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02005-12-31 @ 12:12

Momus’ first impressions from returning to Japan:

Click opera
Some adorably cute kids, a boy and a girl, are slithering on steel rollbars by the airport window, pointing at the rain flecking the window. Their mother indulges them for a while, then calls them to her kindly. They respond with a loud ‘Hai!’, an obedience which is at once utter compliance and utter delight. Trained to question and resist and sullenly defy, I feel sadly post-Protestant in my grey NON NEIN NO t-shirt. It’s as if NON NEIN and NO are what my culture has trained me to say. Saying NON NEIN and NO makes me feel big and clever. I’m spiky, I take shit from no-one! I’m the boss, I’ll sue your ass! But when I see how charmingly they say YES here, I feel suddenly very small, silly, white and grey, like the anti-social individual using a cellphone, listening to loud music on headphones, or getting drunk and doing a stupid dance in the aisle.

Note for the new year: say YES


02005-12-30 @ 23:12 – Your Enlightened Guide to Airplane Seating

Welcome to, the ultimate source for airplane seating and in-flight services information. Do you want a seat with extra legroom? A seat with a non-restricted recline? A seat that is extra quiet?

There is also a mobile version for your Crackberry or Treo.

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Current Reading

02005-12-30 @ 23:12

I just recently finished reading a book by Stephen Batchelor: Alone With Others
I read this book during the tour, and while difficult at times it was very rewarding. The author uses modern 20th century language to write about Buddhism.

Buddha does not represent a transhuman absolute value, but stands for the optimum mode of being that man himself is capable of realizing.


The phrase ‘the optimum mode of being’ is a way of decontaminating the misused and misunderstood term ‘Buddha’. As we have seen, ‘Buddha’ or ‘Buddhahood’ refers to a mode of being in which all that is disruptive and distorted has been eliminated, and all that is to be actualized has been actualized.

There is a nice quote by Shantideva:

In the same way as the hands and so forth are regarded as limbs of the body, likewise why are embodied creatures not regarded as limbs of life.

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Modern Bowls

02005-12-30 @ 22:12

To be taken into consideration:
– Sound/noise of the utensils with the bowls
– Weight: lighter=better for travel
– Durability/Longevity
– Style/Form

Can a fork be made from bamboo or plastic? Does the knife have to be metal? Wooden spoon? How can different materials be integrated? By color? Different materials but similar texture? Different material but similar shape?

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02005-12-30 @ 14:12


We call our site ubushina, which is the birth of things that are brought into life by the creators’ hands. The ubushina site is the largest and most comprehensive network linking Japan’s great craftsmen to modern day creative professionals. The ubushina site uniquely introduces its service to artists, architects and designers,so they can utilize the remarkable materials, beauty and skill that has long been used in Japanese craftsmanship.

(Via Mo Co Loco)

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Gorgeous, Drop Dead!

02005-12-29 @ 14:12

Gorgeous, Drop Dead! – Jaguar’s foolish new ad campaign. By Seth Stevenson
‘Gorgeous has no love for logic.’ Indeed, there is no logical reason to buy a Jaguar. Perhaps this is why Jaguar sales are down 44 percent this year. (Most other luxury auto brands have held steady or improved their numbers.)
(Via Slate)

Hilarious de-construction of the silly new Jaguar commercials.

Modern Oryoki

02005-12-28 @ 10:12

Our habits have to change eventually. Getting stuff to go in a cardboard or styrofoam cup or box is no longer a good idea. One solution might be a modern Oryoki set, containing 3 nestled bowls, a plate and cutlery consisting of fork, knife and spoon. This set should be very lightweight, durable and easy to clean and carry/pack.

Plate: because you can’t cut vegetables or meat in a bowl
Large Bowl: rice or pasta
Medium Bowl: salad, veggies or soup
Small Bowl: Tea or coffee (or Sake)

Here is a photo of an American ceramic Oryoki set. The traditional Japanese bowls are made of lacquered wood. I am not sure what material would be best for a modern set.

Black Oryoki Bowls

I carry a set of cuttlery with me when we are touring, because we have a lot of catered meals and sometimes those are served with plastic utensils. Here is a picture of the cutlery I carry with me:


You can click on each of the photos to go to the web page of the dealer/manufacturer.

I imagine the plate could be a top that fits on the largest bowl. When placed on the large bowl it would keep the rice or other food warm, and when turned over it would become a plate.

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Bits of Wisdom

02005-12-27 @ 14:12

Bits of Wisdom
I never trusted a man who never smoked or drank. – Abraham Lincoln.

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. – Yoda

It’s just a feeling. You don’t have to act on it. – spiritual director

And there are plenty more where those came from…

Practice vs Performance

02005-12-27 @ 12:12

When we practice we often concentrate on individual aspects or fragments of a performance. Fingering, sound-production, volume/dynamics, melody, rhythm are all aspects of a performance that can be practiced independently. Concentrating on one of these aspects will have wonderful results and is in fact essential for improving, but I think that concentration is not good for performing music.

When we concentrate on the flow of the melody, the rhythm will suffer and we might place notes too far in front of or behind the beat. When we concentrate on the rhythm we might place the notes exactly on the beat, but the melody will lack flow. When we concentrate on producing sound (right hand for most people), we might lose sight of the fingering (left hand). In other words, while fragmentation is a great way to isolate and practice a piece of music – or general aspects of posture, fingering, sound-production, volume/dynamics etc. – for a performance these fragments have to join to form one single element: the music.

