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This Week

02006-06-30 @ 06:06

Strange Clouds 5
Monday I realized that we had not sent any of our black OL baseball caps to my dad in Austria. He designed the OL logo many years ago – fifties? sixties? – and we quickly corrected that. Soon he will be able to walk to the local pub in style. Tuesday we finalized the artwork for One Guitar and in the evening I did 2 hours of phone interviews with Australian media. Wednesday morning everything (music-master, CD-R with layout and design, printouts, mock-up, completed and signed forms etc…) was overnighted to the manufacturer. There is hope that we might have the new CDs in time for our little August run, but it’s a very slight hope. Then I had lunch with Jon on the patio of Aqua Santa to celebrate his birthday. The strange clouds (see above photo) passed by my house yesterday.

New Scooter

02006-06-30 @ 06:06

Check out this cool new Yamaha scooter. How is this for low maintenance:

New, liquid-cooled three-valve four-stroke engine is powerful, quiet and low-maintenance: valve-adjustment interval is 28,000 miles.

And because I don’t like the often stinky and noisy 2 stroke scooters I especially like this:

Catalytic converter and air-injection system meet the most stringent emissions regulations – even future ones.

Click on the photo to go to the Yamaha web page.

Rocky Mountain News

02006-06-30 @ 06:06

Rocky Mountain News: Spotlight Columnists
It’s not your usual concert. Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra will perform a benefit show for the Collier Hospice Center – and the concert fittingly will be held at the Pavilion of Reflection at Olinger Crown Hill Cemetery in Wheat Ridge. Tickets for the Aug. 4 show are on sale now, priced from $65 to $125. All proceeds go to the hospice. Information: 303-425-2929.

Dust art

02006-06-28 @ 10:06

Photo gallery: Dust art

Greening the Desert

02006-06-28 @ 07:06

Hugg / greening the desert with permaculture

They laughed at him and said it couldn’t be done. Nothing could be grown in that salt laden dustbowl. But Geoff Lawton had other ideas. He travels the world teaching others how to repair trashed environments that are beyond hope of becoming productive. In this story, Geoff talks about re-greening the deserts of Jordan. By applying the principles of permaculture, the Jordanians managed to salvage a heavily salted environment and turn it into a green oasis.


02006-06-27 @ 17:06

NativeEnergy – About Us
NativeEnergy is a privately held Native American energy company. In August 2005, the Intertribal Council On Utility Policy (COUP) acquired a majority ownership interest in NativeEnergy on behalf of its member tribes, marking another significant step in the Great Plains tribes’ historic effort to power America with Native wind. Learn more about COUP’s investment in NativeEnergy …

NativeEnergy helps you help build Native American, farmer-owned, and charitable purpose renewable energy projects that create social, economic, and environmental benefits. Native Americans and farmers traditionally care for and care about the environment because they are also very dependent on the gifts of the Earth for their survival. They are seeking a way to build their economies and their communities. This is one of the reasons we developed our novel approach to renewable energy; we want our business – our work – and so also our customers’ purchases, to make a real difference.

HERE are some quotes.
HERE is a link to NativeEnergy’s clients

Thank You

02006-06-27 @ 09:06

In this MTV-age many concert-goers think nothing of talking to each other or talking on their cell-phone during a performance. They don’t seem to realize the difference between watching a performance on TV and experiencing one first-hand, which is that one cannot change the outcome of one, but has a great influence on the other… While that does of course happen at our shows as well, I have to say that by and large our audience gets it and I am thankful for that. In performance we like to get very quiet at times and then real loud and that range of dynamic is very important, I find.


02006-06-27 @ 09:06

Immaturity Level Rising in Adults
New research is showing that grown-ups are more immature than ever. From the article: ‘Specifically, it seems a growing number of people are retaining the behaviors and attitudes associated with youth. As a consequence, many older people simply never achieve mental adulthood, according to a leading expert on evolutionary psychiatry.’
(Via Slashdot)

Here are a couple of little quotes from that article:

“People such as academics, teachers, scientists and many other professionals are often strikingly immature outside of their strictly specialist competence in the sense of being unpredictable, unbalanced in priorities, and tending to overreact.”

The faults of youth are retained along with the virtues, he believes. These include short attention span, sensation and novelty-seeking, short cycles of arbitrary fashion and a sense of cultural shallowness.


02006-06-27 @ 08:06

Rain, lightning, and a power outage that lasted an hour. Dinner by candle light. Then guitar practice by candle light.

