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Leaving L.A.

02007-09-30 @ 23:09

Leaving L.A. - 1
Just before the van with our gear left the hotel this morning at 6AM, I decided to travel home in it rather than flying home. I took this photo through the windshield a little later.

Radiohead lets fans pick price for new album

02007-09-30 @ 23:09

Radiohead lets fans pick price for new album – Boing Boing
Radiohead has just announced the details for their new album, In Rainbows.

They’re only selling it through their website (at least for now), and for the digital download version, they’re letting listeners pick their own price for the album – it’s literally a donation-based product.

Obviously this is sparking confusion among many, but the only help the website provides are the words “It’s up to you.”
(Via BoingBoing)

Direct link.


02007-09-30 @ 22:09

Coffee at King's Road Café

Walked from the Hyatt on Sunset to King’s Road Café on Beverly. A few years have past, but the coffee is still great and the poached eggs (with chili flakes and romano cheese) were as good as I remembered them.

I walked a lot in L.A. this time. The evening before I walked from the Hyatt to Elixir on Melrose – only it is now called Tea Garden and the employees wear silly orange outfits. The garden is still a nice oasis in the middle of L.A… After a couple of pots of Jasmine Pearl tea it was time to walk down Melrose to Fairfax and back.

Window with Wood

Shop on Melrose. Wood pieces frame the windows like hair.

Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace

02007-09-27 @ 14:09

Long Views » Blog Archive » All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace
Instead all were treated to a reminder that our new future is represented overwhelmingly in the negative by our artists and poets. He points out that if we can only imagine an awful techno future, that that is what we will get.

So Saffo read the one piece he could find that depicts a world run by computers in a positive light. Amazingly it was written in 01967 by someone who was likely programming computers with punch cards.
(Via Long Now Blog)

The text can also be found on Saffo’s journal.

Wednesday Evening

02007-09-27 @ 00:09

I am listening to Ahmed Dickinson, a wonderful live recording he sent me last year – I should email him and ask whether he has new recordings. Tonight Keith Vizcarra came over and we talked about this and that for three hours. Politics, sound, music, strings, good old hardware stores vs Home Depot and Walmart… and a million other subjects. What’s better than a conversation between friends? Gave him a book of Hafiz poems. Damn, look at that moon!

RE strings: I am trying out strings right now, mixing and matching different brands, because some seem to make better trebles and other makes better basses… have been playing D’Addario strings since 1990, but it’s time to see and compare what’s out there… I might not be able to endorse one brand, because at the moment I prefer to mix trebles and basses from two different companies.


02007-09-26 @ 15:09

We just finished a rehearsal for Saturday. Since Stephen had a previous commitment and Davo thought he might not be here I had asked Barrett Martin and Robby Rothschild to play the WaveFest at the Greek Theater with Jon and I. But, since Davo is around and I was a little worried about playing with two drummers who were both unfamiliar with the current set, the quartet playing on Saturday will be Davo, Robby, Jon and I.

Davo and Robby each have a cajon and a djembe and the rhythm they create together is positively intoxicating…

On one song they both play djembe and I couldn’t hear my guitar, which is not amplified during rehearsals… but it was sweet, a groove as solid as an old-growth forrest or a mountain…

We’ll start playing at 7PM on Saturday evening at the Greek Theater.

Up Close: the Fritz Files

02007-09-25 @ 12:09

I added a new free track to Up Close: the Fritz Files, named “Entrance and Tuning”. It’s free and only available in the form of 128 and 192kbps files. The track showcases the surround-quality of binaural dummy-head recording very well and is deliciously creepy, because every time I listen to it and hear the footsteps, then the door opening, then more footsteps I think somebody is coming into my room – and look around… Think of it as my early Halloween present to you! Enjoy!

Choices, choices, choices

02007-09-25 @ 11:09

More music download choices for SSRI albums with the arrival of the download store:

One Guitar on (256kbps, $.99/song)
One Guitar on iTunes (128kbps, $.99/song – awaiting getting the album added to iTunes Plus – 256kbps, $1.29/song)
One Guitar in the ListeningLounge (320kbps, $1.00/song)

Thira on
Thira on iTunes
Thira in the ListeningLounge

Transit 2 on
Transit 2 on iTunes
Transit 2 in the ListeningLounge

As you can see you still find the highest quality downloads in the LL.
Of course these are just three choices and there are many more, like Rhapsody, eMusic and others.

Put your whole body into it…

02007-09-25 @ 09:09

Street Use: You Can’t Have Too Many Screens
I suggested to the film team that we would be surrounded by a single seamless screen in an arc, and that we would stand up and gesture into it. I had observed that when you think on your feet you have different thoughts. I like to think while I walk or pace because I feel my whole body is thinking then. It may turn out to be a short-term anomaly that today we think while we are sitting. Perhaps if the right technology were around we’d always think with our entire body in motion.
(Via Street Use)


02007-09-25 @ 08:09

Stephen says good-bye to CDs:

NEWS + JOURNAL: What are my CD’s doing lately?
Absolutely nothing. They are sitting inside a cabinet in the back room piled up high gaining dust. The last time I listened to a CD was when I couldn’t find the cable to plug my iPod into the speakers.

I still have a couple of thousand CDs. 15 years ago they were nicely ordered and now they are rarely looked at. I buy a CD and immediately rip it. I do wonder about the album format sometimes. Are Radiohead correct in only allowing their music to be downloaded as a complete album? Then I think of art-shows in galleries. You look at the paintings together, but then they are sold individually.

