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02004-09-30 @ 22:09

The instore in Orlando on Thursday, the last one for this tour, was fun. The man, who won the guitar, said he already had a bunch of guitars and passed it on to a wide-eyed kid who could not believe his luck!

Later I felt a bit like a hostage at Universal. I didn’t want to walk around outside, because they had music blaring everywhere. It’s a problem I have with theme-parks in general – loud music everywhere… drives me crazy… Luckily, Jon + Robby went out and brought back some food for me.

Now for the positive side – the club sounded very good and Jon really enjoyed the sound of his bass. The place was packed, and people were waiting outside in case someone might give up their seat and leave.

I was touched by the story of a couple who had driven to Orlando from their destroyed home in Southern Florida to catch our performance. It feels so good to be able to share the power of music with people.

Instore #6

02004-09-30 @ 16:09

Thursday, September 30th at 12:30 PM
Borders Winter Park in Orlando
600 North Orlando Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

Oops, wasn’t able to post that yesterday…

Music of the Sphere

02004-09-30 @ 14:09

A mysterious low-frequency hum emanating from the Earth is likely caused by ocean storms. First discovered by Japanese seismologists in 1998, the vibrations have a frequency between two and seven millihertz, inaudible to humans. UC Berkeley scientists propose in the journal Nature that the hum is produced by interactions between the atmosphere, ocean, and seafloor. From a BBC News report:

The daily release of energy required to generate the hum is equivalent to a magnitude 5.75 to six earthquake, say Junkee Rhie and Barbara Romanowicz of the University of California, Berkeley.

Link [BoingBoing]

And what about the Taos hum?


02004-09-30 @ 14:09

Earth is crammed with Heaven
and every common bush afire with God,
but only those who see
take off their shoes.

– Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Joe came to our Atlanta show last night and emailed me this quote today. Thanks Joe!

Atlanta GA

02004-09-30 @ 13:09

Last night we performed at the Variety Playhouse, a venue we had no played since 1996, Jon thinks. The Variety is located in the Five Points area, which I think is a lot of fun – see my Flickr pics.

The band really enjoyed the show because our Atlanta audience is fantastic! I think I comment on that every single time we perform here. After the show I signed stuff and met some very nice people. Thanks guys!

Fixing a Nail

02004-09-30 @ 13:09

Playing in New York is always a quick commando style operation. Our buses met in New Jersey. Everybody piled onto one bus with their luggage and we drove into the city. Later that day the other bus, which pulls the trailer came to B.B.King’s only to unload the gear and then moved back to NJ. Monday night we left Manhattan at 11PM and met the other bus. I broke the nail of my right hand ring finger moving my guitar back to the band bus. The nail was unprotected because the acrylic came off right after we ended the last song at Sirius…

Above photo shows the repair job I started right away, while the bus was moving. The arrows point to where the nail broke and a new tissue and acrylic nail was fashioned with Crazy Glue. The new ring-finger nail works fine as last night’s show in Atlanta showed.

etown update

02004-09-30 @ 13:09

I found out last night that there is a second act on the bill of the etown show at the Boulder Theater on October 17th. Eliza Gilkyson will also be performing. I think it is an unfortunate choice to pair an instrumental group with a singer/songwriter, but I wasn’t asked. As a result we will only be performing 4 or 5 songs.

etown on October 17th

02004-09-28 @ 15:09

Our show is not on their calendar yet, but it is open to the public. Here you can find out how to obtain tickets.

Jon + Robby @ Sirius

02004-09-28 @ 11:09

Yesterday we recorded three songs and interviews at Sirius, on the 36th floor of Rockefeller Center. I appreciate that we were able to do Live versions of the songs, La Luna, Caroussel, and Cave in my Heart, rather than abreviated radio versions. Hey, check out bubble boy Robby!

NPR: All Things Considered

02004-09-28 @ 11:09

I am hearing that our segment will air on Saturday, October 9th. I will confirm or deny as we get closer to that date.

It’s also been confirmed that we will record a live set for the syndicated etown radio show at Boulder Theater on October 17th.

The need for speed…

02004-09-27 @ 09:09

Biker’s 205 mph ticket

Hard to believe. I have gone 125mph on a motorcycle and thought that was insane. My brother has done 155mph, but 205mph!

Monday in New York

02004-09-27 @ 07:09

This afternoon we will record three songs from La Semana for Sirius Satellite Radio at their studios in Manhattan.

Sunday after the show

02004-09-26 @ 21:09

I just had the best cab ride ever in New York. Aleman from Argentinia picked me up by B.B.King’s and took me uptown to my hotel. She was blaring Colombian salsa and smiled and offered me Altoids. I don’t think it was my breath, but the fact that I dug the music.

We had a great show at B.B.King’s tonight. I was inspired by a lovely Caipirinha at Cafe Frida, see above picture, and the best Mexican food I have ever had in New York. I highly recommend it. Columbus Avenue at 77th Street. I followed the Caipirinha with some Sangria and by the time we arrived at the club I was in the perfect mood for some jams.

Funny thing about New York audiences is that they drop all of the “New Yorkness” at the concert and are so warm and welcoming. I love it. You know what I mean, New Yorkers are supposed to be jaded, they have seen it all etc… I find them very warm and wonderful.

Oh, and check out all of the photos Adam uploaded to the Flickr Pool – see link on the right side… He took a lot of pics last night and tonight. My thanks to everyone who came to B.B.King’s.

My View Tonight

02004-09-25 @ 14:09

We didn’t do our usual show with the intermission tonight, because after our performance the club staff had to strike everything from the stage for a 12 piece gospel show tomorrow morning. That’s also the reason I did not come out to sign – they wanted to get started with clearing the stage, which is understandable.

The place was packed and our audience was fantastic. We had a great time. The one thing that bugs me about the club is that the room-reverb somehow comes back to the stage out-of-tune. It is not a lot, but enough to make me feel a little off the whole time. I keep wanting to tune, knowing in the back of my mind that it is not my guitar that is out-of-tune, but the sound of the club. Ah well, with an audience like that, one can overcome anything!

NPR Session yesterday

02004-09-25 @ 11:09

This is one of a bunch of photos taken by Paul Schomer,
Senior Producer, Online Cultural Programming during our recording session at NPR yesterday. We went as a trio with only bass, cajon and guitar, because this studio was already booked for an opera singer and the other studio is apparently tiny – but the diva cancelled and we had a great time!!

How to take digital photos from a kite

02004-09-24 @ 18:09

This week’s How-To Tuesday is the second part of our series on taking digital photos from a kite

NPR : SSRI Studies Expose Conflicting Roles for FDA

02004-09-24 @ 18:09

Nope, false alarm… got nothing to do with us…

All Things Considered

02004-09-24 @ 13:09

Back from NPR. Wonderful experience. Look for some music from the soundcheck in our Listening Lounge next month. The show will air in about 2-3 weeks and I will get advance warning, which I will pass on to you. Gotta run….

Whitaker Center 2003

02004-09-23 @ 15:09

This photo was taken by Walt at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, PA, last year. I uploaded some of his photos to Flickr. I think these photos were taken with a 35mm SLR camera. Walt was kind enough to have the pictures scanned and gave me the photo-CD in Wilmington.

Robby at the Birchmere

02004-09-23 @ 13:09

Above link takes you to a little video of Robby Rothschild playing piano at the Birchmere a little while ago. You may also want to check out another new little clip, which shows the last third of the Drum Duet.

The instore at Borders in DC went well and we met a lot of nice folks.


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