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Critical Section – LL

02005-07-30 @ 14:07

If your a regular reader you know I love Ottmar Liebert. His music is amazing, and he’s a savvy guy who understands that you can’t put the technology genie back in the bottle, so you’d better embrace it instead. He and his team recently posted a new listening lounge, which is the exact way an artist should present themselves online, IMHO.

You can download free tracks, purchase tracks for $1 each (no DRM) in a variety of formats, browse through the music by tags, and explore other artists’ work. And everything is released with a Creative Commons licsense. If you like Ottmar, you’ll love the lounge, and if you’re not familiar with him this is your chance to become acquainted!

Thanks Ole.

LED Traffic Lights

02005-07-30 @ 14:07

LED Traffic Lights Spread Berlin Cult Figure

Although the first use of a gas light to control traffic dates to the 1860’S in Britain, the forerunners of the modern traffic light with red, green and yellow lamps were first set up in New York in 1918. (But before you Manhattanites claim all the credit, please note that this was a small modification of the green and red light concept already pioneered in Cleveland). The USA kindly sent an example of their new invention to Germany, where it was installed in 1924 on Potsdamer Platz. The light was a veritable tower on four legs, with a roofed platform on which a policeman stood to control the horizontally arrayed lights.

But Berliners, East-berliners specifically, made their own history with the design of the unique Ampelmännchen (crossing-light men) pictured above. The short, chubby, hatted figure stepping smartly out or standing roundly at attention has evolved to a cult-figure and symbol of the former East. Thanks to the ‘rescue committee’ established to prevent its replacement by the western standard crossing signal after the fall of the Berlin wall, this figure has survived to indicate not only when it is safe to cross but also that you are in the former East Berlin territory. Now the green revolution is mixing things up a bit: the installation of LED technology is bringing the Ost-Ampelmann to (former) West Berlin.
(Via Treehugger)

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02005-07-30 @ 12:07

Micro Story: awaken, realize yourself, climb the mountain and reach the top, become enlightened or translucent…

Macro Story: live your life, play the game of life and being human, show the way by following the way, be the way, walk down from the mountain and enter the marketplace, spread the Dharma, enable other people to awaken, go about your business…

Meta Story: Evolution! evolution of consciousness, conscious contribution to the evolution of mankind/planet/universe…

This is your universe and just as the scientist’s presence in the lab will influence the result of the experiment, changing yourself will surely change the whole universe. When you want to create change, will you try to change the projection (universe/world) or the projector (self). Clearly, changing the projector will change the projection.

Some thoughts inspired by the book The Translucent Revolution

Balancing Act

02005-07-29 @ 22:07

Kerry Hodge plays a guitar while balancing another on his forehead as he entertains passers-by on a Sydney street Thursday, July 29, 2005

Thanks MJ

Culture Court Audio April 05

02005-07-29 @ 17:07

From Culture Court:

In 1996 Ottmar Liebert toured & played with Carlos Santana. From this heady experience, Ottmar composed the samba Ballad 4 Santana… the mp3 version here is from OL & Luna Negra’s concert in San Antonio, Texas, last fall. Some old timers might recognize that beautiful closing lick — it comes from Gabor Szabo, the Hungarian gypsy jazz guitarist who swapped licks with George Benson… who in turn passed it along to Carlos… who passed it to OL.

Culture Court updated their April features and also added a link to our new ListeningLounge. Thanks!

Treo 650 GSM

02005-07-29 @ 14:07

Anybody else have nothing but trouble since upgrading a GSM Treo 650 to 1.13? I upgraded in June and since then the bluetooth connection to my car no longer works, often I can call out but nobody can call me, and this week I cannot receive or send SMS text messages. I had none of these problems before I upgraded! I am about to lovingly throw this thing against a large rock.

I performed a Hard Reset and it appears I can send text messages again… since updating I have had to resort to Hard Resets twice, whereas I never had to before…

New in the ListeningLounge

02005-07-28 @ 15:07

Stereo-mix AIFF file of the three rhythm guitars in Cocteau. Click on title-link to go directly to the La Semana Parts album.


02005-07-28 @ 07:07

Do you feel like your getting bounced around by life’s little obstacles? Maybe watching this will make you feel better?
(Via stuart davis)

Million Dollar Baby

02005-07-27 @ 13:07

Saw this movie last night and was very impressed. What an amazing story Clint Eastwood is – from Spaghetti Western Star to Director/Producer/Actor, and he even wrote some of the music for this film. My favorite Hollywood movie in a long while. Highly recommended!