Good Ancestors?

02007-09-25 @ 08:09

Are we being good ancestors?
I was reminded, earlier this year, of an observation made by polio vaccine pioneer Dr. Jonas Salk. He said that the most important question we can ask of ourselves is, “are we being good ancestors?” …..In our work, in our policies, in our choices, in the alternatives that we open and those that we close, are we being good ancestors? Our actions, our lives have consequences, and we must realize that it is incumbent upon us to ask if the consequences we’re bringing about are desirable.
(Via Long Views)

Cistern Circles of San Francisco

02007-09-24 @ 22:09

Long Views » Blog Archive » Cistern Circles of San Francisco
I have often wondered what the brick circles along many of the streets in San Francisco are. I had always thought they were some kind of historical marker. It turns out they represent a nice piece of long term civic planning and disaster preparedness. Each one marks a 75,000 gallon cistern that is an emergency water supply for earthquakes and fires. These were installed during the rebuilding effort after the 01906 earthquake.

Enchanted House

02007-09-24 @ 20:09

Peaking over a wall I saw this house. Doesn’t it remind you of fairy tales?


02007-09-24 @ 20:09

Autumn night – unable to sleep, I leave my tiny cottage.
Fall insects cry under the rocks, and
The cold branches are sparely covered.
Far away, from deep in the valley, the sound of water.
The moon rises slowly over the highest peak;
I stand there quietly for a long time and
My robe becomes moist with dew.

– Ryokan


02007-09-24 @ 20:09

Three towers and a roof… edamame shells.

I could use this car…

02007-09-24 @ 09:09

See more here. Let’s be honest. I.WANT.
Two-seater. Supposedly designed by the team that created the Smart. I only drive about 2,500 miles per year and this electric car would work for 90% of my driving needs…
Sadly, they don’t make it anymore.

Our World – simplified

02007-09-24 @ 09:09

YouTube – The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See
(Via Vedana)

Misleading title, maybe. I find it less terrifying than clear-eyed, logical and convincing. See, that sort of vid works on YouTube… mono sound, but the message comes across. Our situation – simplified… Pass it on!

Build a Phone to Order

02007-09-23 @ 10:09

I wish I could have a phone built to order, like some Nike sneakers… I would want:
– a Stereo Mini mic input for my OKMs
– stereo 48/24 recording

Here is what I do like about my Nokia N95:
– I like having Wi-Fi and use Truphone VOIP to call my dad in Austria all the time.
– I like being able to set ANY mp3 file in memory as a ringtone or as an alarm. I use this bell (MindBell3VBR) to wake me up or to time my meditation.
– I like the 5MP camera and I prefer the old N95 with the manual camera-lens protector
– I like that the phone is unlocked and I can use any SIM

What I don’t like? Sluggish OS, lots of buttons (sometimes several buttons do the same thing, and it’s hard to hold the phone without touching at least one button accidentally), battery drains too fast, not enough built-in memory…

Friday, September 21st

02007-09-22 @ 10:09

The end of Summer. The weather is beautiful. The tourists have left, traffic has mellowed out and the locals can go out again…

I visited Keith Vizcarra at noon to buy a few sets of strings I want to test on my guitar and to order a new secret weapon to be installed in my Vizcarra Strat. Then I went to one of my weekly Pilates classes – I have been doing Pilates for ten years. (Last week I took a class from my brother Stefan, who is now a certified Pilates instructor, and have to say he is really, really good.) After the Pilates class I dropped by Stevo’s house to drop off a set of strings that I want to get his opinion on.

Made dinner for Rahim, Jon and Barrett, who came to discuss song and album titles. (Related Links: Diary entry, Diary entry, Diary entry, Flickr Photo Set). Rahim brought his friend Hani Naser, a great percussionist who lives in Santa Fe. Barrett’s label Fast Horse Recordings will release the CD, entitled “Lingua Franca”, on March 11th, 2008 – see Wikipedia “Lingua Franca“. Our ListeningLounge will start offering downloads later this year. (Upcoming LL releases include a new Rahim AlHaj solo album called “Home Again”, on the second Tuesday of November, and our group’s album “Lingua Franca” in late November. Then look for a beautifully re-mastered “In the Arms of Love” at the end of February.)

Well, the titles and the sequence came together surprisingly easily. We seemed to agree on the mood each song was carrying right away. From there the words developed. The sequence also came together quite quickly. Jon’s latest mixes sound very very good. It’s really an album we are all very proud of. We want to record a follow-up next year.

Rahim’s Baghdad Ensemble will perform at the Outpost in Albuquerque on November 17th. Jon will play upright bass in the ensemble and the group of Rahim, Barrett, Jon and myself will play a couple of tunes from “Lingua Franca”.

Snakecharmer Vid

02007-09-21 @ 09:09

I am glad you are enjoying our Snakecharmer video – see earlier post. I have already used up 71.3 GB of the 150 GB bimonthly data transfer limit on my dotMac account, where the QuickTime version of the video lives. If I go over 150 GB before September 30, the video will become unavailable until the first of October. If you enjoy viewing the video repeatedly, please download it to your computer, in order to not increase the data-transfer amount with every viewing: just wait for the video to load completely and click on the “Download” field above the vid. Then you can watch “Snakecharmer” on your computer – if you have QuickTime installed. (Link to QuickTime for PC)
You can also view the flash version of the video on HumbleVoice as often as you like.


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