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Our daily bread

02006-11-28 @ 10:11

Our daily bread – Geyrhalterfilm

Monday: SFe-NYC

02006-11-28 @ 07:11

Left Santa Fe on Sunday evening to stay at a hotel near the Albuquerque airport, because our flight left at 6:30AM on Monday morning. Apparently La Quinta is Spanish for bad customer service as we had made a reservation for first floor rooms – so we would not have to carry luggage up and down at 4:30AM – but that had either not been communicated to the franchise or they did not care. In any case we ended up with rooms on the second floor and since the elevator was a mile away we ended up carrying cases up and down the stairs…

Woke up at 4AM on Monday morning and at 4:30AM started hauling the cases down. The flights to New York were uneventful, but it was interesting to note that Continental Airlines boards their planes much earlier than, say, United or American. I mostly fly United or American and they seem to board around 20-30 minutes prior to departure. Continental started boarding 50 minutes prior to departure. In fact the plane was already full before the food and drink carts were even delivered.

In the evening I walked 20 blocks to dinner in lovely Fall weather, much warmer than one would expect. Music from an event outside Lincoln Center wafted across the street, which was packed with people. Nice to be in Manhattan.

Round 2

02006-11-26 @ 11:11

Get ready for round 2
Pop quiz. Who said the following:

We have to deal with greenhouse gases….the debate is over. When 98 percent of scientists agree, who [can] say, ‘Let’s debate the science’?

Bonus question. Who said this:

If we had our druthers, we’d already have carbon legislation passed. Our viewpoint is that it’s going to happen. There’s scientific evidence of climate change.

If you guessed John Hofmeister, president of Shell Oil Co., and John L. Stowell, Duke Energy’s vice president for environmental policy, give yourself a big pat on the back. While certain politicians and confused segments of the public continue to fight a rearguard action against the consensus on climate change, the attitude in the energy industry is quietly coming around to one of cooperation and discussion.
(Via TerraBlog from TerraPass)

I would not have guessed that.

No Cake!

02006-11-26 @ 11:11

No Cake!
There are 583 ways to hurt yourself and your fellow passengers onboard an airplane. Gel (and cake) are exactly two of them. How many more are we going to protect ourselves against? If the best our bureaucracy can do is scare us with cries of ‘No Cake!’ and ‘too much gel,’ then I think we need a new bureaucracy.
(Via Seth’s Blog)

Fear is boundless and can eventually encompass everything. We can remove every sharp object from our lives or we can deal with the real problem, which is fear. What is the root of my fear? Where does my fear originate?

Another Reason…

02006-11-26 @ 10:11

Another Reason Why I Dont Keep A Gun In The House – by Billy Collins
Joan Halifax Roshi started a blog on Zaadz.

Chinese Smart

02006-11-25 @ 09:11

Chinese Smart Car Copy May Hit European Markets Soon | Business | Deutsche Welle | 16.10.2006
Last month, 13 million illegal videos and CDs were destroyed in China as a symbolic rejection of copyright violation. But now it seems that copying has been taken to the next level. A duplicate version of the Smart fortwo has been produced by the Chinese company CMEC in the city of Suzhou and has already appeared in Hungary and Great Britain. Starting in 2007, it is to be sold for $5,250 under the name City Smart.

Copyright is a culture-specific concept. And it is not a concept that much of Asia shares with the West. If someone had a great idea, you copy it. That is how one learns after all. What will be interesting to watch is what is bound to happen eventually – when a Chinese company builds an original car (furniture, computer or popsong) that is so popular world-wide that, say, a company in Africa copies it… will China allow the copying then?

HERE is a link to the history of copyright law, which started with the Statue of Anne in Britain 300 years ago.

Another Horse Bell Recording

02006-11-24 @ 16:11

Tibet 942
This is Dustin’s recording of the Tibetan horse bells.

We the undersigned…

02006-11-24 @ 16:11

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to replace the national anthem with ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet.

Very funny!

Controlled Chaos

02006-11-23 @ 22:11

More on traffic:

Controlled Chaos: European Cities Do Away with Traffic Signs – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News
The new traffic model’s advocates believe the only way out of this vicious circle is to give drivers more liberty and encourage them to take responsibility for themselves. They demand streets like those during the Middle Ages, when horse-drawn chariots, handcarts and people scurried about in a completely unregulated fashion. The new model’s proponents envision today’s drivers and pedestrians blending into a colorful and peaceful traffic stream.