02005-07-27 @ 13:07

We finalized a little week-long run in September.

Sept 14 Paradise CA – Paradise PAC
Sept 15 Santa Cruz CA – The Catalyst
Sept 16 Sacramento CA – Radisson
Sept 17 Anaheim CA – The Grove of Anaheim
Sept 18 San Diego CA – Humphrey’s

I have been working on the new Tangos for Up Close and it has gone through quite some changes during the last weeks. We’ll perform the new version in September. I am thinking of making this tranformation a theme for the next podcast by contrasting a live recording from this last tour with what I have recorded now. The guitar part has changed considerably – and once the guitar part changes, the other instruments might have to adjust to that etc…..


02005-07-26 @ 22:07

From an email to a friend:

I think I could stop playing guitar, but why would I want to.
To me it would be like having a great realization and no longer sitting zazen…
We don’t sit to become enlightened, but because it refreshes us. Just as I tune the strings of the guitar I feel that I am tuned in turn by sitting zazen.

Yesterday I tried to think of every quality I associate with myself… and realized I am not holding on to them anymore. They are not important, in fact they are quite meaningless. Just as a signpost that points to Rome is not the city of Rome, anything associated with me (either by myself or by family, friends or fans or the press) is not me.

Quote of the day

02005-07-26 @ 22:07

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.
Anais Nin (French born American Author of novels and short stories, 1903-1977)

I have often wondered why I have found certain books or met certain people at certain times… it was as if these books or people were sent to teach me… then I realized they had been there all along, but I only noticed them because I was ready and able to see them…

Tuesday Sunset

02005-07-26 @ 21:07

Tuesday Sunset
Amazing sunset tonight…


02005-07-26 @ 21:07

Finding shade for a siesta2
Guys were patching plaster on my house. Adobe needs to be tended to regularly… When I walked outside around noon I saw them lying under a truck. That alarmed me at first, but then I noticed they were just relaxing… taking a siesta… cool!

LL: New Music

02005-07-26 @ 13:07

New in the Listening Lounge today:

The debut album by Californian nouveau flamenco guitarist Steve Stephen. We met Steve last year and like his music. He is young and talented and it will be exciting to see where he goes from here. His self-titled album is a beautiful start.

Two additional Ottmar Liebert LIVE recordings from 2004: the 3 1/2 minute Kora/Strat/Berimbau Intro to Snakecharmer and the Querencia/Spring Rain/New Horizon medley. Explanation: we don’t offer the Live recording of Snakecharmer itself, because the publishing for that song is controlled by Sony. The band consisted of OL – guitars, Jon Gagan – bass + synth, Ron Wagner – berimbau + percussion, Robby Rothschild – Kora + percussion


star diary

02005-07-26 @ 07:07

Flickr slideshow created by a woman in Porto in Portugal.

Matthew Herbert

02005-07-25 @ 19:07

Matthew Herbert has a new CD called Plat Du Jour. You can check the msuic out HERE. What follows is some info he has about one of the tracks, called These Branded Waters

THESE BRANDED WATERS – studio recordings are of different bottled waters:

dasani: water magnesium sulphate, potassium chloride, salt, ozone. (picked up on plane from canada). owned by coca cola.
thames water tap water.
highland spring (owned by a consortium based in lichtenstein)
evian (bought at sainsburys local) distributed by coca cola in north america
san pelllegrino in glass bottle (found in fridge) owned by nestle
perrier owned by nestle
vittel owned by nestle
aqua pura 2 litre official bottled water of jaguar uk athletics great britain athletics team

my recent french water bottle said recently: ‘your hydration partner’ has more details about these waters and their corporate owner
in india, 69 per cent of the people do not have access to sanitary services
the track is 182 bpm because it takes 182,000 litres of water to make one ton of steel
sanitation coverage is 53% in bangladesh, so the track is 5’30’ long
how about we turn off public ornamental fountains until the rest of the world has clean drinking water and sanitation?

That’s a song with a serious story.

Making (New) Music

02005-07-25 @ 18:07

A Feedster search delivered this insightful post on the new digital music distribution. Please click on the title-link to read the whole post (recommended!), but here are three snippets:

It wasn’t the RIAA suing everything in pants (or shorts, skorts or skirts) that pushed up sales, it was the fact that it is suddenly easy to do and cheap. And that’s largely down to Apple and not the recording industry. The iPod presented the platform; Apple set the price (99 cents a track and a whole CD for under 10 bucks) and provided the mechanism for delivery.

