning of 1992.

Saturday Night –

02004-08-30 @ 11:08

Carolynn said: …Oh, to have been a fly on the wall to hear those conversations…

You might be in luck. Stuart had a video cam with him and recorded until the tape ran out… and then we started talking about the really wild stuff…

Yeah Baby!

02004-08-30 @ 11:08

jetchairtwo203.jpg image

I had a jet engine … so I put it on the mother-in-law’s wheelchair. Humanity does have purpose!

Read – Jet-powered wheelchair surprise [BBC]
via [Gizmodo]

The Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra Pool

02004-08-30 @ 10:08

I went ahead and created a Public Group. Click on the above link to see the group and click here to create a free account on Flickr. The Flickr web site explains how to upload photos via computer or cell phone.

Update: I added a permanent link to the Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra Pool on Flickr in the sidebar.

Fan Tour Photos

02004-08-30 @ 10:08

We should create a Public Group on Flickr. Everybody interested in submitting photos related to Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra would sign up for a free Flickr account and upload photos from their computer, or directly from their cellphone. There are two types of Public Groups on Flickr. Both groups allow anybody (meaning members as well as non-members) to view the Group’s photos, but while one of them allows anybody to submit photos, the other is by invitation only. I think the latter is the better way to go, because it will take less administrative work.

I-N Journals: Liebert Cam

02004-08-30 @ 08:08

I-N added a new clip this morning. It is La Luna from the album La Semana, performed live at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado last month.

The quality is really quite good, considering that the I-N guys probably just used the little built-in microphone on their video cam and edited the clips on their computer.

San Antonio

02004-08-29 @ 10:08

This morning I did a live radio interview via telephone with David Munoz, who hosts San Antonio’s only locally produced commercial radio Jazz show.

Saturday Night –

02004-08-29 @ 10:08

– I guess that makes it alright. I had a fantastic evening as Genpo Roshi came to my house with Diane from Kanzeon, and Stuart and Tripp from I-I after the Big Mind session at Upaya here in Santa Fe. I had prepared some Trofie al Pesto (or here) and we talked until after midnight. I had such a great time that I could not fall asleep until after three am.

The Tao of Music

02004-08-29 @ 09:08

Everything I know I learned from playing the guitar.

Pain is part of it. Growth and change can be painful – you have to grow calluses on your fingers, exercise your muscles and stretch your tendons.

Work is essential to achieve growth in any field – practicing guitar strengthens your fingers, but more importantly creates new neural pathways in your brain.

Discipline – you can’t just play guitar once in a while, you need to have the mental discipline to do it daily.

Surrender – you have to surrender to the rhythm, to groove of the band – the sum of the total.

The Last Opium Den

02004-08-28 @ 17:08

About 3 years ago I read a fantastic piece by Nick Tosches in Vanity Fair. Recently I found out that The Last Opium Den is also available as a book.

Originally an article in Vanity Fair (where it purportedly received the biggest reader response of editor-in-chief Graydon Carter’s tenure), the book’s brevity will leave readers itching for another hit of Tosches’s finely turned prose.

Highly recommended.

Rasgueado Techniques

02004-08-28 @ 17:08

I came across this how-to a while ago.

Carlos Santana – Guitar Amps

02004-08-28 @ 17:08

This cracked me up:

Q: And you are also using a bigger cabinet.

A: Yes, a 4×12. We found this gentleman who makes speakers with hemp cones [these are Tone Tubby alnico speakers made by A Brown Soun in San Rafael, California].

Emphasis added.

Carlos Santana – Nylon Tones

02004-08-28 @ 17:08

With all due to respect to my brothers Paco de Lucia and Ottmar Liebert, the best acoustic nylon tones I hear are from B-Tribe.

That’s what almost 40 years of playing guitar real loud will do to ya… : )

But seriously, nice to hear my name mentioned by Carlos. B-Tribe, by the way, is a project by German Keyboardist Claus Zundel, who calls himself The Brave. I believe he sampled a variety of Flamenco guitarists for his first album, but for his latest, called 5, he used a guitarist from Ibiza named Paco Fernandez. It appears that this Paco put out a solo album last year, which I haven’t heard.

Mountain Biking

02004-08-28 @ 15:08

I love how quickly any great idea can spread throughout the world these days. By all accounts Mountain Biking was invented in Marin County, Northern California, in the mid-Seventies. However, barely thirty years later not even one American wins a medal in the male or female Olympic Mountain Biking competition in Athens. The idea has spread around the globe and international competition is now fierce.

I bet there were a few guys in California last week, popping beers while watching the mountain biking competition, and saying: “See that, son. I invented that sport!” What a great gift.

Phone defect could affect hearing

02004-08-28 @ 12:08

In extreme cases, the sound of the melody could cause hearing damage–but only when the phone is being held against someone’s ear, according to the company.

Why would somebody hold a phone to their ear?? This warning concerns the 65 series of Siemens phones.


02004-08-28 @ 11:08

Well, it looks like my plans for next year have changed completely. I thought I would take some time off, travel a bit, finish 1001 Christmas Nights, and start thinking about the follow up for La Semana, but now 2005 shapes up to look something like this:

January-February: work on 1001 Christmas Nights and start PR for the Australia tour. (Next month I am having a talk with the man who single-handedly made NF go platinum in Australia. I am hoping that he will license and manufacture La Semana for Australia and New Zealand.)

March: 2- 3 weeks in Australia and New Zealand, a week in Japan and two or three shows in Hawaii.

April-May: finish 1001 Christmas Nights and start on the design of the album.

June-July: We might open for a European Band on their American tour. It’s been 8 years since we opened for Santana and this Summer tour should be fun. I will reveal the headliner at a later date, but I am pretty excited about this. Do not email me about this, my friends – all will be revealed in due time.

October: Release of 1001 Christmas Nights

November – December: 1001 Christmas Nights tour… an idea Jon and I hatched during this last Summer tour. What if we were to go out and play mostly mellow pieces from our catalog – like Bombay, or some stuff from Opium like Buleria de las Golondrinas, plus Christmas songs from 1001 Christmas Nights, and the other two Christmas albums we have… I can imagine a pretty good version of Little Drummerboy with Ron and Robby… that would be pretty cool, but what if Jon were to write arrangements for a string quartet to perform together with our band… hm, we should bring back the candle-cars for this one… there is not enough time to do a full tour in the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we will be limited in where we can go. We already have offers from Texas and Florida.

Just remember, any and all of this may change – that is the way of the music biz.

Email this post

02004-08-28 @ 10:08

You may have noticed a new envelope symbol underneath every post. It’s a quick and easy way to email that post to your friends – thanks to the clever folks at Blogger/Google.

Also, for those who might not have figured this out already – if you click on the time to the left of the comment field you get the permanent link for any particular post.

New Medley

02004-08-27 @ 14:08

During the Summer tour we developed a medley of Spring Rain from La Semana and Jon’s New Horizon from Transit – both done in the Tangos rhythm of Spring Rain. For the upcoming tour I am going to add Quenrencia from In The Arms of Love as an intro. We have never performed that song before and it is one I like a lot.

Something is going on @

02004-08-27 @ 09:08

Looks like they have removed all of the Customer Reviews and Editorial reviews. House cleaning or glitch?

Update: I guess it was just a glitch, because all of the Customer Reviews including the Mehdi spam are back…


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