It may sound like chaos, but it’s only the lesson drawn from one of the insights of traffic psychology: Drivers will force the accelerator down ruthlessly only in situations where everything has been fully regulated. Where the situation is unclear, they’re forced to drive more carefully and cautiously.
(Via Vedana)

Very cool. Too often we hide behind the anonimity of rules, we become remote, removed… Having to look another driver/walker/rider in the eye to decide the next move would be excellent. Also see this entry.


02006-11-23 @ 22:11

Two additional Transit2 tracks, not found on the CD and only available via download. Excellent stuff. By the way, Cabin
was done on Jon’s laptop in a hotel room in Santa Barbara this past Summer.

Pluck Sound From Lasers

02006-11-23 @ 22:11

Wired News: Musician Plucks Sound From Lasers
Miya Masaoka is a composer, koto player and inventor of the Laser Koto — a tripod-mounted laser array that she plays by passing her hands through the beams, triggering a variety of sampled and processed sounds from her G4 PowerBook. Each flick of the wrist and twitch of the finger is interpreted as a stroke on the instrument’s virtual strings.

Here is a direct link to Miya Masaoka’s web site.
Interesting. If you click on the above link, there is also a YouTube video of the performer playing her virtual koto. I find it interesting that people are creating these more and more complex interfaces to create music from samples. I appreciate that it has become obvious that it is not fun to make music using a laptop keyboard. The keyboard may not be capable of translating the subtleties that handmovements are capable of. On the other hand, I find such pleasure in playing the actual strings and touching the wood of my guitar that I would never switch to a virtual laser guitar…

At some point we may well have these choices: a real French Burgundy, made from real grapes, fermented in real barrels, and crafted by real hands versus a nano copy of a great Burgundy. The look, smell and taste may very well be identical – but some occassions will, at least for me, call for the former. Or, a guitarist playing his guitar versus a software program creating music using perfect samples. Will we all instinctively feel the difference? Will we sense the human interaction, the work, the sweat, the living spirit? I mean, the creators of the guitar-software or the particular wine-replicating nano technology have put their spirit into their work – but that is different from the winemaker walking through the fields to find the perfect time for the harvest, mixing the grapes, testing and tasting the fermenting wine etc… or is it?

Winter is coming

02006-11-23 @ 09:11

And that means candles… a room always feels warmer with a few candles burning. I remember my cold Boston loft – 3,750 sq.ft. of space and no heat from Friday evening until Monday morning. Candles helped. You should consider using beeswax candles – they actually improve the air, rather than making it worse and you can get them here: Santa Fe Beeswax Candle Company

Dege Printing Press

02006-11-22 @ 16:11

Click on photo for Dege Printing Press Comments

Wednesday: new Mac ‘n’ Peace

02006-11-22 @ 15:11

After Pilates class I picked up my new MacBook Pro and this furoshiki – in yellow. I stopped to buy a few groceries and a coffee and saw this flag string outside a local store – had to buy it:

If you don’t have a local store that carries it, you can find it here.

PS: check out this Google Map glitch! The same address, 511 Old Santa Fe Trail, and two very different locations. C is correct and B is very very wrong…

Tuesday: Aztec Computer and extra Transit

02006-11-22 @ 08:11

Coffee at the Aztec with Stephen. He brought his laptop and I showed him a few Mac tricks. My new laptop won’t be here until Wednesday mid-morning. I was hoping to get it Monday… The computer was shipped from Shanghai, China and I found this regarding Apple factories and serial numbers:

The alphabetic prefix consists of one or two letters designating a factory code, such as:
* F: Fremont, California, USA
* CK: Cork, Ireland
* SG or E: Singapore
* UV: Taiwan
* QT: Taiwan (Quanta Factory)
* W8: Shanghai China
* PT: Korea

Jon gave me two great extra tracks from the Transit2 recording sessions for the ListeningLounge. Funky and edgy music. I loved both pieces on first listen and hope to upload the music later this week.


02006-11-21 @ 09:11

Little People – a tiny street art project: Roadworks


02006-11-19 @ 10:11

Last night was a lot of fun… playing guitar felt effortless – a rare and wonderful feeling.
The sound was perfect and yes, yes, I had a great time. Will do it again on December 30th, maybe with video slideshow (I might try to borrow a video projector and screen for that show, unless I decide to buy a projector – we are only renting that equipment for my upcoming solo tour to see whether the slideshow adds or distracts)…
I want to point out another show at GiG for locals who might read this:

GiG Performance Space-1808 Second Street, Santa Fe-SCHEDULE
Saturday, December 2nd, 2006
Transit Trio
Price: Suggested Donation $10 – $15

Jon will perform with a quartet, featuring Bert Dalton on keyboards, Ryan Anthony on drums, and Robby Rothschild on percussion. The new CD Transit2 will be available for purchase.