Hail Storm

02006-06-26 @ 16:06

June Hail Storm-3
Yes, that is hail on the ground… a nice summer storm. Trees happily reached toward the sky

As above so below

02006-06-26 @ 15:06

I think what we call reincarnation is just like little glitches in the Matrix, little electricity brownouts… happens all of the time. There need not be a reason for it. It’s a very complex system and glitches must happen constantly. Some we notice, and some we don’t…

You know how extreme violence (and amazing love!) stays with us… it scars us, makes a deep impression… we may replay the images in our head… we may be compelled to re-live the images from time to time…

Why should it be any different on the large universal scale! Extreme hate or love overloads the system, distorts the output, derails the train, creates a hole, short-circuits the matrix… creates an apparent reincarnation, a re-living, a re-experience…

As above so below…

In Big Mind we fracture our self into many, many voices… the more time we spend doing the process the more we voices we may find… personal voices, transcending voices etc… in the end we put it back together as the free-functioning human being…

We all, that is all living things, this entire complex system… or what the chinese call the 10,000 things… it’s just like all the voices we access during the Big Mind process… in other words the voices relate to the free-functioning human being exactly the way the 10,000 things relate to Big Mind… the 10,000 things are no more and no less real than the voices are… Just as we can get stuck in the voice of anger or the voice of the vulnerable child, we get stuck in the voice of EGO, of ME, of SOUL…

As below so above.


02006-06-26 @ 15:06

Victor says:

Well, I can imagine Dr. Tucker has some compelling evidence… Take a young child that should not have any way to know about some events and yet they do. Perhaps they can even link what is reported by the child to an actual place and person. So, maybe reincarnation, maybe collective consciousness, maybe alien mind probes…

Indeed. I don’t see that evidence as proof that some souls reincarnate and others don’t.

Not one, not two.
Not one will never change, not two will always evolve. If duality or relative is the energy of not-one-not-two, and unity or absolute is the never changing… the Dharma is constantly evolving while the Buddha remains the same.

If existing as separate souls is an illusion of the ego, reincarnation must be an illusion also.

Incarnate This

02006-06-26 @ 15:06

Stuart to me:

Have you heard what’s going on at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, North Carolina? Dr. Jim Tucker (child psychiatrist and researcher for the University in the Division of Personality Studies) is, in all likelihood, the foremost scientific authority on reincarnation in the United States. His job -his very unique job- is scientifically document young children who spontaneously recall previous lives. His research has produced staggering, inexplicable evidence for reincarnation. You should look it up. Also, have you seen the issue of What Is Enlightenment on Death and Rebirth? interesting stuff.

I mean, I think your take is plausible, but some of the data from U of Virginia is MINDBLOWING. There are scores of instances and accounts that simply defy any reasonable explanation (besides reincarnation, and not of the variety you described).

Personally, my take is that not everyone reincarnates, and it is a developmental issue. When some souls (essential voyagers) develop to a certain depth and fortitude, they acquire something akin to an “escape” velocity. Most souls just dissolve and are re-absorbed into the big subtle / causal atmosphere when they hit the furnace of excarnation. They black out, and dissolve. But, some do not. Bodhisattvas punch through that initial, disorienting membrane of experience minus the filters of corporeal layers, and they may be reborn consciouslly. Additionally, what the research shows is that traumatic deaths (murder, suicide, bizarre sudden accidents) seem to play a huge role in these reincarnation. 70% of the strongest cases are of children who were murdered, met an untimely death of a usually gruesome nature. That seems to short-circuit or disrupt the normal process, and somehow results in a much higher rate of reincarnation, which is where the most inexplicable evidence comes from, correlated in multiple criteria. Check it out. It’s pretty weird.

My reply:

I will check out Jim Tucker – sounds interesting.

I think the problem that any belief in reincarnation represents to me is that it takes us out of the here and now. Give a human ego the tiniest hope of coming back – or going someplace like heaven… – and that’s what we’ll think about instead of cleaning up this planet…

In other words I could be completely wrong about all of this, and believe me I am not at all attached to my theory, but I think it is more useful than to talk about bodhisattvas and rebirth… we’ll all find out at some point…

Stuart answers:

i totally agree on the temptation to leave this moment, this life, these conditions, and caste our lot somewhere else. “oh, it’s my last lifetime, that’s when all this wounding happened…” or “in my next life, i’m gonna blah blah blah”. i like the way Alan Watts put it, “all past lives are this life. all future lives are this life.”

