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Spokane, Washington

02005-06-30 @ 15:06

It’s hard to believe I’ve been and gone! It was a magical night.

That’s what we like to hear! A lot of venues have their own photo policies. If someone wants to take photos at our show, you can try emailing me and requesting a photo pass – as long as you promise not to use a flash!

Marymoor Amphitheater

02005-06-30 @ 15:06

Ottmar feeling the music
Nice photo by Salma, who came to our concert in the Marymoor Amphitheater.

Random Thoughts

02005-06-30 @ 15:06

Random Thoughts on Thursday in Lodi:
I would like to try Spock’s mind-meld with Tomatito…

NNW is great software. The best RSS reader… if they could only add title and title-link support for Blogger… Hm… yes, I would give Brent a special RSS credit on the next album!

Thursday Morning

02005-06-30 @ 15:06

Spent yesterday, which was a travel day, at the Nugget in Reno. They gave us a nice day rate and from there it was only a few hours to our gig in Lodi today. Woke up on the bus in Lodi at 8AM and used my Treo phone to request the closest Starbucks location to the venue from Google. I think we have better coffee on our bus, but Starbucks has those T-Mobile HotSpot Wi-Fi…

Seems like a nice town, Lodi. Hottest place on this tour so far… well, probably equal to Phoenix??? The venue is great… Hm, I am going to have to leave now, because they are playing a new acoustic Alanis CD at Starbucks that has got to be one of the worst albums I have heard… and I liked the original release in 1996… Later….

By the way, I liked Victor’s Tibetan passport idea in the comments and forwarded it to the Tibet House in New York.


02005-06-28 @ 23:06

I am sitting in the darkened front lounge of the red bus. The others on this bus have crawled into their bunks, except for Jon who is reading in the back lounge. I am typing these words into my Treo phone. These last two gigs were work. We performed at two ‘Big Easy’ clubs, in Spokane yesterday and in Boise tonight. The audiences were supportive, but especially last night in Spokane the sound was awful. The bass slowly sloshed through the room like cold oil draining from a tank and suddenly I realized that those shards of cutting sound-glass were overtones from my guitar being reflected by the room. It was work just trying to decipher what was going on rhythmically. Well, the audience in Spokane got us through the gig and maybe it did sound a lot better where they were! I’ll go and jump into my top bunk now, because I am tired. Later…


02005-06-28 @ 23:06

My apologies to fans in L.A. and Boise. These have so far been the only two places that demanded too high of a percentage from our sales. As a result we left our merchandise and CDs in the trailer.


02005-06-28 @ 17:06

According to most of the world, the crack of dawn would be just about the time the sun peeks above the Eastern horizon. In studio terms, however, the crack of dawn is approximately 10 a.m., and this is precisely the time that I arrived at the studio today.

They might be fact or fiction, but the adventures of Mixerman are very entertaining, because they ring true. Newer adventures can be found HERE.

Make Tibet a Global State of Mind

02005-06-27 @ 15:06

This would bring the spirit of Tibet alive in a way that would create the culture as a state of mind. With all these symbolic Tibetans roaming around, it may persuade China to change its mind. Wouldn’t you also want to become a symbolic Tibetan? We could all be spiritual children of Tibet by carrying a Tibetan passport as support for their fight to return home.

A comment on my post from a couple of weeks ago. It would be nice if this meme could gain momentum.

I received an email from Tenzin Robert Thurman yesterday:

I think the passport could be a good idea, and actually the Office of Tibet in New York already has had that idea. Please contact them to see how your idea fits with what they are already doing.

I sent another email off this morning. Another proof that ideas belong to a time, not to an individual.


02005-06-27 @ 12:06

Jon came up with a cool new intro to Caroussel we started playing in Portland… very funky.

Monday Morning

02005-06-27 @ 09:06

In Portland we couldn’t find the Lavazza espresso beans we usually use and splurged on a few cans of Illy beans… Damn, that stuff is expensive, but you can taste the difference. There is nothing like the coffee in that silver can with the red top. Woke up in a hotel room in Spokane this morning and ran through the rain to the bus to make myself an espresso with the machine we carry. Ah!

After the Portland show I tried to figure what contributes to a great performance. I came up with these four elements (in no particular order):
– Venue and Acoustics
– Audience and Energy in the room
– Band and Energy between the musicians
– Food (and wine)
I think at least two of these four elements need to be there for a happening show.

In Portland there is Nike and I bought a pair of Nike Considered boots, which I think are very cool. The boot is very comfortable and looks great.

Our designers quietly agreed to high standards for Considered. And then they started talking.
As our chemists were finding ways to significantly reduce the toxic chemicals from rubber production, our designers upped the ante by setting another challenge: Why not see if we can fold some recycled rubber into the mix?
With our Reuse-A-Shoe program, we had already found ways to separate shoe components prior to recycling. We pushed on another front: Why not design for disassembly from the very outset?
When we were looking to reduce the use of adhesives, our designers considered a more radical approach: Can we avoid adhesives in the first place?

