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02007-05-31 @ 13:05

Sunlight Direct Products
The Hybrid Solar Lighting (HSL) technology uses a solar concentrator to collect and distribute sunlight into the interior of a building via plastic optical fibers.

Solar-Powered City

02007-05-31 @ 11:05

China’s Solar-Powered City: Rizhao : MetaEfficient
Rizhao City, which means City of Sunshine in Chinese, has a unique dedication to the sun. In Rizhao, 99% of households in the central districts use solar water heaters, and most traffic signals, street and park lights are powered by photovoltaic solar cells.

Giovanni Sollima

02007-05-30 @ 15:05

YouTube – Giovanni Sollima – Sogno ad Occhi Aperti (Daydream) PART 1
Thanks Y.

Tuesday, May 29th

02007-05-29 @ 11:05

While my car was getting an oilchange, I walked across the street to buy a coffee at "Hava Java". I ended up enjoying a very nice espresso.
Then I remembered that Ricardo Legorreta‘s building for the College of Santa Fe was nearby and took a walk over there.
The same architect designed the Hotel Camino Real in Mexico City. Here is a link to all of the photos I took at the College this morning.

Monday Afternoon

02007-05-29 @ 10:05

Shadows on the studio wall Monday afternoon.

Defiant Gardens

02007-05-28 @ 13:05

Pruned: Defiant Gardens
And this link to NPR story.

Very touching.


02007-05-28 @ 13:05

Nordic Culture > Sweden will be the first oil-free country in the world by 2020 –
The Swedish government has announced that Sweden is planning to become the world’s first oil-free country by 2020. Will they make it?

I don’t know, but I’ll cheer them on. Could also be a smart move in terms of economy, because they can sell the technology they invent on the road to becoming oil-free.

It’s all connected

02007-05-28 @ 12:05

What if climate destabilization is the business plan? | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist
This Washington Post story suggests that the airline industry is not being led by dumb people who just don’t get it. No, the darling of the industry, the best and the brightest, the folks heading the industry vanguard, aren’t stupid. They get it. They just don’t care. They believe that personal wealth will protect them and their children and grandchildren.

I don’t think that attitude is limited to the airline industry and climate change. It is old-fashioned thinking that is deeply ingrained in our culture. Who cares what happens over there – if it makes my life over here more comfortable. Just think of some real estate developments or strip mining and there are many more examples.. Well, the world is shrinking and what we do over there will affect our life over here… it catches up with us eventually.

Take this story for example. The author comments on a National Geographic story about melting glaciers and writes:

A point which I personally hadn’t considered is the widespread fallout of mountain glacier melting:

And the millions of people in countries like Bolivia, Peru, and India who now depend on meltwater from mountain glaciers for irrigation, drinking, and hydropower could be left high and dry.

Our CO2 output over here will endanger the drinking water supply of millions of people – over there…

Nine Years Ago

02007-05-27 @ 07:05

On June 2nd our compilation ‘Rumba Collection 1992-1997’ will be in the stores. There are songs from our albums ‘Solo Para Ti’, ‘The Hours between Night + Day’, and ‘Opium’, and a couple of previously unreleased versions.

There is a funny story about the new ‘Speed Merengue’ version of ‘Barcelona Nights’. A few years ago I flew to Miami to play guitar on a song for Nestor Torres, a fantastic flute player. I spent the evening before the recording with the producer of the song, driving down Ocean Boulevard. We were listening to latin radio stations and they were playing these really fast Merengue songs that were very popular. I called it ‘Speed Merengue’, which had the producer and his friend laughing hard. I told them it was the latin version of Speed Metal music. They said it was really something to watch people dance to that music, but we didn’t go to a club to find out that night. Anyway, I started singing ‘Barcelona Nights’ to the fast Merengue rhythms coming from the radio and decided that I should record a ‘Speed Merengue’ version of the song. When Epic asked me to put together this compilation I had a chance to release the song. See how you can dance to it!

JG Ballard on Dali

02007-05-26 @ 21:05

JG Ballard on Dali and film | Guardian Unlimited Arts
Salvador Dalí was the last of the great cultural outlaws, and probably the last genius to visit our cheap and gaudy planet.