No more Tears

02006-06-24 @ 18:06

With my new solo guitar CD One Guitar about to be released in another month or two, it’s predecessor Tears in the Rain is no longer available from our ListeningLounge. Those who have purchased music from Tears in the Rain will continue to be able to find it in their library until the end of the year.

For those of you who might not know the story of this music:
Last September I started to record solo guitar music in my studio. I wanted to experience the quality of 24bit/96kHz recording (CDs are only 16bit/44.1kHz) and also felt that there was some music in me that was different from my previous work. The music I recorded was largely improvised – about 70% of it I made up on the spot – and I assumed that it would have an audience of one (me), or maybe a handful of people. I would upload new pieces to the ListeningLounge as soon as I recorded them, without EQ or compression. I didn’t want to title the pieces, because I wanted the music to remain wordless, pure, and devised a series of numbers for each piece that was made up of the exact date and time the music was recorded. I named this download-only album Tears in the Rain.

I really enjoyed this music I had recorded, music that I find is unlike anything I have released in the past, and because of the feedback I received we decided to release a CD this Summer. The title changed from Tears in the Rain to One Guitar, “normal” word-titles were discovered and I “cleaned up” the music files a little bit, meaning I made sure the beginning and endings were as noise-free as possible. I mastered the album with just a touch of EQ and without any compression and just this afternoon I gave it a last final critical listen with my Stax Ear Speakers before it will be sent to the manufacturer next week. I think this is the finest guitar sound I have heard on CD, rich and defined, silken and strong. Many thanks to Lester DeVoe for making me such a fine instrument and to Martech for making such an amazing microphone pre-amp.

I think we should have One Guitar CDs in stock by the time we come back from Australia at the end of July.

Djembe Drummer

02006-06-24 @ 14:06

YouTube: 4 Year Old Djembe Drummer
check out that little drummer!

One Guitar

02006-06-24 @ 10:06

I want to show the song titles on the back of the CD package, so that people can see them without having to open the package. As a result there won’t be space for a blurb about the music. We will order stickers locally which will be applied to the front of the CD package, on top of the shrinkwrapping. I have two quotes that will fit nicely:

Ottmar Liebert’s new CD of solo acoustic guitar – the ghosts of Spanish flamenco within the dreamscapes of the New World. One Guitar: 13 tracks of contemplation, meditation, exhalation, levitation… and exquisite solitude. –

Music that is haunting in its beauty and depth. Highly recommended! – Ken Wilber

Thanks Ken. I appreciate it!
And I could not resist LR’s poetic description of the album for CultureCourt: ghosts of spanish flamencolevitation… but my favorite is exquisite solitude

Net Neutrality

02006-06-24 @ 07:06

Net Neutrality: This is serious | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs
When I invented the Web, I didn’t have to ask anyone’s permission. Now, hundreds of millions of people are using it freely. I am worried that that is going end in the USA.

I blogged on net neutrality before, and so did a lot of other people. (see e.g. Danny Weitzner,, etc.) Since then, some telecommunications companies spent a lot of money on public relations and TV ads, and the US House seems to have wavered from the path of preserving net neutrality. There has been some misinformation spread about. So here are some clarifications.

Continue to read this entry by Tim Berners-Lee – and yes, he really invented the WWW.

Lawrence Lessig writes this:
One clue to this Net Neutrality debate is to watch what kind of souls are on each side of the debate. The pro-NN contingent is filled with the people who actually built the Net — from Vint Cerf to Google to eBay — and those who profit from the competition enabled by the Net — e.g., Microsoft. The anti-NN contingent is filled with the entities that either never got the Net, or fought like hell to control it — telecom, and cable companies.

Culture Court Preview

02006-06-23 @ 04:06

Culture Court preview:
2 tracks from Santa Fe jazz bassist Jon Gagan’s forthcoming (September) CD Transit II.

Travelogue: a brain scan of a jazzer on the move, maybe jammin’ at the U.N.: various spectral flavors from the traditions of Brazil, India, Spain, and U.S strobe in the montage. The groove is funky bossa

Read LR’s review of the album


02006-06-22 @ 10:06

Rahim called me yesterday morning. He had a blast performing at the Kennedy Center. The Kennedy Center has a nice video of the performance.

We made plans to record an album with Jon Gagan and Barrett Martin this Summer.

One Guitar

02006-06-21 @ 14:06

Met with the designer today. The cover for One Guitar is done. The shot above was taken about an hour or two before it was done… I should be able to send everything off to the pressing plant on Monday or Tuesday.

What I especially like about the cover is that the photo was taken by a member of the audience at the solo performance in Seattle in April.


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