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Cellphone Carriers

02007-10-31 @ 07:10

10 Reasons To Hate Cellphone Carriers | Gadget Lab from


02007-10-31 @ 07:10

An email from a friend contained this quote in his signature:

Despite its artistic pretensions, its sophistication, and its many accomplishments, humankind owes its existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.

I googled the quote and found this site which featured the following quote by Siggy Freud:

The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization.

NBC Exec Voices More Beef With iTunes

02007-10-31 @ 07:10

NBC Exec Voices More Beef With iTunes Pricing | Epicenter from
We thought it was video who killed the radio star, but NBC Universal president Jeff Zucker (pictured right) claims that Apple killed both. While being interviewed by The New Yorker’s Ken Auletta at a benefit for Syracuse University, the executive claimed that Apple has made millions on its iPod “off the backs of our content” and that the software maker “destroyed the music business in terms of pricing.”

What about Sony and many others making money off of CD players? What about cassette players, turntables? I am not sure I see the difference, except that iTunes dictates a certain price-format.

Free of what?

02007-10-31 @ 07:10

I was running some errands this morning when the iPod in shuffle mode served up a Q&A with Stephen Batchelor at Upaya – in 2005 or 2006. How appropriate, I thought, since he is here this week. He answered a question, which was not audible, saying something like this: You hear that a certain teacher is really free – free from what? Liberated from what? Enlightened about what?

In other words, everything is related and relative. One is free to breath, but one can’t be free from breathing. You cannot be free from cause and effect. You can be enlightened about one thing and be plain stupid about the next. Levels and lines, I can hear Ken Wilber say.

Brain Activity

02007-10-30 @ 08:10

Brain Activity Differs For Creative And Noncreative Thinkers
A new study led by John Kounios, professor of Psychology at Drexel University and Mark Jung-Beeman of Northwestern University answers these questions by comparing the brain activity of creative and noncreative problem solvers. The study, published in the journal Neuropsychologia, reveals a distinct pattern of brain activity, even at rest, in people who tend to solve problems with a sudden creative insight — an “Aha! Moment” – compared to people who tend to solve problems more methodically.

This program on the “Zen Brain” at Upaya looks very interesting.


02007-10-30 @ 07:10

The other day I took a bite of chocolate and then a bite of Italian Parsley – sounds like a crazy combo, but it’s not bad at all.

Summer returned to Santa Fe and it is in the seventies again, and did you see that moon this week? That was amazing.

Canton fell for the Radiohead PR stunt and bought the download. He was disappointed to find that the tracks were only 160 kbps CBR mp3 files. Aparently nothing in the FAQ/details mentions this. I told him that it was a great way for them to get a lot of publicity and that I had read somewhere that their management was really hoping to sell CDs and that the downloads were just supposed to wet the appetite. I wonder whether the people who offered $10 or $12 are now disappointed that the quality of the files is only about half of or iTunes (256kbps)… Canton writes:

That said, it is a pretty good album!

I have been switching from liquid soaps to bars of soap. Less plastic containers with pump to recycle. Thomás, who owns Milagro, said he will soon make bars of soap as well. And soap-bars remind me of my grandma who used to cook her soaps – well, actually she mostly re-cooked the left-over pieces of soap and made new bars from them. She also re-heated little left-over pieces of candles and made new ones…

Time to order more of Travertine’s Shea Cream. It’s great for Winter’s dry hands and Davo says it is the only stuff that keeps his hands from cracking from playing percussion. All of Travertine’s products are free of parabens.

And last and least…

The Sprinkle Brigade
Fortunately, the Sprinkle Brigade, is on the case. These connoisseurs of crap have a knack for turning the most disgusting dung into delightfully irreverent images.
(Via Josh Spear)

Direct link – click on Holiday Classics. Hm, maybe not for the faint of heart?

Little People – a tiny street art project

02007-10-28 @ 21:10

Little People – a tiny street art project: Nuart show
installation at Nuart.