Read more

Caffè Shakerato

02007-05-26 @ 12:05

How to make a delightful coffee beverage for hot days… Flickr Set
Here is a recipe from illy, and here another one.


02007-05-26 @ 09:05

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature
US ‘opposes’ G8 climate proposals

Nothing new there. And there is this:

The Smithsonian museum institute in Washington toned-down and delayed an exhibit on global warming it feared would displease Congress and the White House, a former museum director said.

Work or Play

02007-05-26 @ 08:05

Creative work is serious play.

An aphorism from Fripp’s Diary. I can’t tell where one ends and the other begins. Good work takes on the appearance of play. Bad play feels like work. Sometimes the work is to remain playful. My work is to play. My playing is work. I don’t think this experience is confined to the Arts.

James Hansen

02007-05-25 @ 12:05

Yet another must-read by James Hansen | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist
I suggest that a “scientific reticence” is inhibiting the communication of a threat of a potentially large sea level rise. Delay is dangerous because of system inertias that could create a situation with future sea level changes out of our control. I argue for calling together a panel of scientific leaders to hear evidence and issue a prompt plain-written report on current understanding of the sea level change issue.

Oystein Baadsvik – tuba soloist

02007-05-23 @ 15:05

Oystein Baadsvik – tuba soloist
There are many tuba jokes out there… but this guy ROCKS!

Artists and labels seek royalties from radio

02007-05-23 @ 08:05

Artists and labels seek royalties from radio – Los Angeles Times
With CD sales tumbling, record companies and musicians are looking at a new potential pot of money: royalties from broadcast radio stations.

The L.A. Times has an interesting article on the RIAA seeking royalties from broadcast radio. Well, if they make internet radio pay – so should broadcast radio. Both should be treated equally. Either neither pays or both pay. Simple.

Wednesday Morning

02007-05-23 @ 08:05

Walked the garbage to the collection-spot and noticed the light on this tree in the middle of my driveway. Snapped a photo with the Nokia N95. Check out larger – quite impressive I think. I uploaded it directly to Flickr from the phone.
Here is a Macro shot with the same phone.
n95 Macro Test


02007-05-23 @ 07:05

borya’s slideshow on Flickr
Boris has a slideshow on Flickr that contains scans of Marita: Shadows and Storms, the CD I made with Frank Howell in the Summer of 1989. It went on to become Nouveau Flamenco. The slideshow also contains photos by Ashkan Sahihi for the Sunday magazine of the German newspaper Die Zeit, taken around Santa Fe in 1995.

Here is more of the story: when the paper decided to do a story on me they sent a journalist, who visited Santa Fe, my studio and my home while I was working on Opium. The art director of Die Zeit suggested Ashkan for the photography and we had a great time driving around Santa Fe for shots. Ashkan would later return to take the photos for the Opium album cover.

EMI accepts £2.4bn private equity bid

02007-05-22 @ 07:05

EMI accepts £2.4bn private equity bid | News | Guardian
EMI investors were hoping last night for a flurry of counterbids after the music group accepted a £2.4bn takeover offer from Terra Firma, the buyout vehicle of the City financier Guy Hands, with other private equity buyers and Warner Music waiting in the wings.

What do financiers know about music? Many of the great recordings went way over budget or were delivered very late. In those days many of the record companies were privately owned and at least some of the executives were musicians. I draw a parallel to radio here, which suffered a similar fate when it became big business. Innovation and creativity can be difficult when one has to explain it to a few thousand shareholders or a group of financiers… It’ll be very interesting to follow the fate of EMI. I have the 24th of February, 2008 marked in my calendar: that’s when EMI’s license expires and both “In the Arms of Love” and “The Santa Fe Sessions” revert to SSRI. Jon is re-mastering the original album and the new SSRI release of “In the Arms of Love” (Spring 2008) will contain a second CD with re-mixes and new versions.

Truphone rocks

02007-05-21 @ 15:05

Welcome to Truphone – Internet telephony on Nokia mobile phones
I called my dad in Austria this morning. We have been using Skype to talk, but both agreed that the sound-quality of this call (from my N95 via Wi-Fi to Truphone to his landline) was the best ever. Then I discovered that calls via Truphone to any landline in 40 countries are free until the end of June. Excellent!


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