In order for music to flow naturally, we have to allow the mind to flow and trust that it will bring attention to any single element that requires it. During a performance mind might flow like this:

the melody is a little behind the beat… nice, but don’t fall behind… the lights are hot in the back of my neck… right hand is a little sweaty… keep it steady – don’t listen to Davo (sounds like he’s doing sevens against the six)… ah, Jon is starting to improvise: don’t go back to the melody now… the second string sounds a little off – is it me or the violin… or both…

You see, concentrating on any one aspect of the performance would inhibit the flow of mind and that might get us stuck and when we get stuck even for a moment we won’t respond to the needs that are arising. Getting stuck is the worst that can happen in a performance. Two places we certainly do not want to get stuck in are: what I just played was so great AND what I just played really sucked! Both thoughts have the same result – the flow of music is impeded and the very next phrase will indeed suck…

By no means is this limited to music. When you cook and concentrate too much on one item, you’ll burn another… and I am sure we will find many more examples…

Also see THIS and Gut Brain.

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Group Photo

02005-12-27 @ 11:12

Winter Rose - 4

We took this group photo on the stage of the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek after our last show. The performance was a total blast and possibly the best show of the tour. It was as if we wanted to leave on a high note, a very high note.

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Truck Surfing

02005-12-27 @ 10:12

Hoon of the Day: Redneck Surfing
Man, redneck surfing (we mean that with love o’ course) should definitely have its own event in the X Games. We’re referring to the act of setting a car’s cruise control, then engaging in some act involving leaving the vehicle, say, to sit on the roof or play Parcheesi in a pickup bed.
Redneck surfing [via Google Video]
(Via Jalopnik)

Must see.

Lessons on Germany ‘need change’

02005-12-27 @ 10:12

BBC NEWS | Education | Lessons on Germany ‘need change’
The momentous events of 1939 to 1945 will always be taught in schools, and rightly so, but children need to understand that German history did not end with the death of a dictator.

‘The last 60 years had seen great events – the Cold War, the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, reunification, and great achievements that too few English children were taught, he said. ‘Schools in England need to spend time teaching what happened in Germany after 1945.’


02005-12-27 @ 10:12

(Via Pashmina)



02005-12-27 @ 10:12

This CD used on random play mode only.It has various scales included in the 99 tracks. When using the “random” function, the CD will automatically select random tones, and make a new melody. And when selecting random and return function simultaneously, the new melody will play endless.

Also check out Color Light.
(Via Jean Snow)

Calendar 2006

02005-12-27 @ 09:12

Ottmar Liebert Live Calendar 2006 – a photoset on Flickr
Non-official Calendar 2006 with a Live theme showing images from Ottmar Liebert touring in 2004 and 2005.
(Via the blue room)

Pollstar -Ottmar

02005-12-27 @ 08:12

Pollstar – Ottmar Liebert Concert Dates
Fri 04/21/06 – Seattle, WA – The Triple Door
Sat 04/22/06 – Seattle, WA – The Triple Door
Sun 04/23/06 – Redwood City, CA – Fox Theatre

These are the three solo shows I have mentioned before. 45 of solo guitar playing, 45 minutes of talking and then Q&A with the audience. I hope to see you there. You would certainly be brave to go to a show like this, a format that is new territory and unproven, but I also think we can have a lot of fun with it! I envision this format to be something I can do when I take a break from touring with the band. Since I will travel by myself or with just one other person, it will be easier to fly across America just for the weekend and then return to Santa Fe – rather than being on the road for 6 weeks with a couple of busloads of people. I am also excited about the dialog with people and about sharing some of my ideas.

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ottmar’s Profile

02005-12-27 @ 08:12

Rommel loves this and invited me – so there I am. I must say I don’t see these social networking sites as being so useful. I mean, they are very good at matching up people with similar tastes and likes and interests. But, most of the really useful and interesting conversations I have had have been with people who DON’T share my tastes, likes and interests.

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Holiday Tour

02005-12-25 @ 10:12

Vic2rsBlog: Ottmar Liebert’s Holiday Tour

Victor came to the Denver show.

Cervantes Ballroom, Denver - 2

And check out this poster the venue/promoter decided to create for the event. Interesting.

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Cologne – Wikipedia

02005-12-25 @ 09:12

Cologne – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Born in Cologne
Famous Germans whose roots can be found in Cologne:
Adenauer, Konrad (January 5, 1876 – April 19, 1967), politician, Mayor of Cologne from 1917 to 1933 and German Chancellor between 1949 and 1963
B̦ll, Heinrich (December 21, 1917 РJuly 16, 1985), writer and winner of the Nobel prize for literature in 1972
Kier, Udo (born October 14, 1944), actor
Lauterbach, Heiner (born April 10, 1953), actor
Millowitsch, Willy (January 8, 1909 – September 20, 1999), actor and playwright
Liebert, Ottmar (born February 1, 1961), musician
Offenbach, Jacques (June 20, 1819 – October 5, 1880), composer
Vondel, Joost van den (November 17, 1587 – February 5, 1679), poet and playwright

I haven’t been home since my mother died in 1994. Over the last year the desire to spend a little time in Cologne has grown a lot.

I was checking out the wikipedia entry on Cologne and found my name in very illustrous company. B̦ll Рwhat a fantastic writer! I read many of his books. Udo I have met a few times in L.A. and if there is such a thing as a Cologne-vibe, he has it.

CC Christmas Songs

02005-12-25 @ 09:12

10 100 Creative Commons Christmas Songs | Uwe Hermann

So, it’s Christmas today (or it will be tomorrow, depending on where you live). Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a bunch of freely and legally available Christmas songs you could listen to all day? Burn on CDs and hand over to your relatives? Share with your friends without the fear of being sued to death by big record labels?
Well, here’s a list of 126 songs which are all explicitly released under a Creative Commons license

Left a comment and suggested adding Winter Rose to the list, which he did.

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