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02007-03-31 @ 14:03

The building was designed by architect Tadao Ando, whose brief was to design a structure that would represent Japan.

Ginzan Hot Spring Fujiya inn

02007-03-31 @ 14:03

Ginzan Hot Spring Fujiya inn

Guess This Noise #9

02007-03-31 @ 11:03
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Here is the solution.

Saturday, 31. March

02007-03-31 @ 08:03

Ground white
Sky blue
Sun dazzling

Winter has returned. A newspaper headline might be: War of the Seasons. We are treated to an amazing display of weather. Temperatures go up and down, the sky constantly switches between clear and cloudy, beautiful tender blossoms emerge on trees only to be covered in snow by the next morning, rescued by the sun by noon, covered again during the night.
There is still a layer of ice in the water catcher. It makes the water bounce off of the top.


02007-03-29 @ 07:03

The solution to Guess This Noise #8 has been posted. Stephen was close with windup-toy, but it does not wind-up and I am not sure it is a toy.

A Year Ago

02007-03-28 @ 10:03

Jon is like a lightning rod for me. I have a lot of ideas around that man and it’s always fun to knock around ideas with him. Today we were talking about how looping musical parts has become so easy and as a result so boring that much of the music is just a few bars repeated over and over. Anybody with a laptop can do it. Now, what would be more interesting is to contrast very open “timeless” improvised sections with very tight loopy groove sections. Yes, Jazz musicians do that a lot – improvising open parts, BUT they don’t usually enjoy a pretty chorus anymore. So, the idea would be to contrast improvised group recordings with very tight, and yes, predictable chori. Imagine walking out on thin ice and then finding a path, then floating on ice and then finding a bridge. Wilderness/Home/Wilderness/Home. Searching. Finding. Repeat. Following a verse that stretches time and melody, we arrive at a chorus that beckons and seduces and is comforting and familiar. Naturally, because different recording methods would be used for verse and chorus, the instruments would sound different from section to section, but I don’t think that would bother me. It would add to mystery. This would truly be digital recording. The medium is the message. I mean working with a beat/bar grid is obviously something digital, but it’s kindergarten digital rather than advanced digital. I am talking about a hybrid technique of recording that combines the quality of making music in the moment (no grid) with the comfort of a pop chorus (grid). Using both instead of one OR the other.

I suspect that grids and loops might be the sort of thing people might not enjoy as much 20 years hence. Those were the barbaric early days of digital recording, they might say then. They had discovered grids and loops and it took 10 years for audience and musicians to get sick of that and move on.

There are some radio stations that play exclusively grid and loop music and you can nod your head to same beat for hours… like a clock…

By the way, a little while ago Jon showed me the intro for a Transit2 piece that keeps playing in my mind. He contrasted human drumming with drummachine bits and had fieldsounds and synth floating over and behind it… some parts were changing as a filter slowly modulated the frequencies. Very very cool. Transit2 will be an amazing album.

PS: Full Disclosure. The album La Semana, which I still consider to be one of my finest moments, is a grid and loop recording. After my son was born I was withdrawn and did not want to deal with an engineer or with musicians – except for Jon of course, but he is family – and so I did the entire album by myself, except for the bass performances. All of the percussion tracks you hear were recycled and looped from earlier performances, mostly Dave from The Santa Fe Sessions, but also other stuff from my 15 year library of sounds (everything from 1990 on has been digitized and is available to me in 24/48 quality). In order to make the percussion loops less obvious I did a lot of new palmas and made many thousands of small edits to the loops in order to have enough variation. It was an incredible experience making that album, from the depth of lost to the joy of finding.

A perfect world

02007-03-27 @ 16:03

~C4Chaos: Take a few paragraphs to describe a perfect world
I think C. has an interesting view. Most of it is reasonable and worth pondering.

Not One, Not Two. Here and here and here are a few things I wrote in the past, which may or may not be relevant. Basically, I don’t like to divide absolute and relative. They are not separate and therefore separating them is a just an intellectual exercise. Nothing wrong with an exercise as long as we don’t get stuck in that way of thinking.

Noimpactman makes an impact

02007-03-27 @ 15:03

Seth’s Blog: Noimpactman makes an impact
Ever since he was written up in the Times last week, No Impact Man has been causing shockwaves. Here’s a guy who, with his family, is going without… reducing his intake to local foods and his output to a tiny fraction of the typical American’s.
I was at the Union Square Market last week, buying some local eggs. A well-dressed woman marched up and handed two empty cardboard egg trays to the farmer, for reusing (a step better than recycling).