I agree, I think the RIAA is claiming a success that is entirely due to the efforts of non-big-music-biz, namely Apple and other like-minded companies and small new internet record labels and independent musicians.

The second item shows what can be done with online music delivery and, again, the innovation isn’t coming from the recording industry. This weekend nouveau flamenco star Ottmar Liebert went live with this Listening Lounge, an online music story with some unique additions. Among the innovations: music is released under a Creative Commons licence that allows sampling and remixing, you can browse music by tags (you have to see it to truly appreciate it), and a podcast from the site delivers free music to your favourite player. When you click on the ‘Listen’ button, you get to listen to the full song and not just a 30-second clip. For musicians, there are a couple of great features: the site sells cheap, copyright-free loops, and it sells parts of songs: the rhythm guitar tracks or bass track for the song Alhambra are currently being offered for $1 each, under a CC Sampling Plus licence.

And I do like this paragraph:

This really is an amazing site, and obviously the product of someone who has thought long and hard about distributing music in a way that gives fans a range of choices and an enjoyable experience. In short, it treats those who visit as music lovers, not consumers, And, again, this is not the product of music industry thinking.
From Notes from a Teacher: Mark on Media (feed)

Now that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Thanks!

All about EARS!

02005-07-25 @ 15:07

Interesting Monday! I have learned a lot. Went to my Santa Fe audiologist to get new ear-impressions. I have had my IEMs (In Ear Monitors) since 1994 and since ears continue to grow throughout our lives these don’t seal off sound well enough anymore… therefore I have to get new ear-impressions so that new IEM molds can be made.

My audiologist tells me I have a little wax build-up in my right ear. Not enough to influence my hearing, but enough to make a good ear impression impossible. She sets me up with an appointment at Southwest Ear, Nose and Throat to remove the wax.

Here is where it gets really interesting. A very nice doctor finds wax in both ears and removes it with suction and a microsope, a little loud but not at all uncomfortable. I ask him about the kits one can buy for wax removal. He tells me that they can work in some cases, but that Santa Fe with its dry climate tends to be a little more difficult in that respect. Some of the kits use Hydrogen Peroxide‘s bubbling action to losen the wax… but Hydrogen Peroxide also drys out the skin and the wax and can make it therefore harder to remove the wax. This doctor suggests putting a drop or two of olive oil in your ear every week. It keeps the skin lubricated and also moisturizes the wax which when soft can easily be disposed off by the ear – naturally.

But wait, I learned even more. The doctor asks me whether I have Tinnitus. I tell him that I have a very small amount in my left ear, stemming from a 15% hearing loss probably due to standing to the right of the drummer during my Eighties rockband days… He explains to me that Tinnitus is actually my brain trying to fill in the blank that the ear doesn’t seem to deliver. In other words, let’s say you have hearing damage in the upper register – the brain detects that there are some high frequencies missing and apparently fills in that spectrum with noise. The doctor explains that Tinnitus is a little bit like an amputee feeling an itch in their missing toe or leg… it’s only in the mind/nervous system.

In a few minutes I have to leave to go back to my audiologist to get the ear impressions made. But first let me make these suggestions:

••• Use hearing protection! Buy noise filters, not plugs. This is what you want, especially if you are a musician! They are molded to your ear and reduce the sound across the spectrum – so you don’t lose only the highs! I have used ER 25s for about 10 years and they are great. Very useful on the plane, on the bus, at concerts etc…
••• If you live in a dry climate, lubricate your ears with a weekly drop of oil.
••• Have a doctor remove any wax build-up in your ears. They know what they are doing and with the equipment they have it is fast and painless…

But wait, there is more! OTOSCOPE is an instrument for examining the interior of the ear, consisting essentially of a magnifying lens and a light. HERE is a picture. Oto– or ot- are prefixes for things to do with the ear. Ear: otology. From the Greek ous, ōt-, ear. So, doesn’t that mean that OTO means SOUND in Japanese and EAR in Greek. Interesting, yes? Hey, OTOSCOPE would be a great name for a band or a studio, meaning EarScope OR SoundScope… Feel free to use it as I will stick with OTO-MARE. Back for more ear fun!!!

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Grab Your Fork

02005-07-25 @ 12:07

Tetsuya demonstration at David Jones in Sydney:

When I read about the legendary Tetsuya Wakuda doing a demonstration at DJs Food Hall, I was suitably excited at the prospect.

Thanks Yumiko!


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