Good espresso in a fallen world

02007-10-28 @ 11:10

Mad Flavor in Austin: Good espresso in a fallen world | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist
Contra Starbucks, cappuccino does not mean equal parts hot milk, foam, and espresso. In a well-made cap, the barista steams the milk and then carefully, swirling and tapping the milk pitcher, reincorporates the foam into the hot milk, creating a creamy, cloud-like milk-foam emulsion. (The milk must be whole; a “skim cap” is a crime.)

How true, how true…


02007-10-27 @ 23:10

In the past year 106,901 spam comments have been left on this diary. The daily ratio of spam to real comments is several hundred to one.


Anna comments:
Ottmar, don’t you scan everything that Word Press presumes as spam, just in case some of it is not?

My answer:
most certainly not. I will not scan 300-500 comments a day to see whether there are one or two that were incorrectly presumed to be spam. There are things to do, people and places to see…

To that I’ll add that, if a person has the feeling that their comments have been deleted together with the comment-spam, they might want to try using no links in their comment – it might also be wise not to use an email address like…


02007-10-27 @ 07:10

“What is the aim of your philosophy? To show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle.”
– Ludwig Wittgenstein.

How New Yorkers Ride Bikes

02007-10-26 @ 08:10

David Byrne Journal: 10.07.2007 How New Yorkers Ride Bikes
Valet bike parking!

Nice helmet cam action. Although – not as fast as these guys.


02007-10-26 @ 07:10

A Drawn Performance

Video of a “Drawn” performance in Tokyo by Zach Lieberman and Pardon Kimura.

(Via Jean Snow)

Faces in Places

02007-10-26 @ 07:10

Faces in Places
faces-places.jpg faces-places2.jpg
Faces in Places
(Via Cool Hunting)


02007-10-25 @ 21:10

:: FINCA LA MEDIA LEGUA :: Alojamiento Rural en Sierra De Aracena, Huelva, España

It appears they embedded a YouTube player in a hidden page that plays the music. I don’t mind it, but it would be nice if they credited me.

La Luna

02007-10-25 @ 20:10

Beautiful moon tonight.
Wonderful thing, to be alive.

Speaking of “La Luna” – the video of our 2004 performance in Boulder has been viewed 31,000 times on YouTube…

The Future is Drying Up

02007-10-25 @ 18:10

NY Times Magazine: “The Future is Drying Up”
The people who move to the West today need to realize they’re moving into a desert, Mulroy said. If they want to live in a desert, they have to adapt to a desert lifestyle. That means a shift from the mindset of the 1930s, when the federal government encouraged people to settle in the West, plant water-intensive crops and make it look like the East Coast. It means landscapes of parched dirt. It means mesquite bushes and palo verde trees for vegetation. It means recycled water. It means gravel lawns. It is the Wests new deal, she seemed to be saying, and I got the feeling that for Mulroy it means that every blade of grass in her state would soon be gone.”
(Via Long Views)

Cool Hunting: Lifebag

02007-10-25 @ 11:10

Cool Hunting: Lifebag
For extreme sports types or those who just like to take every precaution, Swiss company Snowpulse developed Lifebag. Like an airbag, it’s designed to protect the head and thorax while keeping you afloat during an avalanche.

Anybody remember the book “Snowcrash”?

We Still Care. Don’t We?

02007-10-25 @ 08:10

Somewhere Deep Down, We Still Care. Don’t We?
I think people are becoming desensitized to violence and suffering at a much earlier age these days. And I’m pretty sure it has a lot do with the way we’ve accepted violence, and even glorified it, in popular culture. In simple terms, Quentin Tarantino has a lot to answer for.

Read the whole piece.

Graphite Sequencer

02007-10-25 @ 08:10

Graphite Sequencer (2006)
Graphite conducts electricity
(Via Ektopia)


02007-10-25 @ 08:10

PingMag – The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” » Archive » Paramodel: Graffiti-style Rail Track Art
What a strange sight: Blue lines covering everything from the floor to the walls and all over the ceiling. If you look close enough at these gigantic blue roots, you realise that it’s all made of plastic rails, more precisely, of blue plastic toy rails we used to play with as kids! And if you look at the patterns longer, you recognise model stations and mountains alongside the rail tracks – one big diorama.


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