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Last Day of 02006

02006-12-31 @ 09:12

Woke up early. Made some coffee and waited for the sun to rise while working on my Tibet photos. I am going through all 1,700 photos again – this time using Apple’s Aperture software – and will put together a Tibet slideshow for 2007.
Sunday Morning Promise
Meanwhile the sun has found a hole in the cloud-cover and is lighting up the snow crystals like a Japanese animated movie fairy-tale sequence – eine Zeichentrickmärchenglitzershow.

Everything glitters as the sun-beam moves across the horizon. And then it’s over as another cloud obscures the light.

– I would like to finish my next band-recording Up Close
– I would like to record another solo guitar album – augmented with location sounds and the occasional synth texture – with a Tibet theme. Maybe a DVD with the music plus a slideshow

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

GIG rescheduled

02006-12-30 @ 12:12

Tonight’s performance at GIG in Santa Fe has been rescheduled. If it stops snowing it will happen on Saturday, January 6th.

Many Mountains Surrounding

02006-12-30 @ 11:12

Many Mountains Surrounding .::. Poetry from the Santa Fe Internment Camp
Our name is derived from the kanji the issei prisoners invented for the town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. They called their new home, San Ta He, or Many Mountains Surrounding.

Ice mass snaps free from Canada’s Arctic

02006-12-29 @ 09:12

Ice mass snaps free from Canada’s Arctic – Yahoo! News
A giant ice shelf has snapped free from an island south of the North Pole, scientists said Thursday, citing climate change as a “major” reason for the event. The Ayles Ice Shelf — all 41 square miles of it — broke clear 16 months ago from the coast of Ellesmere Island, about 500 miles south of the North Pole in the Canadian Arctic. Scientists discovered the event by using satellite imagery. Within one hour of breaking free, the shelf had formed as a new ice island, leaving a trail of icy boulders floating in its wake.

Warwick Vincent of Laval University, who studies Arctic conditions, traveled to the newly formed ice island and couldn’t believe what he saw.
“This is a dramatic and disturbing event. It shows that we are losing remarkable features of the Canadian North that have been in place for many thousands of years,” Vincent said. “We are crossing climate thresholds, and these may signal the onset of accelerated change ahead.”

Thanks Salma

We received more than a foot of snow last night. Sadly some people are still clueless about global warming. What happens when you throw a bunch of ice-cubes into a bowl of water? The water gets colder. When 41 square miles of ice break off and melt in the ocean, what happens? Weather patterns change! It will colder before it gets warmer, allowing some folks to go on pretending that there is no Global Warming. There will be no time to gloat as we will all have to work together to turn this ship around. This global warming trend might end up accelerating faster even than the change from CDs to downloads – my Higher Octave royalty statements already show more downloads than CD sales… – how is that for a strange mental tangent…

Here it is still snowing. Quite beautiful, actually. A thick blanket of snow. Quiet. Might have to cancel tomorrow night at GIG if it doesn’t let up and melt… no way my car will make it through this much snow and I hear from others that the streets in town are treacherous.

Update: We now have received two feet of snow. Must purchase a better snow shovel. Back is hurting. But, never complain about moisture in any form when you live in a desert…

Even more snow. Record snowfall in Santa Fe. Nobody is to drive on the streets. I-25 closed from Albuquerque to Denver. You couldn’t leave Santa Fe if you wanted to…

Michael Crichton

02006-12-29 @ 09:12

Integral Options Cafe: Michael Crichton Is an A$$
Since he can’t win an argument on the merits of his position (on global warming), he creates a fictional version of his adversary — as a child rapist. Nice.

Must be tempting for an author, but low, low, low nonetheless.

La Semana LE

02006-12-28 @ 21:12

Packaging Award, Gold Medal
Found out today that the “La Semana” Limited Edition received a couple of packaging awards – here is one of them from Creativity 35.


02006-12-27 @ 00:12

This really needs to be seen large. I am migrating my photos to Aperture and came across this photo. Awe-inspiring, those mountains… There is a bit of a learning curve after having used iPhoto for years, but I do like Aperture a lot.

Christmas Dinner

02006-12-26 @ 10:12

Dinner Salad
Beautiful feast with friends yesterday. This was the beginning of the salad… we added lettuce later, but I had to take a photo of these rich colors!

Rahim on NPR

02006-12-23 @ 12:12

NPR All Things Considered will feature a touching interview and live performance with Rahim AlHaj discussing his life journey, recordings and musical message on Saturday afternoon, December 23, 2006. It will also be available online at – usually delayed by a day.

You can find 2 of Rahim’s albums in our ListeningLounge.

Update: Direct link to Rahim’s interview on NPR.

Updated History

02006-12-23 @ 11:12

NegraTwo and NegraOne
Click on above photo to go to Flickr and view the notes.