I also could not resist this shoe, which I found in black. Now I walk around the bus like it is a spaceship…

Regarding this earlier post: I did not walk to Mariana Chicet’s Straight from the Old Country, on 3rd Street in LA. last week. I decided to stick with Shiseido, remembering that once I ran out of another local product I was using in New Zealand and had to spend a day trying to find something to replace it with… in other words, I need a product that I can replace no matter what continent I am on and Shiseido a) works for my face and b) is available anywhere…

Hm, that reminds me of using web-based apps rather than local apps on my laptop. Eric Case turned me onto Backpack, which I think will become very useful for me. I started a new t-one 2005 project with Jon on Backpack. We will be able to share ideas, sounds, images and music files while we work on that project. I think it will also be very useful for designing a cover. Instead of sending updates back and forth and keeping track of the which version of the credits is the latest one, the latest version will simply be the one that is on (in?) my Backpack.

Drum Duet

02005-06-26 @ 17:06

Percussion Duet - Live
Ron and Brandon’s drum duet yesterday evening at the Marymoor amphitheater in Redmond, near Seattle. The weather was perfect and the audience wonderful. One of our very first gigs was in Seattle in 1990. We played in a restaurant one evening and the next evening we opened for Miles Davis at the Paramount.

Oregon Vortex

02005-06-26 @ 11:06

We must have driven through some kind of vortex between Bend and Portland, because when I woke up in Portland my automatic mechanical IWC watch had stopped and could not be coaxed into working… Ah, well, like any machine, a watch needs tune-ups.


02005-06-25 @ 09:06

Jon is creating beautiful ambient tracks on the bus, which prompts the idea to create ListeningLounge-only albums of ambient music (t-one 2005?), possibly combined with slideshow or QT movie visuals you will be able to download. I think in this sense the LL will be quite liberating in that certain ideas or pieces can be released without having to commit to a big production, i.e. designing + manufactoring CDs…. very exciting possibilities.

Seattle – early morning

02005-06-25 @ 09:06

We had a great time in Portland last night. While the neighborhood around the Aladdin Theater is not as much fun for us as the area near the Crystal Ballroom, I do think the Aladdin sounds better. Our Portland audience once again proved themselves to be one of the best in the country – besides Portland I would have to mention Atlanta in this respect! Just the right amount of attentive, enthusiastic and sophisticated!! By the way, I am very pleased with the great reception the opening piece – Silence – No More Longing – is receiving. The band sounded fantastic last night and the music played itself. An altogether wonderful and lovely experience. My sincere thanks to last night’s audience!


02005-06-24 @ 19:06

Portland Aladdin Theater - 8
Alan’s P.O.V.

3 Steps

02005-06-24 @ 15:06

when you realize that love radiates in all directions you can drop the Object…

then you realize that the I dissolves in love and the statement becomes:


and according to the Beatles that is all you need…


02005-06-24 @ 14:06

Jon and I are sitting in a cafe with free Wi-Fi about a block from the venue, drinking Mexican Mochas with triple shots of Espresso. Zing!

Woke up and saw a garbage truck pass our bus. On the side was a sign that read: Satisfaction guaranteed or double your garbage back!
That seems like a fair deal…

Bend was fun yesterday, but we didn’t get to go into town as the Athletic Club is in a new develpment area. I was taken to a local radio station called Clear Radio – no affiliation with Clear Channel – for an interview and a little guitar-playing. Took some photos during the Drum Duet and will hopefully upload them later today or tomorrow.

Sierra Nevada Big Room

02005-06-22 @ 21:06

All proceeds from “An evening with Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra” will go toward the new international “Water For Life” project, which – with your help and the efforts of Rotary International – will provide Third World Central American countries the means for securing potable water. 35,000 children die EACH WEEK from non-potable water. The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is proud to be working in conjunction with Danny Salas of Access Real Estate Lending and Paradise Rotary to present this special event.

The Show is Sold Out! I am proud to be part of this. It’s intermission right now and I have to tell you – damn we are playing really well tonight. For additional information, please visit More on


02005-06-22 @ 18:06

I snapped a few photos while Kevin was setting up lights in Fresno last night. The colors and the blending reminded me of paintings by James Rosenquist. Click on Studios and select East Hampton, then click on the large painting at the bottom, called Horse Blinders. I spent many many hours in a room at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne staring at that painting when I was a teenager.

I uploaded photos large enough to serve as computer wallpaper. Just click on the above photo and then go to different sizes if you have a Flickr account. If you don’t have one, you should get one.

PS: found another photo of the painting HERE.

DRM Battle

02005-06-21 @ 14:06

Sony BMG DRM part of battle for control between Apple, labels

Here’s one reason why Sony BMG has made their new CD-based DRM relatively easy to crack: it’s not exactly pirates they’re after. According to Variety, the new copy protection scheme — which makes it difficult to rip CDs and listen to them with an iPod — is designed to put pressure on Apple to open the iPod to other music services, rather than making it dependent on the iTunes Music Store for downloads. Of course, while this would be good for the labels, since it would diminish Apple’s control over their business, it flies in the face of Apple’s razor-and-blades strategy for the iPod and iTunes. And given Apple’s 80% share of the digital audio player market, we somehow suspect that the labels aren’t going to do too much to faze Stevie J.
(Via Engadget.)


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