Touch the Sound and Happiness

02006-11-17 @ 16:11

I watched a wonderful documentary on DVD the other day: Touch the Sound – about the deaf Scottish percussionist Evelyn Glennie. (I recommend reading her wonderful Open Letter to Music Professionals!) The movie was photographed and directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer, who also directed the award-winning film Rivers and Tides about Andy Goldsworthy. Extraordinary and quite possible the most beautiful documentary…

Regarding my entry Comfort:Happiness

Adam Solomon Says:
Interesting…does that apply reciprocally, though? I can understand that comfort doesn’t lead to happiness, but does discomfort have a relation to unhappiness? I would certainly say so (temperature is a good example–do extremes in temperature not interfere with your mindset and your ability to concentrate on enjoying life? I would think it much harder to be happy, say, when you are parched in the middle of the desert), but then, perhaps that stems from a different idea from yours of what “happiness” is…

Comfort or discomfort are neither related to happiness nor unhappiness. Happiness is not conditional. If a person thinks/says that they would be happy if they only had this or that level of comfort, or maybe a particular mp3 player, computer, profession, life-style, house, lover, bank-account – they don’t know what happiness is. Happiness is not related to comfort or discomfort, it is not related to being thirsty, nor is it related to any possessions. I can tell you that there were mornings when it was absolutely freezing in my tent last month, but you should have seen the smile on my face. Sometimes I could barely feel my fingers because it was so cold… But, let me give a different example: Before we left for Tibet, Roshi Joan Halifax mentioned to us that the people of Tibet know a lot of pain, but they don’t seem to be suffering. We saw a lot of extreme pain, usually borne with dignity and often with a smile. You can be in pain, but not suffer, and you may suffer without being in pain.


02006-11-17 @ 12:11

Adam Solomon Says:
Oh no! I hope the hard drive is still safe? That must have been quite a scare, but one of the most important things, I’d imagine, is to make sure that the pictures, music, etc., remain safe.
With regard to the opening six solo shows, do you have any idea as to what the differences between them might be, with regards to day/time, knowing how you play over a night?

I would not leave a computer with a stranger without erasing the data on the HDD first. I use CMS software to backup my data and before I dropped off the laptop I erased the HDD and wrote zeroes over it. Because of the difference in operating systems (PowerPC G4 PowerBook versus Intel MacBook Pro) I won’t be able to restore from my backup. Instead I will have to bring the data in manually, which will take a little more time, but a spring-cleaning might be in order anyway.

Regarding the 6 shows at the Blue Note, I have no idea which might be better. Sometimes the first show is great, sometimes one relaxes more during the second show. Then there is the audience which is different from show to show and no small factor in the performance. The guitar itself can change depending on the humidity. The artist’s chemistry may change from sober during the first show to inebriated during the second show – and who knows which will be better. And one day the nails might have the perfect length and the next it’s just a little off… See this quote from Paco:

I could not live without the guitar, but at the same time this is no way of life, because it is such a difficult instrument, so ungrateful; you dedicate your whole life to it, hours and days, and suddenly you come up on stage, and that day you feel in perfect shape for playing, and still you don’t hit one single string right, and you cannot figure out why… it depends on so many things, on how long your fingernails are… I am talking about tenths of millimeters, and you ask yourself. What is going on? Where am I failing? And it could be a badly polished nail… it’s a f!@#er of an instrument.


02006-11-17 @ 12:11

We try to put buffers between us and the world, and as a result we feel less: We want plenty of heat in winter so we don’t feel the cold, but people in Japan, for example, keep their homes quite cold in winter and as a result get sick less. We want air-conditioning in Summer so we don’t feel the heat, but people in Singapore have permanent colds because it is 65 degrees inside and 110 degrees outside…

I could go on, but you get the picture. Living in denial of LIFE. Sickness and death can strike at any moment and it doesn’t matter how comfortable we are. Comfort has no relation to happiness.

In the spring, cherry blossoms.
In the summer the cuckoo.
In autumn the moon.
In winter the snow, clear, cold.
— Dogen Zenji


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