Stain Teacup

02006-12-23 @ 10:12

– WOOD – Stain Teacup
(Via Ektopia)


Brother David Steindl-Rast

02006-12-23 @ 08:12

To counteract the countdown of this season – so many days until Christmas, so many days left of this year – i decided to count up. High up. A billion struck my fancy for this year’s Christmas meditation. This gave me a surprising perspective: we are closer than i thought to that historic “Silent Night” of Bethlehem, yet, farther away than i realized from “Peace on earth”— or maybe not; it depends.

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You can find more on Brother David here

Guess this Noise #1

02006-12-22 @ 15:12
Audio MP3

Click HERE only if you give up…

Sea Shepherd

02006-12-21 @ 13:12

Sea Shepherd – The Truth about Greenpeace and Whaling
You should read this.
Thanks RT

You can donate to Sea Shepherd HERE.
Sea Shepherd web site
Sea Shepherd on MySpace

After reading some of your comments I want to say that I think Greenpeace has contributed a lot of good, but maybe hasn’t been as effective in terms of whaling as Sea Shephard. I think that should not mean that you get to put the money you earmarked for Greenpeace this year into lottery tickets or booze… :) It just means that maybe one has to spread one’s money across several different organizations that might be smaller, but act stronger in the areas of your interest.

Glass House

02006-12-21 @ 10:12

Virginia: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
Regarding this article in the New York Times about Congressman Goode’s letter to his constituents condemning America’s first Muslim Congressman’s decision to swear his oath on the Koran:
Congressman Goode: The Constitution which you studied as a law student at Virginia, and swore to defend as a member of the ‘105th, the 106th, the 107th, 108th and the 109th Congress‘ says this:

‘but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States’ (Article VI, section 3)

Does your oath to the Constitution not include this section? Or do you simply not take the oath you took seriously?
(Via Lessig Blog)

Whoa, what a smackdown… deserved

Bushfire Summer

02006-12-21 @ 08:12

I awoke to even more snow but unlike yesterday the sky is blue today, a beautiful watery turquoise, and the rising sun is lighting up the clouds and mountains to the west. Grateful for the snow here in Santa Fe, I read this about Australia:

Bushfire Summer – ABC Nature
This is the story of the 2005-2006 bushfire season – the fire fighters, the people caught in fires and the fire experts…who predict an ominous fire future as our climate continues to heat up.


Humans don’t control nature or the weather, but we do impact them. The results of which seem increasing less hospitable. The 10 hottest years on record have occurred in the past dozen, for example.

Wednesday Lunch

02006-12-20 @ 14:12

Lunch with Jack Loeffler at Cloud Cliff. The streets are snow-covered and the Prius handles beautifully. Driving 20mph actually feels like a good speed for these steel coaches… I say make that the maximum speed cars can drive inside villages, towns and cities and watch the traffic-death-rate drop from almost 40,000 deaths per year… And at that speed electric cars would get a lot more milage…

A few hours later my head is still buzzing from the many things Jack and I covered in a little over an hour. He has done wonderful radio programs on things that interest me very much, like the Colorado River, the Rio Grande Watershed etc., and we discussed adding these programs – usually 2 – 6 hours in duration – to our ListeningLounge in the form of mp3s that people can purchase and download. When we met at my house in November, Jack brought me a copy of his program on the Camino Real, and I found that it was a wonderful way to soak up a lot of history. Jack combines location sounds with interviews and local music and I would often listen on an iPod while taking a walk.

Wednesday Morning Fish Bowl

02006-12-20 @ 08:12

White Snow
Woke up to the whiteness. It looks like the inside of a fish bowl or the inside of a giant science experiment – the muted and very even light. No sun visible, just clouds enveloping the landscape from above, while the snow has enveloped the earth. And it is quiet, so very quiet.

Looked up Bill Thompson on Wikipedia this morning after seeing his photo on the Upaya Flickr. Met him a few times at Upaya. Brilliant man, nice man. Last time I saw him, which was around Thanksgiving, we briefly spoke about translations. I told him that while English is a very nice language, German is simply the best language for philosophy. To my surprise he agreed and suggested that the ability to create compound words in German – stringing words together to create new words and meaning – was part of why that is so.

And, in German one can write sentences like: Wenn Fliegen fliegen fliegen Fliegen Fliegen nach!

Intersection Indicator

02006-12-19 @ 12:12

Found this photo on Flickr today.

Christmas+ Santa Fe

02006-12-19 @ 12:12

Diran Says:
I was looking for one of your CD (Christmas & Santa Fe) in big brand stores, as a Christmas gift . I could not find it. I mean they can order it but they don’t carry it. If i order it, will be late for gift purpose. Is there any reason not to carry in stores this CD?

Hopefully the reason is that they already sold all of the copies they received for the season! I checked They have stock of Christmas + Santa Fe, they sell it for under 10 bucks and they can send it to you in time for Christmas. You could also gift that CD on iTunes. Just search for “ottmar christmas santa fe”. Unfortunately iTunes sells the music on that particular album only as individual tracks.


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