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Best Travel Writing

02007-03-27 @ 12:03

Best Travel Writing » Grand Prize Silver Winner: Flamenco Form
I am a traveler in search of flamenco. In a nightclub in a cave in Granada, I sip Cruzcampo beer and watch and wait for the music to begin. Stools scrape, tables shift, and that narrow room grows crowded.


02007-03-27 @ 09:03

Chork 2
Looks more like a pair of tweezers than a fork or chopsticks. Food-tweezers. Maybe Twork? Foozers? They call it a patented eating utensil, but I think it may be a failed experiment. The beauty of chopsticks is that they can be adjusted to pick up small and large items without having to stab the food. In fact one should never stick them into food as that is bad manners. This chork has a limited width to pick up food and only two tines. I think it is worse that chopsticks or fork. Better to learn how to use chopsticks.

Studies have shown that using chopsticks can have some added benefits, such as improving memory and increasing manual dexterity.

Sunday, March 25th

02007-03-26 @ 07:03

Water Reflection

Saturday, March 24th

02007-03-24 @ 08:03

After a few warm Spring days Winter has returned and snow is piling up on the tender blossoms of the apricot trees, always daring to be the first to bloom. The clouds are white and hang low, like cottonballs enveloping Santa Fe.

Yesterday evening I had dinner in town with friends from Upaya. The conversation was wonderful and as a result dinner took three hours. That meant I missed the Santa Fe Workshop slideshows at the Inn at Loretto, but I went to see Greg and Arthur aterwards and Arthur was kind enough to show me some of his photographs on his PowerBook. Amazing images!

I drove home around midnight and realized that I had not been out in Santa Fe that late in a while. It was nice driving through town at that hour. For some reason it reminded me of being 16-18 years old and the many times I missed the last streetcar from somewhere in Cologne to Deutz on the other side of the river, walking home through empty streets at 2 or 3AM in the morning. I remember thoroughly enjoying those walks, the only time you can find quiet in a city. Next month I will return to Cologne for the first time since 1994. I am looking forward to it.

New Wallpaper

02007-03-23 @ 16:03

I added a new wallpaper/desktop image from a photoshoot this morning. It is straight out of the camera – well, I added the words but that’s all. I love the color of the guitar (Lester DeVoe Blanca) in this photograph and think that one image from this series will become the cover for Up Close.

Guess This Noise #8

02007-03-23 @ 07:03
Audio MP3

Here is the solution

Andreas Gursky is everywhere

02007-03-22 @ 14:03

Two shows in London. Here and here. I’ll be there in April for a few days and am looking forward to seeing the full-size works.

What is a Haiku?

02007-03-22 @ 09:03

A haiku is not a poem, it is not literature; it is a hand beckoning, a door half-opened, a mirror wiped clean. It is a way of returning to nature, to our moon nature, our cherry blossom nature, our falling leaf nature, in short, to our Buddha nature. It is a way in which the cold winter rain, the swallows of evening, even the very day in its hotness, and the length of the night, become truly alive, share in our humanity, speak their own silent and expressive language. – R. H. Blyth

Beautiful. Thanks Y.

ListeningLounge – Gift Certificates

02007-03-21 @ 11:03

ListeningLounge – Gift Certificates
Buy Gift Certificate(s)
1. You specify who you want to buy gift certificate(s) for, and how much money goes to each certificate
2. We can either e-mail the gift certificate redemption codes to the recipient(s), or you can have the codes sent to you so that you can write the code in a nice looking card and deliver it yourself.
3. When the recipient visits this site, he or she types in the redemption code during the checkout process to redeem all or some of the value. (Any remaining value can be used later using the same redemption code.)

How many gift certificates do you want to buy? This will make a great gift for your friends – also easy gift-giving for larger groups of recipients, corporate gifts etc…

15 Strange Coincidences

02007-03-21 @ 11:03

2Spare – Top 15 Strangest Coincidences
Thank you Y.
Carol might call them miracles :)

LAVA – Music at

02007-03-19 @ 17:03

Untitled – LAVA (Ottmar Liebert + Eric Schermerhorn) – Music at
For your listening pleasure.
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How Thinking Can Change the Brain

02007-03-19 @ 08:03

How Thinking Can Change the Brain
The kind of change the Dalai Lama asked about was different. It would come from inside. Something as intangible and insubstantial as a thought would rewire the brain. To the mandarins of neuroscience, the very idea seemed as likely as the wings of a butterfly leaving a dent on an armored tank.

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Thanks Y.
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